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Fèmmme Fraîche second birthday!

We can’t believe it’s been two whole years since East London’s hottest lez fest Fèmmme Fraîche first sauntered through our doorway with a flick of her hair and a twinkle in her eye! She’s now racked up 12 riotous ladies nights at the mothership, with the likes of Honey Dijon, DJ Heather and Joyce Muniz at the helm. To ring in this very special occasion, promoters Michelle Manetti and Sandra Le have planned a whole night of  giveaways a-plenty, goodie bags up for grabs for our party-goers and cute AF merchandise with their resident DJs running riot the whole night long! We caught up with the girls to reflect, reminisce, and get excited for this Saturday’s birthday bash!

Hey Michelle and Sandra! Happy birthday to your baby Fèmmme Fraîche! How have the last two years of parties been for you?

SL: Thank you, guys! I can’t believe it’s been two years already! The last two years of parties have been… exhausting! Haha, no seriously though, we’ve had so, so much fun. We’ve met incredible artists, and working with the DSS crew is a real delight.

MM: Yep, it’s been a wonderful whirlwind of deliciousness, all pleasure no pain (except the day after each party, which always feels a little delicate!)

If you had to pick one song to represent Fèmmme Fraîche, what would it be?

SL: I’d say U & Me Electricity from Kim Ann Foxman, it’s my favourite track at the moment! It brings me back to my youth, it’s classic, it’s catchy and it’s acidy! Kim Ann is one of our favourite DJs and a good peep, so hard not to go with that one.

MM: For me, I’m gonna say Skwerl – All Woman (K2’s Deepah 1ne Dub). The track is 10 years old now, and I love dipping into my old skool tunes for FF, it’s bouncy as hell, ravey and as the title says, it’s all woman, just like Fèmmme Fraîche!

What has been your highlight of the last two years?

SL: That’s a tough one. Each night has its own flavour and all our headliners have been phenomenal. If I had to pick one though I’d have to say our night with Honey Dijon was pure madness! 

MM: Yep, I have to agree. They’ve all been amazing, but the Honey Dijon party had some crazy electricity, so much energy and love that night, even the walls were dripping with sweat, it was such a crazy, sexy, cool party!

femmme fraiche at dalston superstore

Why do you think it’s important to foster spaces for queer women to party?

SL: Well, it may sound cliché but there aren’t many places anymore where queer women can meet other queer women, play, and have fun whilst feeling they can do so safely. So, yes, it is important to foster these safe spaces and cater for a diverse crowd of queers with all sort of tastes.

MM: Exactly, it’s so important we nurture these safe spaces and continue to provide places, and parties where girls can go out, feel comfortable and confident that they won’t feel discriminated or objectified unwillingly so they can concentrate on just having fun and enjoying their night.

What does your queer utopia look like?

SL: Ultimately a world where nobody gives a fuck about who you are, how you identify or who you love.

MM: Second that!

FF007 b

Can you tell us a bit about what to expect at your birthday party?

The finest Fèmmme Fraîchetastic music, sexy dance moves, general sexiness, sweat and big smiles all round! And of course as, we’re celebrating our second birthday, there’ll be decorations, party poppers and fun things… plus we have some goodies to giveaway – we’re giving two lucky winners  free entry for them and their pal, free drinks on entry, free merch and two £20 vouchers for Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium. Enter here! Are you excited yet? we are!!!!

Who are some of your favourite DJs and producers at the moment?

SL: All the DJs we booked in the past two years, our homies, and right now, Peggy Gou!

MM: Yeah, all our headliners have been booked pretty much because they’re our faves, but also The Black Madonna, Tama Sumo, Steffi, Virginia, Heidi, Helena Hauff deserve special shouts for being fabulous DJs and repping the girls.

If you could change anything about London’s LGBT nightlife, what would it be?

SL: We need more of it, and more diversity.

We’ve heard whispers that you have some exciting things in the pipeline for Fèmmme Fraîche in 2018! Can you let us in on any plans?

We’re growing Fèmmme Fraîche into something more than just a club night, continuing to support female, female-identifying and non binary DJs and throwing damn fun Fèmmme Fraîche parties, but just adding some extra dimensions and extra features for it to become a little more interactive. Our plan is to create a platform and a space where queer women can showcase their creative skills across numerous artistic disciplines, as well as offering opportunities to learn new skills. We’ve got some fun stuff up our sleeves, so stay tuned!

And finally, what are you planning to unleash on the laser basement at your birthday party?

SL:  The demons of house music!

MM: Yep definitely the beasts with the dirtiest, filthiest basement beats. We want bras spinning, booty shakin’ and hand’s-in-the-air action!

Catch Michelle Manetti and Sandra Le at the Fèmmme Fraîche Second Birthday Bash, this Saturday 11 November at Dalston Superstore!


This article originally appeared in QX Magazine.

By Cliff Joannou

Who are Stereogamous?

We are a collective of queer musicians, optimists, producers, artists and DJs based in Sydney & Berlin. We make gay house music and even gayer parites. Currently, we are incredibly fortunate enough to collaborating and touring with Shaun J Wright from Chicago. A stunning vocalist, marvellous lyricist, phenomenal DJ, fabulous dancer and a tremendous person. Together we’re on a mission of encouraging happiness and loving freely via dancing and house music. We’re here to recruit you. 

You describe your music as “music for making out” under the genres of “bottom 40”, “horizontal dance music” “bath house”. What reaction are you looking for on the dance floor? 

Smiles, hugs, picking up and deep dancing. Dancefloors are queer sacred spaces, where we can bring people together to resonate happiness. The sounds we play are about invoking a radical departure from the noise and isolation in the wider world and foster intimacy and self expression. We strongly encourage people dance with each other and bring their shapes game. Everybody knows expressive dancers are best horizontal lovers. (No facing the front or no texting on the floor here pretty please.)

Describe new track ‘Sweat’ to us in five words. 

Hotness, manthem, steamroom, incandescence, moist.

stereogamous & Shaun J Wright “SWEAT” from stereogamous on Vimeo.


1. Let Me Be The One (New York Dub) – Kim Ann Foxman 
Kim Ann Foxman always brings the heat. This is the sound for the deep end. 

2. The Spell (Phil Kieran Remix) – Phil Kieran
Epileptic electronics that massage the synapses. It’s all crazy patterns that fuck with your head. It’s really math without being meth.

3. The Oracle (Alinka & Shaun Dub Remix) – The Cucarachas & The Carry Nation 
The Cucarachas and The Carry Nation are our cousins and Tribal label mates from London and NYC. They are the Mr Right Nows of House Music, today. 

4. We’re Not Alone – Steffi & Dexter
Steffi is resident at Berlin’s Panorama Bar. This is music for a sweaty sunrise. 

5. Kiwis, Apples & Limes – Robot Needs Oil (Discodromo Spiritual Remix)
Discodromo are the handsome Italian duo keeping it premium deep, musical and sensual. 

6. Sirens – Didier de la Boutique
Misleading opening that starts off feeling a bit deep, polite, cocktail house but through its hypnotic, keta twist, it takes it all very sidewise.
7. Get Busy (Original Mix) – Maximono
The tightest, deepest pumper of a baseline that drives you deeper without the noise. No tricks, no fuss, just a confident swagger.

8. Food Of Love (DJ Sprinkles Grub Dub) – Hard Ton
The disco glamour bear gets a profound rework by icon DJ Sprinkles. 

9. Treptow (Original Mix) – Doc Daneeka
Super jacking madness. A piano stab driven minimatish house track that defies you not to not Twirl. 

10. Sweat (Aérea Negrot Remix) Stereogamous feat Shaun J Wright 
Not only a vanity listing, this remix from the incredible Aérea Negrot brings the Latin chemical feels. 

 Join Stereogamous this Saturday 16th August for Voguey Bear at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.


Down at Dance Tunnel this weekend, queer party Dick & Fanny kick off their residency with an extremely international line-up! Topping the bill is Berlin resident and Panorama Bar regular Virginia. Joining her will be LA’s Kim Anh and DJ about town Sanjay Sur.
A close collaborator of Steffi, and of course, label-mate on the esteemed Ostgut Ton, Virginia spans DJ, producer, vocalist and songwriter. And with her habit of stunning clubbers with her live singing and DJing, she’s sure to wow Dance Tunnel too. Ahead of the party, we caught up with the lady of the moment to find out more about her music, playing Panorama Bar and more…
As both a resident at Panorama Bar and having released and appeared on a number of Ostgut Ton  tracks – what is it about the label/collective that appeals to you as a musician? 
I’m very happy to be able to join a collective with so many creative minds and artists. I like the fact that the Ostgut Ton label is really a platform for all the residents of Berghain and Panorama Bar. So the diversity stands out. It is not defined as a techno or a house label. I’m always curious about what comes up next and how my colleagues are developing, to find out what their musical inspiration is or what kind of musical vibe they are in.
What is your favourite Romanthony tune?
Trust. May he rest in peace and his music live forever.
How did you celebrate Pride recently and why should everyone support marriage equality?
I played in Panorama Bar and had a beautiful set. I don’t say that too often as I’m very critical about my sets, but I enjoyed myself a lot. Great energy and I was lucky to have a awesome audience.
US senator Diane Savino says it right! You can watch it here on youtube… there is not much left to say.
And what are you favourite queer dancefloors around the world?
I know there are some nice ones around the world that I don’t know yet and would love to see. The one for me at the moment is Panorama Bar, even though is has become less gay over the last years.
Who, besides Steffi, has had the biggest impact on your musical development?
Sade, Tracy Chapman, Prince, Gil Scott Heron, Roy Ayres and some other soul legends, Dopplereffekt, MK, etc… just to name a few. The list would get too long otherwise. But also very important for my musical development is my sister. She is eight years older than me and certainly showed me a new musical world when I was very young. And my friend Steve B-Zet, who I wrote the album Twisted Mind with.
Which do you feel gives you the stronger emotional connection with the crowd- DJing or singing?
This is not so easy to answer for me. Music speaks for itself, so the right record at the right time will do the trick. But just a quick personal word during a set, a little live vocal where the lyrics are spun around that night can be magical sometimes.
From a singer’s perspective, what other vocalists are you keen to collaborate with?
I would love to record something with Portable. I really like how he arranges his music and vocals… the effects he adds and uses to create his very own sound.
When Tama Sumo played, she mentioned that Dance Tunnel was known in Berlin as ‘that place with no sinks’ (which have now been added). Where is the strangest place you’ve played a set recently?
Strange, but not in odd way, was mine and Steffi’s set just two weeks ago on the Irish island of Inis Oirr, in the garden of one of the island’s three pubs. We initially went there to write some new music, not to DJ, but a friend put up this outdoor party. Some people even took the effort to to travel three hours to come over from Dublin and Galway, for example. So much fun and a very special day. 
In what way do you think the no photography policy effects the crowd atmosphere at Panorama Bar?
I love the no photo policy, yet there are still people constantly posting stuff on some social media network from their smartphones. Just recently I was at a place in Amsterdam where they have a “NO Phones”- policy. Loved it!!! It makes a huge difference as people are not as distracted from what’s happening on the dance floor or around them like in some other venues.
I understand why people try to capture the moment, but we have now reached a level were it can get pretty annoying and some people don’t seem to be sensitive enough to feel when it’s enough. 
I’m always up for pictures after my gig but I just don’t feel comfortable having a flashlight in my face while I’m singing, trying to make contact with the audience or mix. Who really does? 
Join Virigina down at Dance Tunnel for Dick & Fanny’s Summer Party this Saturday 20th July from 10pm – 3am 

Stop Making Sense Lineup

As we mentioned back at the beginning of the year, we’ll be joining Stop Making Sense Festival out in Croatia this August, alongside some of our favourite people like Durrr, Trouble Vision, Ostgut Ton, Warm, Electric Minds and more. This week sees the first lineup announcement from each crew that’ll be curating part of the festival and all we can say is WOW!!! This year looks set to the best year yet with a high calibre of artists from classic names like Lil’ Louis, Chez Damier and Ron Trent, to underground heroes like Steffi, Deetron and Move D.

We’ll be bringing Superstore bosses Dan Beaumont and Mikki Most, plus Hannah Holland (Batty Bass), Rokk (Body Talk) and Nadia Ksaiba (Rhythm Connection) and keep your eyes peeled because we’ve got even more tricks up our sleeve yet to reveal!

This year will also see on-site accommodation for Stop Making Sense that they tell us is

“Not too close to the stages so you cant hear yourself sleep, yet within crawling distance to all the action!

We’ve got a few £90 Early Bird tickets left so grab one while you can. And it’s worth bearing in mind that the closer we get to August, the more expensive the flights get…

To get a taste of Stop Making Sense, bop along to their launch party with Chez Damier on Saturday 17th March.

Stop Making Sense Festival 2012 will be held at The Garden, Tisno, Croatia from 2-6 August. For more info visit: