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arthole presents: self-memory-system

A solo exhibition by
Emma Rudge

Exhibition opening
Wednesday 27th January

‘Self-Memory-System’ is an ongoing project exploring the idea of narrative identity or the constant reconstruction and editing of memories. A body of work that illustrates and defines a notion of constructed autobiographical narrative, our edited self that both informs and is informed by our aspirations and character.

The work varies from intricate digital imagery to drawings developed through the same creative method. Rudge, uses the computer as a brush and paints with photographic imagery creating delicate and beautiful digital images. This show illustrate her philosophical discussion of her most recent projects, the examination of the construct of our memories.

‘Memory is subjective and the act of remembering is influenced by our desire to project a coherent story of ourselves; a revised version of our experience that fits with our present perceived identity. We all create memories, shrines in our mind to past relationships and encounters. These are shadows; they are not the reality of the person we once knew.’

Join us for the opening party on Wednesday 27 January from 6-9pm, followed by Uncontrollable Urge

Leo Zero

Tonight sees local legend and actual house hero Leo Zero join us for Banjee Boy Realness. With White Leather Viper Club taking over the top bar for a special weekend slot and their special guest being none other than our very own Mikki Most; it’s definitely a night not to be missed!

As one of the original heads behind seminal London clubnights Soulsonic and Faith, having been part of pop acts Chicane and Dab Hands, and even a talented graphic designer in his own right; Leo continues to make music, DJ and remix current-day popstars such as Lana Del Rey and Florence And The Machine. Needless to say, it would be hard to measure his influence and imprint on London’s house music scene today. 

Ahead of tonight’s party we caught up with Leo Zero himself to find out more about his prestigious past, his current work and any other acid house gossip we could dig up…

What’s your favourite remix you’ve ever done?

The ones that work best are when you love the track to bits in the first place…When I first heard Jack Penate’s Tonight’s Today I was smitten after about five seconds. So I got onto XL and hassled them like crazy for the parts – there was so much to work with I ended up doing a 10 minute version. Paul Epworth produced the track and it’s always amazing getting the chance to remix his productions. You can get that remix for free here…

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever DJed?

Ha ha, easy. A concrete tunnel under a dual carriageway in High Wycombe which was turned into an illegal acid house rave for the evening (this was 1988 and people were dancing in petrol stations). There was some very strong acid doing the rounds and a sadistic DJ was turning off the lights and playing train noises down the tunnel… everyone shat themselves. I think I was too wobbly to DJ myself actually.

You’re a house hero to many- who are your original house heroes?

Remixer-wise Francois K – the undisputed top boy. His work during the ’80s alone trumps everyone else hands down and he’s got another 20 years worth of killers on top of that! DJ-wise Tenaglia for all those amazing Miami sessions and legendary visits to London. Production-wise Farley & Heller for their trademark ‘bounce’. Radio-wise Jazzy M for his Jacking Zone show which was essential house listening from as early as 1986.

Which of your many defunct projects or aliases do you miss the most?

One that needs resurrecting was (the stupidly named) Onion Display which was me and Phil Mison – I also had Maurice Fulton in the studio jamming with drumsticks on a plasterer’s trowel once. I’m on a mission to salvage some of these projects from the old DAT tapes and get them out there…. so nothing is ever defunct.

What’s your most treasured memory from the Faith years?

They are ALL totally treasured memories from Faith – magic times. London felt like one big happy family at those parties.

What imprint do you believe it’s left on London’s dance music scene?

Secretsundaze, Mulletover, and Dalston Superstore are all run by Faith babies – we are just a proud part of a bigger London legacy that stretches back to Boy’s Own, and earlier – see the famous Kenny Hawkes house family tree T-shirt for details.

London House Tree 1987-2008

Is there anyone you wish you’d ever booked as a promoter or DJ’ed alongside, that you never got the opportunity to?

I’d love to have seen Ron Hardy spin – from talking to people who were at the Musik Box like Robert Owens, you get a feeling for the special kind of voodoo that was going on in that room – I’ve seen Sneak tearing places to pieces or Derrick Carter totally ‘in the zone’ but I know Hardy would have been a different bag altogether.

Remixes aside, is there anything else you’re currently working on?

I’m busy working with Terry Farley, X-press 2, and Josh Caffe and doing lots of songs with amazing singers like Shaun J Wright (Hercules & Love Affair) Robert Owens, Victoria Wilson James ( Soul II Soul / Murk).

What motto do you live your life by?

“Life is beautiful and never forget it.”

Join Leo Zero in the basement for Banjee Boy Realness tonight Friday 5th April from 9pm – 3am.

New Years Extravaganza!

It’s a New Years Triple Bill kicking off tonight here at Dalston Superstore! Leading the charge will be trans-loving party starters Sink The Pink who’ve recruited a whole troupe of wild “tranimals” to keep their party pumpin’ all night long. We caught up with some of the key Sink The Pinkers, including head honchos Glyn & Amy, to find out their fave tracks and moments of 2012 and got them to explain their New Years Eve look in this cute feature on them. They’ll be kicking things off at 9pm and going on until 5am! Tickets are available in advance for £10 or you can pay £12 on the door.

Check out all the info via the Sink The Pink Presents Tranimals Facebook event.

For those keeping the fire burning, Wet N Wild will be on hand to ensure you start 2013 as you mean to go on! Their all-dayer kicks off at 1pm and takes you all the way through until 8pm. Brighton’s Schtumm! will be in the house for a special DJ set as will Wet N Wild regulars Lee Pattison (Deepgroove), Shay Malt, Nick Gynn, Paul Dragoni, Emma Rudge and Ruth Nichols. They’ve even got a special guest surprise up their sleeve but they say they’re keeping schtumm on that one…

Check out the full details via the Wet N Wild New Years Day Party Facebook event.

Bringing up the rear for those who got their daily disco naps will be Martyn Fitzgerald’s Handsome party. Upstairs sees favourite yesteryears for the New Year, whilst the basement takes on some deep uplifting house, all courtesy of the The handsome Kris Di Angelis, the handsome Rokk, the handsome Dan Beaumont and the handsome Jamie Bull. Proccedings will be free before 7pm but £5 on the door after that.

Check out all the relevant information via the Handsome New Years Day Party Facebook event.