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Barbie Miraj

Barbie Miraj

Some of you might remember Miss Miraj from our Tranny Top Trumps feature a little back from Kris Di Angelis' night Tramp, where she told us all about her special skills and best/worst looks. With the launch of Barbie's Boudoir here at Dalston Superstore this Thursday, we caught up with the lady herself once more for a recap on all things plastic fantastic...

Who are you style icons?

I don't really have one particular style icon. I'm Barbie, I got loads!! But if I really had to choose it would be Nicki Minaj with a Gaga twist!

When we spoke to you previously for Tramp, you told us your special ability was charming people! What's your best line to get us to do WHATEVER YOU WANT?

I don't do lines. Like the rest, once you've met me, you'll do anything to have me... So you tell me what's your line!?

What can we expect from your night here Barbie's Boudoir?

A watering hole of cross sexuality! So come and fill your boots!

And what goes on in Barbie's actual boudoir?

Wouldn't you like to know! You'll have to ask Ken, but he's currently being tied up by Action Man umm.... with an apple in his mouth!

How would you describe your look?

I'm a Barbie... It depends on who I belong to that day!

What one track is making you lose your shit on the dancefloor at the moment?

NTFO - Adjective (Private Remix)

What makes you the hostess with the mostess?

My bags of personality... And my ass bags! "Hey Ho"

Who would be on a dream Barbie's Boudoir lineup alive/dead/past/present?

My perfect line up would have to be my Barbs, Nicki Minaj, Scarlett Etienne, Jessica Rabbit and Marilyn Monroe to host.

You also previously told us you own 10 1/2 wigs!! Which is your fave?

Out of the 10 1/2, I would say my natural hair, I'm not confined to wig wearing!

And finally what spectacular outfit do you have planned for your party?

Seeing as it's my boudoir, maybe now I'll get away with turning up in my Birthday Suit!! 

Barbie's Boudoir takes place this Thursday 11th September from 9pm - 2:30am here at Dalston Superstore with Mark-Ashley Dupé and Frankie Layo.

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Barbie Miraj