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Francis Inferno Orchestra

The Battered Sausage party series is back this month with a special summer sizzler of a guest – Francis Inferno Orchestra. In between playing Panorama Bar and various festivals across the UK, this Aussie import runs a two labels and releases music under a few pseudonyms – a pretty impressive CV! We sat down to chat favourite parties, guilty pleasures and plans for Battered Sausage. 

Hello! Can you introduce us to Francis Inferno Orchestra?

Hi! Well I’m Francis Inferno Orchestra, I’m an Australian Producer & DJ currently living in London, I run a label called Superconscious Records with my friend Fantastic Man and another little imprint called BBW with another antipodean bud Tyson. I also throughly love Pocari Sweat.   

You made the move from Melbourne to London a while back – how has that change influenced your sound?

I’m still uncertain what ‘my sound’ is but I don’t think anything in London has necessarily influenced what it might be. If anything I think living in London has made me cherish my musical roots in Australia and identify more with where I’ve come from.   

Melbourne seems to have a pretty incredible underground dance scene which is continually growing and morphing into something new. Can you tell us a bit about how you have watched it develop?

I can’t exactly put my finger on why this is, but maybe it is something to do with the fact that we aren’t spoilt with the thick dance music culture that exist in the UK and Europe, and which feels a bit taken for granted over here. So we have to kind of make it ourselves even though we don’t have the population to support it. Not exactly sure why its mostly just Melbourne getting the attention but there are things bubbling in Sydney too. The best DJ in Australia is Steele Bonus and he’s from Sydney. Check him out!

The last five years have seen you travel across Australia and further afield. Over that time, which has been your favourite dance floor to play back home, and which has been your best international party?

Home – I used to run a party called Jungle Juice with my friend Luke, which was us playing for 6+ hours B2B while running the smoke machine non stop.
International – So far it’s without a doubt Panorama Bar, but everyone knows that already :)  

You’re known as a DJ and producer with an eclectic list of influences – what’s a record people would be taken aback to discover you secretly love?

Destiny’s Child – Girl

You played B2B with our own Dan Beaumont last weekend in Croatia (hamazing!) Did you throw any curveballs in there to keep him on his toes?

Haha! The boat party was actually pretty amazing! I went easy on Dan however, I felt bad for him as he lost a bunch of his music before he got on the boat. Big shout outs to Dance Tunnel & Ransom Note for having me and doing a super great job with it. I won’t be forgetting that afternoon anytime soon. Big ups to Mark E too!

What exciting new acts have you got coming up on your record label BBW?

BBW is pretty spontaneous. We might put out a record once a year at best, which is usually myself and someone else but nothing is concrete at the moment for the next release. I’ve been focusing all my attention on my other label Superconscious. The next release is from Swedish duo Mount Liberation Unlimited which I’m really excited about.

Your alias Deepthroat sounds like a character who might pique the interest of our Battered Sausage crowd – can you tell us a bit about this side project?

I was making music that was more techno/industrial orientated and felt like it wouldn’t work under the FIO banner. So going along the BBW vibe (which is a genre of porn) I felt like Deepthroat was a name that suited the whole project. We’ve had 3 releases so far, which are sold out of shops but of course floating around on Discogs and the like.  

If you had access to a time machine and could visit any dance floor anywhere/anywhen, where would want to go dancing?

Music Box in Chicago or Cafe Del Mar in the 80’s would be cool. But I really think visiting a dance floor in Italy around ’91-92 would be pretty amazing.    

You’ve had a pretty crazy summer already, playing some of our fave small festivals. Is it too early to call a highlight?

I did this one called Schall Im Schilf in Munich – that was pretty special. But I’ve just gotten back from Garden Festival and I’m still riding that high, so maybe that takes the cake. Also Gottwood gets a special mention for the Sunday closing with MCDE, that was cool too!

Your sets tend to fluctuate across the spectrum of house, disco and techno. What can we expect from your set at Battered Sausage?

I never know what I’m going to play but this the time it’ll be 100% sausage anthems. 


Join Francis Inferno Orchestra this Saturday 11 July for Battered Sausage from 9pm-3am.


Light Year

This Saturday Sydney’s Light Year swoops into town as part of his European tour that has so far stopped at Barcelona, Paris, and Leipzig amongst others, finally finishing right here in Dalston.

And we’ve got a very special prize to give away! To win guestlist to see Light Year play this Saturday at Body Talk AND get your hands on one of these amazing tshirts, email with the subject “I heart Light Year” by 2pm tomorrow – Friday 19th October 2012 – and answer the following question correctly…

(only winning entrants will be contacted)

How does Light Year describe his latest mix?

a. Church techno

b. Wigwam techno

c. Sausage-fest techno

Light Year Tshirt

Formerly a duo, now a solo act, we caught up with the acid house obsessed remaining member of Light Year, Jordan, to find out how the amazing video for his massive hit Moderation came out, what personally gets him raving and what we can expect from his set at Superstore for Body Talk – We Are 3

You’ve been touring like mental this year- where’s been your favourite touch-down so far?

Yeah this year has been busy with tours. Europe and USA twice and Mexico for the first time, and Canada too. I also played HARD Fest in L.A., which was one of the biggest crowds I have played in front of, a really intense energy so much fun.

I feel like Europeans tend to connect more with the music I personally love to play. I tend to have to change my sets throughout the USA depending on the crowd, which always keeps me on my toes but Europeans let me do whatever I want most of the time.

Which producers or contemporaries of yours do think are making particularly innovative dance music at the moment?

When it comes to dance music recently I have loved Mr. G’s new album ‘State of Flux’. I’ve been playing three or four tracks from it in some of my sets. I just love the energy of that warehouse vibe. Jimmy Edgar is another, his album was cool but I feel his production work since has really gone to the next level.

And who would be the dream artist to remix your own work?

Matthew Dear in his Audion guise. That would be all time.

Your love of acid house is evident in your music and most notably in the Moderation video- is it something you wished you’d experienced first-hand first time round?

Absolutely. I love the feel and rawness of that music. The limitations of one drum machine and one synth truly created some real classic records, and that’s what I like most- the simplicity. Also the parties and the original explosion of rave/warehouse parties would have been so exciting to be a part of. I think there is a real resurgence in that type of vibe at the moment too, which is cool.

The video is amazing, and so eye-catching. Any idea where the footage is from? You can’t watch it without wanting to go dance in a field…

Ha thanks, that was the desired effect. I was searching “’90s rave” on YouTube one night and I saw all that crazy footage. I didn’t really think that anyone had used it in a film clip before. I sent the footage and idea to a friend and it took about two weeks but it came together really well. 

We read that you in between all the acid house, Chicago sounds and whatnot, you also really like hip hop. What kind of influence do you think this has had on your work in dance music?

When I was young it was all I listened to, exclusively, literally nothing else. It was only later once I got a bit tired of it that I started exploring more electronic music. I have noticed that there is always a ghetto style break and heavy use of classic drum machine sounds in my tracks which is probably a direct influence from all the hip hop I used to listen to. I love to sample and most hip hop is built around samples so there is a certain feel I think it can give a song, from a whole loop to just cut up drums, that is warm and classic sounding.

How dramatically would you say your working dynamic has changed since going solo as Light Year?

The main change is I don’t work directly with another person all the time. But Mikey (Jensen Interceptor) and I still send each other our demos and give each other feedback on stuff. I have a solid network of people that I send ideas and rough demos too. It generally takes me a session to come up with an idea and then I like to send it around to people/friends just to get feedback and extra ideas. I find that this helps with actually finishing tracks.

How did you come to remake DV8 for Strictly Rhythm?

A good friend of mine Danny (Wax Motif) was putting together a compilation on behalf of Strictly Rhythm and asked me to be apart of it. The idea was to go through the Strictly back catalogues and choose a track to remix/remake or edit. I had a lot of fun working on that remix and I like the way it turned out.

EDM’s global march aside, dance music… okay good dance music… still seems relatively underground in Australia. Do you ever feel tempted to decamp to Europe?

Absolutely. I’m currently tossing up whether to live in LA, London or Berlin next year. Haven’t decided yet though.

You called your mix for Ransom Note “sausage-fest techno”. What other genres can we expect to hear played at Dalston Superstore?

I play a lot of different stuff but it all falls under house & techno I guess. I’m loving this ‘warehouse’ type sound at the moment so I’ll be playing plenty of that. It also depends on the crowd and where they let me go. I’m really excited for the show though; I’ve heard amazing things. 


Light Year Euro Mix R$N XCLSV by Theransomnote on Mixcloud



Light Year plays Body Talk – We Are 3 this Saturday 20th October 2012 from 9pm – 4am with Jeffrey Hinton, Rokk, Tristan Reed and Charlie Bones.

Win Tickets to Farr Festival

Our friends at the Ransom Note have teamed up with our monthly acid house night Society to host one almighty stage at this month’s Farr Festival and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away to one lucky winner. The stunning line-up includes some of our favourite people, and, of course, own very own Superstore boss Dan Beaumont!

With sets from Bicep, Miss Hannah Holland, J D Twitch from Optimo, Terry Farley and Trevor Fung playing a Balearic sunset set; you can see why we think this is one NOT to be missed!

Farr Festival takes place just outside London in Newnham, Hertfordshire in a deserted wood on the  27th and 28th July with other stages from Bristol based night Just Jack and London’s Sancho Panza. Acts over the weekend include Eats Everything, George FitzGerald, Jozif, Miguel Campbell and Waifs & Strays.

To be with a chance to win, tell us in the comments your best festival story! We’ll decide the winner by 2pm Thursday 12th July.

In the meantime, get your ears round this brand new mix from the boys at Bicep!

Bicep join J D Twitch (Optimo) Hannah Holland, Dan Beaumont, Terry Tarley and Trevor Fung on the R$N Vs Society stage at Farr Festival on Saturday 28th July. You can buy tickets for the festival over at The Ransom Note.

Farr Festival

This summer sees our favourite Thursday night acid house party Society team up with one of favourite websites The Ransom Note to host a stage at Hertfordshire’s Farr Festival. They’re in good company as they’re joined by Bristol based night Just Jack, long-running north London party Sancho Panza and Leeds night Flux.

The line-up boasts Miguel Campbell, Eats Everything, George FitzGerald, Waifs & Strays, Huxley and Jozif, whilst over on the Ransom Note Vs Society stage they’ll be bringing you the sounds of:

JD Twitch from Optimo
Hannah Holland
Terry Farley
our very own Dan Beaumont
Trevor Fung (who’ll be playing a special sunset set)
the Thunder DJs 
and more

Check out this amazing Balearic mix from Optimo to get you in the mood!

Farr Festival takes place 27th-28th July and tickets are only £35 direct from The Ransom Note. If you can’t wait that long for a spot of acid house, pop down to see Trevor Fung play Society’s monthly party with Robert Owens in the Superstore lazer basement on Thursday 26th April 9pm – 3am.

For more info on Farr Festival and the full line-up visit their official website: