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Justin Robertson Speaks To Homodrop

This Saturday we welcome back the Homodrop crew to both floors of Dalston Superstore, and this time they’re bringing a special guest with them in the shape of Superstore fave Justin Robertson! Ahead of the party they caught up with Justin to find out more about what he’s been up to lately, what records he’s been buying and what’s in store for 2015…

By Florian Dovillez

You’ve done a lot of remixes and productions – which are your favourite remixes and artists you’ve worked with?

That’s very hard to say really, I’ve been so lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with some amazing artists… if I was pushed I’d have to say Bjork for such an immense voice. I’m also pretty happy with my Chicken Lips remix, and in terms of some of the more recent ones, I’m very happy with Cheval Sombre and The Asphodells . I always think the last thing I did is the best thing ever, but I must say I’m quite happy with the psychedelic direction I’m heading in.

Since the beginning of your career in 1991, you must have seen an evolution of the electro scene. What shocked you? What do you like? What are your thoughts about the shape of the global electronic music scene right now?

I think in terms of music things are better now than ever before, there is soooo much amazing stuff being produced. I’m not one to complain about the bounty of modern music production, sure there’s a lot of nonsense, but the gems far outweigh the trash. The only thing I’ve always found hard to swallow is the deification of DJs, it’s such a nonsense… in the early days of club culture the DJ was a director, a figure maybe of respect, but very much part of a collective experience, not a ‘star’ in a rock n roll sense, that’s what made acid house such a different movement. Perhaps it’s just too idealistic of me to think money wouldn’t ultimately dictate the direction of dance music, but there are enough idealists out there keeping it fresh and exciting.

I hold that the dance music revolution remains the most significant development in popular music ever… much more so than say punk because it changed how we listen to and create music. It united people like no other musical movement, and opened up a well of associated creativity. In an information age like now, we can filter the nonsense out for ourselves, there is so much choice, and high quality choice, that we need not worry too much about the rubbish; I just ignore it.

Why is it important to distinguish between your different aliases? Artistically speaking, what mainly are the differences between them?

I think I use different names so that I don’t commodify myself, I don’t like the idea of being a “brand”; it’s a horrible way to talk about music. I think it’s also because I enjoy making up band names and identities, it’s a teenage rock n roll fantasy hangover! 

In musical terms I’m not sure if they mean much. I think there is variety within each project; taking in songs, club bangers, and dubby ambience… it depends on what mood I’m in!

Which “DROP” of tracks would you include in your set for HOMODROP ?

I’m loving a lot of the Nein Records stuff, also Chris Massey’s stuff is great. I  also have a few new bits of my own which I think the kids might dig, plus some jackers old and new.

What was the last vinyl you bought? 

I recently spent an afternoon in a freezing shack in Sweden digging for records. I was particularly pleased with Bo Hansson’s Sagan Om Ringen, basically a far out interpretation of Lord Of The Rings! Much better than it sounds.

What’s next for you?

I have a brand new Deadstock 33s album, called Everything Is Turbulence out in the first part of the year, and I’m finishing off an ambient project for release some time after that. I’ve also got an exhibition of some of my paintings in February, so I’m looking to do a few events with an artistic element! And there’s quite a few remixes and a spot of song writing, so yes just making stuff in various forms.

Join Justin for Homodrop this Saturday 10th January at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4am.

Hot Boys Of Horror

By Hello Mozart

As we count down the hours until Saturday, when Hot Boy Dancing Spot heads to the freshly refurbished laser basement, with red balloons and plenty of face paint for an all out Clown House, Hello Mozart and Davey Sutton count down their Top 10 Horror Hot Boys. Horror films have been filled with homoerotic imagery and subtext since the dawn of cinema. The ’80s were particularly camp, with A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 being possibly the most overtly gay straight horror film in history!

“Something is trying to get inside my body” 

“And you wanna sleep with me?”

10.Chad Michael Murray – House of Wax

Chad Murray Hot Boy Of Horror

House Of Wax is famous for, among other things, an outstanding, some might say Oscar-worthy performance and death scene by the one and only Paris Hilton. We we’re more interested in Chad though, obviously.

Chad Michael Murray taking his top off

9. Jey Crisfar – Otto; or, Up With The Dead

Jey Crisfar Hot Boy Of Horror

Bruce La Bruce’s Zombie romantic comedy porn is not for the faint of heart, it’s a precursor for his later, more graphic film LA Zombie with François Sagat, but for us, you can’t beat Otto.

 8.Chris Hemsworth – Cabin in the Woods

Chris Hemsworth Hot Boy Of Horror

Cabin In The Woods injected some much needed genre bending into the horror genre. And the mandatory topless shot of Chris. 

7. Gaspard Ulliel – Hannibal Rising

Gaspard Ulliel Hot Boy Of Horror

What’s not to love about Gaspard? He starred in Gus Van Sant’s love letter to Paris in Paris, Je T’aime, got bloody in Hannibel Rising and is soon to star in Saint Laurent, the Yves Saint Laurent biopic. HOT.

Gaspard Ulliel

6. Christian Bale – American Psycho

Christian Bale Hot Boy Of Horror

Serial killers should never be this hot. Also a central dilemma in Stranger By The Lake, out next year.

5. Devon Sawa – Idle Hands

Devon Sawa Hot Boy Of Horror

Idle Hands literally got me through my teenage years. I think I wore out the VHS, yes VHS pausing various scenes with Devon. And a cameo from Offspring, teenage dream.

4. James Duval – The Doom Generation 

James Duval was in a number of Gregg Araki films, not least Totally Fucked Up and Doom Generation. We’re including him here as it’s pretty impossible to make a Hot Boy list without some sort of Araki connection, and blood and 666 is good enough for us!

3. Skeet Ulrich – Scream

 Skeet Ulrich Hot Boy Of Horror
Anyone who can lick blood of their hands and make it look that erotic deserves a place on this list.

2. Evan Peters – American Horror Story (ok we’re cheating, it’s not a movie. But mega swoon.)
Evan Peters Hot Boy Of Horror

Where to start… He came onto our screens as Tate. Evolved into Kit. And now Kyle the frankenstein Frat Boy. How can it get better?

1. Johnny Depp – Nightmare on Elm Street

Johnny Depp Hot Boy Of Horror

Although Nightmare On Elm Street 2 has to go down as the gayest non-gay horror film. Johnny Depp wins flat out on our Horror Hot Boy list .

Join Hello Mozart at Hot Boy Halloween Spot with Justin Robertson, The Lovely Jonjo, Jamie Bull and Lucy Locket this Saturday 26th October from 9pm – 4am.

Follow Hello Mozart on Twitter: @hellomozart 

Homoelectric Happy Finish

Finishing up our bank holiday/birthday mega weekend this Sunday is Mancunian disco institution Homoelectric. They’ve got special guest Justin Robertson playing alongside residents Luke Unabomber, Jamie Bull and Lucy Locket and will be digging through their record bags for their unique blend of disco, house, techno, garage, rock ‘n’ roll trash and outsider pop.
Jamie Bull sent us this HOT MIX ahead of Sunday’s debauchery so we decided to ask him a few questions about it!
You’ve started your mix with Giorgio Moroder. What does Moroder mean to you?
Real simple: Giorgio Moroder’s I Feel Love is ground zero for dance music as we know it.
You’ve plumped for a Fern Kinney track too! Who is your ultimate Diva Of Disco?
I would have said Diana Ross, however I’ve been reading a few books and autobiographies on Motown recently and she sounds like a right cow, so I think I have to hand the crown over to Donna Summer.

Out of all the tracks on the mix which would you say is a record bag staple?
Todd Terje. His stuff always saves the day.
Why do you favour eclecticism? You’ve got everything from Todd Terje to Le Tigre (and even taking in Frank Ocean on the way) on here!
Because I have the attention span of a radio edit! Plus I don’t like to get bogged down with genres, there’s too many. My main criteria with track selection is “does it make me want to dance?” I enjoy taking different sounds and stringing them together in a way which is cohesive and keeps people dancing. Sometimes the blends are as engaging as the tracks themselves. If I played two hours of 128bpm house I think it would get a little one dimensional.
And finally, what is your favourite track by your special bank holiday guest Justin Robertson?
I’ll go for a classic and say his remix of Bjork Big Time Sensuality. 

Join Jamie at Homoelectric this Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 4:30am.

Win A Superstore 4th Birthday Present!

It’s our fourth birthday party coming up on Friday and we’ve put together an extra special birthday present for one lucky winner! Not only can you win a meal for two at Dalston Superstore anytime over the bank holiday weekend and try one of our amazing sandwiches like The Sex And The Satay Sandwich or our fabulous burgers like The Calicornication Burger or any other item from our delicious menu, AND win a pair a tickets to ANY of the four birthday parties we’ve organised.

Pick from Thursday’s one-off Twat Boutique with Planningtorock, Friday’s Superstore Birthday Bender with Ostgut Ton’s Boris in the laser basement and pretty much all of our favourite local hero DJs, Saturday’s SOS party with Light Year and House Of Wallenberg or finally, Sunday’s bank holiday happy finish with Justin Robertson at Homoelectric!

To be in with a chance to win simply email us at by 10am tomorrow morning (Thursday 2nd May 2013) with the subject “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALSTON SUPERSTORE!”, specify which night you would like guestlist +1 for and answer the following question correctly…

Who is playing at the Superstore Birthday Bender? Is it

a. DJ Boris

b. Infamous actor Chuck Norris

c. Lead singer of Boyz II Men Wanya Morris

Please note only the winner will be contacted.

Please join us at our Superstore Birthday Bender on Friday 3rd May from 9pm – 4:30am.

How The Other Half Lives

This Saturday sees two of our favourite parties come to Superstore for an excellent team-up taking place over both floors. The basement plays host to Hot Boy Dancing Spot, where special guest Rory Phillips, fresh from a US tour that even took in a celebrated Beats In Space appearance, will join residents The Lovely Jonjo and Hello Mozart. Meanwhile, upstairs, vinyl-obsessives Drop The Needle return for another journey through the depths of their record bags.

We caught up with DTN guest Goncalo Pereira aka ZNTN from record label and mixtape series How The Other Half Lives to quiz him on all things wax ahead of the party…

Why the cassette tape limitations on the HTOHL mixtapes?

As I didn’t want people to try to use obvious dance music genres or edits I thought that referring to it as a mix-tape would help to put it in perspective. No mixing and a short amount of time will make people only get their favourites and not care if a track is easily mixable or not. Also making a reference to cassettes might bring back memories of old tapes. 

Is there much, or any, crossover with tracks that feature on them, to what you play out?

Depends on the night. It’s a great way to find new tracks and I’ve had a couple residencies that worked around the same sort of music selection and mixing style, but I’m mostly booked for more of a club type of night. I do try to mix it up a bit if it’s early enough and bring some weird gems through the night but I suppose this project is an outlet for music I don’t usually play out.
Which one do you find yourself coming back to more often that not?
I try to go over all of them every now and then and my best-of keeps on changing, I think some of them take a while to get to you. I’d suggest as a starting point the mix-tapes by Ivan Smagghe, Bennedict Bull’s four part mix-tape, Romain BNO, Scott Fraser, Justin Robertson, JD Twitch…
What can we look forward to on the record label for the rest of the year?
I just released a couple weeks ago a double 12” by The Draughtsman (Alex Egan), that includes six original tracks and remixes by Cosmo Vitelli, Tim Paris, Daniel Avery and Roman Flugel.

Currently I am working on release number four which includes a new project called Herman Brahns (Unlikely and Medlar) with remixes by Scott Fraser and DMX Krew.

Plus getting back on guest mix-tapes and more of my own original material.

What’s currently on your stereo?
Currently on my stereo or piled next to it are Office Of Future Plans, The Asphodells, Iron & Wine – Kiss Each Other Clean, Yo La Tengo – Fade, Macadam Mambo 003, Anthony Naples – Moscato, Rogue Edits 003.
What’s your favourite record store ever?
Embarrassed to pick favourites but I make a weekly visit to Rough Trade for my ‘rock’ collection and to Phonica for my ‘electronic’ collection. Kristina and Sounds Of The Universe are also unmissable. Back in Lisbon I’d pick Flur as a mandatory stop.
What was the last record you bought?
You can never buy just one and you can tell how divided I feel about my collection which prompted the mix-tape project.

Last week includes Crackboy – Crackwood, Doubleheart – Roots, Brassica – Temple Fortune, Jawbreaker/Jawbox split, Husker Du – Everything Falls Apart…

Why is wax still so important?
If you’re paying for something it has to count – I completely understand the necessity for digital for it’s portability and accessibility but digital-only releases are disposable. If you’re willing to release a vinyl record or to pay for one then there’s more effort involved and that will keep the quality on another level. The records you buy on vinyl will most likely be your favourites. Plus the obvious higher quality and amazing artwork! Having said that I love when albums come with voucher for digital.


Discogs or crate digging?

I have to say it’s usually Discogs, I do some digging but mostly trying to track down records I’ve missed or are out of print. There are also a lot of American labels that I admire which don’t seem to do particularly well in the UK so it’s impossible to find them in second-hand shops.

And what’s one track we can expect to hear from you at Drop The Needle?
Can I pick two? An upper and a downer?

Fader – Fortunate Alpha

Sophie – Nothing More To Say (Jackmaster Dub)

Join Goncalo in the top bar this Saturday 23rd February for Drop The Needle. Downstairs plays host to Hot Boy Dancing Spot with special guest Rory Phillips.

James Baillie

Our friend James Baillie is known around these parts for his work programming Lovebox’s fantastic Sunday lineup – but he also has a serious acid house pedigree stretching back to his seminal club night Venus and beyond. He spoke to Superstore’s Dan Beaumont about formative years at the frontline of house culture and his plans for this years Lovebox Sunday…

Your club Venus has passed into acid house legend… what prompted you to start it?

I was doing clubs nights and acid house warehouse parties and other clubs before Venus. My first ever club night venture was back in 1985. Venus started in 1990 when the owners of the venue, which was then called The Club, approached me. The crowd then was footballers and I suppose WAGs. The owners had been following what I’d been doing around Nottingham so approached me to change the venue. I came up with the name Venus and got a load of my friends in to help put my stamp on the venue. It already had a good sound system that had been installed by Ian Levine (legendary Northern Soul DJ and Hi-NRG pioneer).

Its success didn’t happen over night – it took a few months to get it where I wanted it to be. The turning point was when I started to invite other club brands to do nights at Venus. These use to come on a Friday… Charlie Chester’s Flying, Justin Robertson’s Most Excellent, Steve Proctor’s Better Days, Sean MacCluskey’s Love Ranch, Dave Manders’ & Rosko’s Kinky Disco and the deep house pioneers DIY (who you had play at the DSS a few weeks back!) We were one of the only venues Danny Rampling put on a Shoom and I think Patrick Lilley’s High On Hope with Giles Peterson and Norman Jay.

One weekend I brought over from NYC the club night Jackie 60. People use to travel from far and wide. It was the club that help kick start the whole DJ culture as we know it today. It came at just the right time. The whole rave scene had gone lowest common denominator, seedy and overrun with gangsters. And I sat there thinking “Is that it?” 

But when Venus came along it was just perfect. It was the place that bridged the gap between the north, south divide and brought the whole Balearic network together.

Who were your favourite DJs who have played there?

Andrew Weatherall, Slam, Angel Morales, Laurent Garnier, Danny Rampling, Bobby Konders, Todd Terry and one of my residents Paul Wain who was an outstanding DJ. He was spotted by Andrew Weatherall when he sent a chart into Boys Own. There was so many great DJ’s that graced the decks at Venus. I also use to book in some excellent live acts… Ten City, Saint Ettiene, The Grid, Flowered Up, A Man Called Adam… I could mention tonnes!

What was the thinking behind Lovebox’s Out and Out Fierce Sunday?

A heart attack after putting together Cable club which gave me some time to have a re-think on my future. Going to Lovebox Sunday 2009 and thinking Sunday could work as a gay/gay friendly day. I sold the concept/idea into the Mama group and they let me go away and develop the idea further. I did a lot of research and chatting to close friends who all said it was a no brainer… I can remember you, Dan, saying “Bastard, why didn’t I think of this?!” I wanted Sunday to be a celebration of everything gay and so far removed to what London Gay Pride was offering.

What is your ultimate Lovebox Sunday lineup (feel free to include deceased legends!)

The late Donna Summer, David Bowie, Bjork, Kraftwerk, Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, Fever Ray, Caribou, Yello, Giorgio Moroder, Pet Shop Boys. David Mancuso presents The Loft, House of Ladosha, DJ Harvey, Green Velvet… There’s a load of acts I would like to add in but it would only be me and a few friends that would turn up to see them!

You consume more music than anyone I know! Any hot tips for new bands?

There’s a lot of great new bands around at the moment, here’s a few… Churches, Night Angles, Warm Digits, Gold & Youth, Opossom, Stealing Sheep.

Current favourite dance labels?

Wurst, Permanent Vacation, In Plain Sight, Snuff Trax.

What bands/DJs will you be checking out at this Lovebox?

I don’t really get to see much as I’m usually back stage or running around all over the place. I will try and catch a bit of Niki And The Dove, Azari & III, Tim Sweeney, Optimo and Andrew Weatherall in the NYC Downlow and hopefully experience the whole disco explosion with Chic, Chaka Khan and finish off with Miss Grace Jones.

James will be playing at our Lovebox Sunday Warm-Up with Andrew Weatherall, Jim Stanton and Dan Beaumont on June 8th. More Lovebox info can be found here…

Justin Robertson

We are thrilled to welcome Justin Robertson into the basement for his Superstore debut as part of Back to Back’s Friday night lineup. We persuaded our good friend Johnno Burgess – captain of the good ship Bugged Out! – to pose some searching questions for him…

Johnno: What do you remember most about the clubs you went to prior to you taking up DJing? 

Justin: Ha! It was all very fashiony pre acid house, lots of jazz suites in Manchester, a lot of complicated dancing to early house, hip hop and go go. I remember wearing a lot of Soviet badges and Doc Martins! Then E arrived and we all went nuts.

You have been a DJ for over 20 years now. What’s the best night you have had in that time? 

Wow so many to choose from, in the early years it was the last night of Most Excellent at the State, which is part of Legend. The club itself had a magic vibe, once being the home of the Twisted Wheel, the last night there was intense , insane, the chems banging tambourines and a lot of piano anthems! Clubs are still my home, and continue to be inspiring, I had a cracking night at 2022 in Manchester last week, and The Warehouse Project is probably the best club experience around at the moment, always a joy.

Your recording career has been varied, even taking you on to TOTP in the 90s. What three tunes are you most proud of?

Bjork – Big Time Sensuality remix is up there, it seemed to come together quite well, a techno dub excursion, and Bjork’s voice is just so amazing!

 Lionrock – Packet Of Peace- I thought we were quite inventive and this one pulls together some interesting and diverse styles.

The Deadstock 33s – Tic Tic Toc- its a new one, and my favourite thing I’ve ever done…wonky and psychy.

You have recorded under many pseudonyms in your time, any you have regretted? 

Oh yes I’ve done a few odd things in my time, some times I’ve tried some schizophrenic stuff in the past, some just didn’t work… my indie hop song about Uri Geller wasn’t great.

The new Deadstock 33s stuff is ace, what tune/remix should every discerning DJ have in their box? 

Thank you, yes it’s going very well, I have two EPs coming out in May for Batty Bass and Join Our Club that I’m very pleased with: wonky acid business. I think the Justice remix sounds pretty cool and the remix for Erol Alkan and Boys Noize really cemented the sound in my head. I have a pretty cool 8 minute psychedelic re-work of Paul Weller that’s quite nice!

What can we expect at Superstore this week?

Jacking to the max, with some outerspace flourishes.

Most importantly, as a man of sartorial cool, what will you be wearing to the sweatbox?

I’m favouring the demobed service man gets involved with an outlaw biker gang look at the moment!

Justin Robertson plays Back To Back at Dalston Superstore tonight Friday 11th May from 9pm – 3am alongside Kezokichi, Jamie D Winter, PressPlay, James Harris and Alex Carlé.