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Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks

Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks

The Bicep boys join us in the basement for the evening leg of our carnival bank holiday bbq extravaganza, with a night of fist-pumpers and topless tunes at Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot. Whilst we're praying for the day to be a proper sizzler as the JERK! girls are hosting an all-day BBQ of (what else!) jerk chicken served with rice n peas, delicious home-made Caribbean coleslaw, cans of Red Stripe and vodka watermelon crushed cups, we're pretty sure Bicep are hoping for hot weather so that everyone throwing shapes to their set will also be shedding their tops! With this in mind, we asked them to tell us their top ten "taps aff" tracks for a taste of what's to expect...

Omar-S And L'Renee - S.E.X (A.O.L Remix)

Not so subtle on  the lyrics but as the name suggests it can only mean one thing.

George Fitzgerald - Child 

Been killin it all summer, when that baseline drops people go nuts.  

PBR Streetgang - J2ThaB

Veterans to the Taps Aff scene, PBR really know how to start a party if you kick off with this you are guaranteed a topless dancefloor.

Womack & Womack - Teardrops

When you want those girls who are acting too cool for school to get involved.

Stevie Nicks - "Smiling At You" (Young Edits Going Home Version)

Fist pumpin arps… Stevie Nicks… ooooooHHH too big.

Prince - Traffic Jam (Ron Hardy mix)

Prince + Ron Hardy = perfection. 

Wired - To The Beat Of The Drum

BASSSSSSSLINE - big tune, packed fulla energy.

Brad Shitt - Casbah Breakdown

If removing peoples tops is your thang… this is your track.

Storm Queen - It Goes On

Yes, everyone knows this, but isn't that the point of taps aff! When the second chorus drops… so does my leather waistcoat! 

Serge Santiago - Running Passions

BIG Italo inspired piano houser from the main man Serge Santiago... no video available - hunt down the wax.

[Listen to the track here on Grooveshark]

Bicep play Hot Boy Carnival Jerk Spot on Sunday 26th August from 9pm - 3am along with The Lovely Jonjo, Hello Mozart, Adam Kraft and We're Not Cool.

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Bicep’s Top Ten “Taps Aff” Tracks