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Jacob Meehan

This Friday our favourite loose cannon PATSY invites you to her Third Birthday! Headlining this glitzy affair is the absolutely fabulous Jacob Meehan! 

A thoughtful DJ and passionate organiser of functions, Jacob Meehan has played everywhere from Smart Bar (Chicago) to Panorama Bar (Berlin), worked behind the counter at Chicago’s legendary Gramophone Records, and now roams about:://blank for 48+ hours straight each month when Buttons, the party where he’s both resident and program director, delights all of queer Berlin.  

Ahead of his hotly anticipated set at PATSY, resident DJ and booker Whitney Weiss caught up with Jacob to talk about summer songs, anti-fascist protests, and floating music festivals.  



Hey Jacob! You’re a resident DJ and program director at Buttons, a great monthly party that combines creative artist bookings and queer debauchery in Berlin. What is a song that embodies the energy of Buttons for you?? 

 Hyper Go Go’s High Cloud 9 Mix


Before Berlin, you lived in New York and in Chicago, where you did the Men’s Room parties and were a resident at Smart Bar. What record makes you think of your time in Chicago?

RIS – Love-n-Music.

 I’ve heard you play everything from house to freestyle to ambient sunrise music to techno. What would you say is the most surprising or unexpected record in your collection?? 

This track from Mr. Bungle’s California album has been stuck in my head, which harkens back to my teenage days as a closeted, stoned, angsty Midwestern nu-metalhead. 

This is your second time at Superstore (thanks for your set at Les Poppeurs a few years ago!) What is a song you’re looking forward to playing late night in the laser basement?? 

I’ve got lots of fresh stuff from friends and colleagues from all over the globe, which I love being able to share. My former co-worker at Gramaphone Records, Ike Release, just gave me some lush unreleased material, and Will and Nita from The Carry Nation inboxed me a great new vocal house track. Plus new cuts from Buttons residents Shingo Suwa & Stanley Schmidt.  

Berlin has been blessed with a lot of sunlight this April and May. What record is your favorite to listen to at home when the windows are open, a breeze is wafting in, and you’re relaxing?? 

Alice Coltrane Featuring Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda.

What’s a song you wish you had written?  

Have you heard the latest track by John Roberts? I deeply admire everything that he does.

 Do you write music ever, and if so, what’s it like?? 

I just uploaded a few house tracks to my Soundcloud, which I made with Garrett David ( Smart Bar/Lobster Theremin).

Recently you participated in what looked like a beautiful and successful protest against the far right AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland) in Berlin where the music community outnumbered the fascists. I saw that you were DJing at one point. What sort of songs did you play, and what was the day like?  

Clubbing is one of Berlin’s biggest industries, so to see the scene self-actualise and come together to politically organise against the far right was beyond powerful and necessary. 70,000+ people showed up in the streets to stand up to the AfD, and show them that they are not the majority. The day was a beautifully colourful, peaceful, multi-generational protest soundtracked by a number of trucks rigged with sound systems. Buttons collaborated on the QUEER BLOCK with RiotPornceptualHerrensaunaGegen, Cocktail d’Amore, MembersGDay, and Room4Resistance. It was honestly one of the most important things I’ve ever been a part of, and it was such an honour to be able to play for an hour. My personal highlight was getting to drop Robert Owen’s 1987 classic Bring Down the Walls just a stone’s throw from where the Berlin Wall used to be. 


 You’re one of the organisers of Whole Festival, which is bringing together Buttons, Discwoman, Unter, Horse Meat, Cocktail d’Amore, and more on a peninsula at Greimminer See. What’s a record you know you’ll want to play there, surrounded by friends and community?? 

I think I’m slated to play before Eris Drew on Saturday night before the sun sets. Our stage will be floating in a lake, which is a former quarry, now flooded. I anticipate soundtracking the transition from light into dark, probably through Bezier – B2 Teleconférence. 

What was the first record you ever bought? Where did you buy it?

Babe, we’re gonna love tonight by Lime from Gramaphone and Try Again by Aaliyah off Ebay.


What song have you always wanted to hear someone else play out so you could dance to it?

All Night Passion by Alisha!

Catch Jacob Meehan at PATSY, Friday 15th June from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore!

Debbie Upper

By Whitney Weiss

Debbie Upper (civilian name: Jared Abbott) was born in Michigan and scampered away to New York, where he leapt into nightlife and never looked backed. A former Razzmatazz resident, he traded Barcelona for Berlin and now delights dancers at an impressively diverse array of parties and throws ICKY, a delightfully sleazy Sunday party at Ficken3000. Ahead of his Dalston Superstore debut at Les Poppeurs, we chatted about Berlin nightlife, being inappropriate around famous people, and preferred brands of poppers.

Oh hello! Please introduce yourself/tell the world who DEBBIE UPPER is.

Hi! Debbie is one of Berlin’s more versatile DJs and can be spotted out playing all kinds of cute shit. Her speciality is more on the lost funk and disco and ’80s maxi-cunt vibe, but she definitely keeps up on the all latest rap/r&b and house and techno records. She also hosts the show Single Black Female on Berlin Community Radio.

You throw ICKY, a Sunday night party at the Berlin sexclub Ficken3000. What is the most scandalous thing you’ve witnessed from your not-particularly-secluded perch at the DJ booth?

I’ll never tell! What happens at Ficken, stays at Ficken.

What is the story behind your rather clever DJ name?  

It’s really just a joke that went too far. When I worked for the late, great, and dearly missed Brian Tennessee Claflin at PORK, we’d make up jokey new DJ names all the time. That one just kind of stuck around.

Please take us out for a glorious night of debauchery in Berlin. Where are we having dinner and drinks? What clubs/parties will we visit? What time will we eventually stagger home?  

Dinner would most likely be a shitty curry for 5 euros. I’d definitely take you to my friend Mauro’s sexy ass party BeiTola. And I also love Members, Cocktail D’Amore and Panty Splatters. I’m an old lady, so I am usually home by 7am. I can’t really do the “three days with no sleep” thing anymore.

You did a super-cute show of music you grew up listening to for Hot Pony and many of the songs were from ’80s and ’90s movie soundtracks. So our very important question: what is your favorite erotic thriller? 

Poison Ivy with Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert. So much atmosphere! And Love Crimes with Sean Young. It has some fucked up sexual politics, but I love it. Oooh, and Color of Night with Bruce Willis, but that’s really more of a comedy.

I was surprised to learn that you are pro Gwyneth Paltrow. Please explain your stance on this very pressing matter.

She’s just trying to impart some wealthy white woman wisdom and we should all be open to it. And her mother is Blythe fucking Danner. Show some respect.  

You also sometimes throw a karaoke party called Sisters With Voices. In your expert opinion, who is the most underrated female songstress of all time and why?

Lindsay Lohan!!

Now that it is spring, what are the warm-weather jams you cannot stop listening to? 

I’ve been listening to Monie Love a lot lately. And Janet’s first album, the one before Control.  And Millie Jackson’s Caught Up. Also, a lot of Patrice Rushen, but that’s not really a seasonal thing. 

As you are a wonderfully eclectic DJ, what can the dance floor at the next Les Poppeurs expect? Do you have surprises in store? Will you divulge one?

Aw, thanks. I’ll give you a hint: it’s in the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra.

Also, what is your preferred brand of poppers?

I’m a BlueBoy 4ever <3

Since you were in NY for a fruitful era for clubbing, you must have many excellent stories. Please share a particularly juicy one. 

I caught the tail-end of Roxy, Tunnel, Limelight, etc, but they were all pretty tame by 1999. I’d have to say Madonna “DJing” my friend’s tiny 100-person party was the most memorable evening. A few of my fun stories involve being inappropriate around famous people, like drunkenly telling Susan Sarandon that White Palace is her best movie.

And now, the classic Superstore question: if you had a time machine to travel to any dance floor ever, past present or future, which would you choose and why? 

It’d have to make a few stops. I guess something like CLUB USA or Limelight in like 1994, then the clubs in Basic Instinct/Scarface for a little while, then some sort of Paradise Garage situation, and then ending it all with a shady quaaluudey morning music moment at The Saint. 

Join Debbie Upper this Friday 24th April for Les Poppeurs at Dalston Superstore from 9m – 4am.

Photo credit: Gerard Estadella

Marc Miroir

Next weekend Berlin based DJ Marc Miroir joins us for a night of haus music at B(e)ast! As the face behind Berlin’s famed gay underground party Members, the resident DJ at Airport in his hometown of Würzberg, AND the co-founder of the long-running Paso Music, Marc knows how to get the laser basement pumping. We caught up with him ahead of the party to find out more about Marc, Members and more…

Describe your party Members in 3 words.

Good music, sexy stylish crowd, Berlin underground.

Why is Club Kosmonaut the ideal place to hold it?

The size and layout of the club is perfect for that party. We can open other rooms whenever we want and above all there is a very nice garden for the summer. Both dancefloors boast a Funktion One sound system, and it is in Friedrichshain, where a lot of party people are living.

If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you want to go dancing?

Right at this moment I would beam myself up to Koh Phangan in Thailand in the year 2007. That year I was there for three weeks and played a lot of legal and illegal thai-break and full-moon parties in the jungle. It was amazing. As it’s not summer in Europe yet, I wish I could be there!

The inevitable march of gentrification is by all accounts happening as well in Berlin albeit a lot slower than it is in London- have you seen this have any impact on your party at all?

Gentrification is  not just a problem for creative people like musicians, artists or film-makers. Higher rents mean less money for going out for everyone else, too. But people still want to go out and have fun. So for now I don’t think that this affects our party. It’s a monthly party and we are very underground. We have well-known and unknown talents combined, so we can keep the costs for the entrance low and Kosmonaut’s drinks are not expensive. I think these are the perfect requirements for a great crowd. 

What are your favourite gay parties outside of Germany to play at?

It’s funny but most of the parties I play at aren’t gay… Most of the gay parties in other countries play strange music. Typical circuit gay house music or hits and disco is just not my cup of tea haha.

You’ve been running your label Paso Music now for 10 years- what keeps it going for you?

I used to release my own productions on labels like ARAS, Heinz Music, LevelNonZero, Trapez, Confused, Greatstuff, Bondage and of course on my own label Paso Music. I learned a lot through these releases on other labels and now everyone else releasing on Paso benefits from that. I like it when I can manage my releases from the beginning over all aspects of the release. I can define the release date, I can assign the artwork, I can chose the promoter… all in all, the release is (except for the music) 100% Marc Miroir.

What for you epitomises the sound of Berlin?

The sound of Berlin is various. There are so many musicians and DJ’s from all over the world. And everybody influences the sound a little bit.

The sound in the club depends on the location and the day. The sound of MEMBERS is deep, driving, techy, housey and groovy.

What prompted your move from your hometown of Würzburg and could you see yourself living anywhere other than Berlin now?

It was the music. I’m still running my monthly residency at Airport in my hometown. Eight years ago I had reached my limits and there was no further progress in my career I could make. Berlin just had so many more opportunities and there were already a lot of friends of mine and many colleagues. Here, the exchange between the DJs and musicians is huge and the benefit is big.

Why did you choose the alias Marc Miroir?

That’s my real name in French. My first name is Marco, and my last name is Mirror in German.

In french class at school  I was called Marc Miroir and I took that name for the first gig, where an artist name was required. I just kept it despite all the misspellings and varying pronunciations it has come in for.

Last year you worked with the amazing Hard Ton for your track Fire… what collaborations or featured artists do you have up your sleeve for 2014?

There is another a collaboration with Hard Ton in progress. 

My next single release called Love comes with a stunning Kiki remix on Paso Music in May.

And this week I was with in the studio with the lovely Elif Bicer from Ostgut Ton. Be prepared for great results!

Join Marc Miroir on Saturday 7th April for B(e)ast at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – late.