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Jacob Meehan

This Friday our favourite loose cannon PATSY invites you to her Third Birthday! Headlining this glitzy affair is the absolutely fabulous Jacob Meehan! 

A thoughtful DJ and passionate organiser of functions, Jacob Meehan has played everywhere from Smart Bar (Chicago) to Panorama Bar (Berlin), worked behind the counter at Chicago’s legendary Gramophone Records, and now roams about:://blank for 48+ hours straight each month when Buttons, the party where he’s both resident and program director, delights all of queer Berlin.  

Ahead of his hotly anticipated set at PATSY, resident DJ and booker Whitney Weiss caught up with Jacob to talk about summer songs, anti-fascist protests, and floating music festivals.  



Hey Jacob! You’re a resident DJ and program director at Buttons, a great monthly party that combines creative artist bookings and queer debauchery in Berlin. What is a song that embodies the energy of Buttons for you?? 

 Hyper Go Go’s High Cloud 9 Mix


Before Berlin, you lived in New York and in Chicago, where you did the Men’s Room parties and were a resident at Smart Bar. What record makes you think of your time in Chicago?

RIS – Love-n-Music.

 I’ve heard you play everything from house to freestyle to ambient sunrise music to techno. What would you say is the most surprising or unexpected record in your collection?? 

This track from Mr. Bungle’s California album has been stuck in my head, which harkens back to my teenage days as a closeted, stoned, angsty Midwestern nu-metalhead. 

This is your second time at Superstore (thanks for your set at Les Poppeurs a few years ago!) What is a song you’re looking forward to playing late night in the laser basement?? 

I’ve got lots of fresh stuff from friends and colleagues from all over the globe, which I love being able to share. My former co-worker at Gramaphone Records, Ike Release, just gave me some lush unreleased material, and Will and Nita from The Carry Nation inboxed me a great new vocal house track. Plus new cuts from Buttons residents Shingo Suwa & Stanley Schmidt.  

Berlin has been blessed with a lot of sunlight this April and May. What record is your favorite to listen to at home when the windows are open, a breeze is wafting in, and you’re relaxing?? 

Alice Coltrane Featuring Pharoah Sanders – Journey In Satchidananda.

What’s a song you wish you had written?  

Have you heard the latest track by John Roberts? I deeply admire everything that he does.

 Do you write music ever, and if so, what’s it like?? 

I just uploaded a few house tracks to my Soundcloud, which I made with Garrett David ( Smart Bar/Lobster Theremin).

Recently you participated in what looked like a beautiful and successful protest against the far right AfD (Alternativ für Deutschland) in Berlin where the music community outnumbered the fascists. I saw that you were DJing at one point. What sort of songs did you play, and what was the day like?  

Clubbing is one of Berlin’s biggest industries, so to see the scene self-actualise and come together to politically organise against the far right was beyond powerful and necessary. 70,000+ people showed up in the streets to stand up to the AfD, and show them that they are not the majority. The day was a beautifully colourful, peaceful, multi-generational protest soundtracked by a number of trucks rigged with sound systems. Buttons collaborated on the QUEER BLOCK with RiotPornceptualHerrensaunaGegen, Cocktail d’Amore, MembersGDay, and Room4Resistance. It was honestly one of the most important things I’ve ever been a part of, and it was such an honour to be able to play for an hour. My personal highlight was getting to drop Robert Owen’s 1987 classic Bring Down the Walls just a stone’s throw from where the Berlin Wall used to be. 


 You’re one of the organisers of Whole Festival, which is bringing together Buttons, Discwoman, Unter, Horse Meat, Cocktail d’Amore, and more on a peninsula at Greimminer See. What’s a record you know you’ll want to play there, surrounded by friends and community?? 

I think I’m slated to play before Eris Drew on Saturday night before the sun sets. Our stage will be floating in a lake, which is a former quarry, now flooded. I anticipate soundtracking the transition from light into dark, probably through Bezier – B2 Teleconférence. 

What was the first record you ever bought? Where did you buy it?

Babe, we’re gonna love tonight by Lime from Gramaphone and Try Again by Aaliyah off Ebay.


What song have you always wanted to hear someone else play out so you could dance to it?

All Night Passion by Alisha!

Catch Jacob Meehan at PATSY, Friday 15th June from 9pm – 3am at Dalston Superstore!

Harry Cross

Our cult-status, high-protein buffet of belters Battered Sausage returns with an almighty bang this month, as we welcome Harry Cross of Men’s Room Chicago to the lazerpit! No stranger to getting topless crowds of carnivores and vegans alike writhing on dance floors across the US and beyond, he’ll be unleashing his signature brand of cosmic belters on the Battered Sausage basement. We caught up with him to chat special projects, the gay underground and where to party in Chicago!

Hi Harry! We’re so excited to have you join us soon for Battered Sausage! How has your 2017 been?

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and I mean a batshit crazy rollercoaster like The Joker. Highlights include those moments when the entire gay DJ family got together at Honcho Summer Campout and the Trade Show USA party in Brooklyn.

Men’s Room was recently credited by mixmag as one of the 6 club nights redefining the gay underground – what do you think is the special ingredient of Men’s Room that has allowed you to maintain an authentically underground experience?

We’ve been lucky enough to find an audience that wants that edgier underground experience. Keeping that audience engaged by continuously innovating and allowing them to add to the experience is key.

Men’s Room has been in existence for over five years now – if you had to pinpoint a highlight, what would it be?

Men’s Room started at a bar called Wang’s. We crammed people into this tiny room for the first few years. The owner, Henry Chang, owned the space next door to Wang’s and used it as an art gallery until he decided to convert it to a proper dance floor. He built a stage, installed a Funktion-One sound system and created a doorway to Wang’s – without telling anyone he was doing it. At a very special Men’s Room party, at midnight, we drew back a curtain and revealed the new dance floor space to a packed house of hungry partygoers. The energy that night was LIVE.

Can you tell us a bit about the Femme’s Room specials you’ve been doing and what inspired you to start that project?

Femme’s Room started as a reaction to the masculine vibes of Men’s Room. We saw the lack of female representation in Chicago’s LGTBQ party scene and responded to it with Femme’s Room. Where Men’s Room is stripped down (literally), Femme’s Room is about self-expression via your look and attitude. The party was truly inspired by the incredible amount of femme talent in Chicago – from DJ’s, producers, artists, designers, dancers – and we wanted to provide a stage to showcase their talents.

There’s a lot of talk about LGBT nightlife being under threat in London – is there a similar concern in Chicago?

There’s some concern in Chicago as well. A few of the sex positive spaces that have been around for decades, such as The Bijou Theatre, have closed down and are not being replaced. The few new gay bars opening in Chicago tend to be rehashed gay bar concepts with lots of TV’s and a stripper thrown in. The gay bar owners aren’t doing anything innovative. In a world of hook-up apps, you have to provide a unique experience that people can’t get anywhere else to draw them away from their screens.


If the queer club scene in London could learn anything from Chicago, what would it be?

It’s all about finding the right space. Men’s Room started at a small bar attached to a sushi restaurant. The owner, Henry Chang, allowed us to convert the space to our vision. We brought our own lighting, turned the sushi restaurant into a clothes check and cranked up the smoke machine. Any space can work with the right elements.

You are taking us on a date in Chicago – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

Well, if I really like you I’m going to cook for you at my place. But if I’m still figuring out the chemistry I’ll take you to The Publican – a pork, oysters and beer place in the West Loop. Then we’re taking a long walk to the beach and smoke a blunt. After that we’re taking a sketchy bus ride up to Smart Bar to dance to techno bangers where we’ll truly see if there’s chemistry.  

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhen, where would you go?

I’d have to say Paradise Garage because I have a tattoo of the logo on my left arm.  

Any exciting plan in the pipeline that you can let us in on?  

Going b2b with Aaron Clark of Honcho at Smart Bar’s first 23-hour party featuring Derrick Carter, Miss Kitten, Robert Hood, Jason Kendig, Eris Drew, Justin Long and all of my Chicago favorites. Plus there’s talk of an international Femme’s Room tour. And I have a day party in the works. 

One track that you can’t wait to unleash on the Superstore lazerpit?

Keytronics Ensemble – Something in that Groove

Catch Harry Cross at Battered Sausage on Friday 22 September from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!