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This article originally appeared in QX Magazine.

By Cliff Joannou

Who are Stereogamous?

We are a collective of queer musicians, optimists, producers, artists and DJs based in Sydney & Berlin. We make gay house music and even gayer parites. Currently, we are incredibly fortunate enough to collaborating and touring with Shaun J Wright from Chicago. A stunning vocalist, marvellous lyricist, phenomenal DJ, fabulous dancer and a tremendous person. Together we're on a mission of encouraging happiness and loving freely via dancing and house music. We're here to recruit you. 

You describe your music as "music for making out" under the genres of "bottom 40", "horizontal dance music" "bath house". What reaction are you looking for on the dance floor? 

Smiles, hugs, picking up and deep dancing. Dancefloors are queer sacred spaces, where we can bring people together to resonate happiness. The sounds we play are about invoking a radical departure from the noise and isolation in the wider world and foster intimacy and self expression. We strongly encourage people dance with each other and bring their shapes game. Everybody knows expressive dancers are best horizontal lovers. (No facing the front or no texting on the floor here pretty please.)

Describe new track 'Sweat' to us in five words. 

Hotness, manthem, steamroom, incandescence, moist.

stereogamous & Shaun J Wright "SWEAT" from stereogamous on Vimeo.


1. Let Me Be The One (New York Dub) - Kim Ann Foxman 
Kim Ann Foxman always brings the heat. This is the sound for the deep end. 

2. The Spell (Phil Kieran Remix) - Phil Kieran
Epileptic electronics that massage the synapses. It’s all crazy patterns that fuck with your head. It’s really math without being meth.

3. The Oracle (Alinka & Shaun Dub Remix) - The Cucarachas & The Carry Nation 
The Cucarachas and The Carry Nation are our cousins and Tribal label mates from London and NYC. They are the Mr Right Nows of House Music, today. 

4. We're Not Alone - Steffi & Dexter
Steffi is resident at Berlin's Panorama Bar. This is music for a sweaty sunrise. 

5. Kiwis, Apples & Limes - Robot Needs Oil (Discodromo Spiritual Remix)
Discodromo are the handsome Italian duo keeping it premium deep, musical and sensual. 

6. Sirens - Didier de la Boutique
Misleading opening that starts off feeling a bit deep, polite, cocktail house but through its hypnotic, keta twist, it takes it all very sidewise.
7. Get Busy (Original Mix) - Maximono
The tightest, deepest pumper of a baseline that drives you deeper without the noise. No tricks, no fuss, just a confident swagger.

8. Food Of Love (DJ Sprinkles Grub Dub) - Hard Ton
The disco glamour bear gets a profound rework by icon DJ Sprinkles. 

9. Treptow (Original Mix) - Doc Daneeka
Super jacking madness. A piano stab driven minimatish house track that defies you not to not Twirl. 

10. Sweat (Aérea Negrot Remix) Stereogamous feat Shaun J Wright 
Not only a vanity listing, this remix from the incredible Aérea Negrot brings the Latin chemical feels. 

 Join Stereogamous this Saturday 16th August for Voguey Bear at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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