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Billie Ray Martin

Billie Ray Martin

In December we hosted the fantabulous BILLIE RAY MARTIN at Paris' Acid Ball's first birthday party

DJ set @ Dalston Superstore, London, December 2011 by Billie Ray Martin


Do you remember the first House record you heard?

Jealousies and Lies by Julian Jonah was the first one I CONSCIOUSLY heard. At The Wag club. I ran up to the DJ booth and asked what it was. Formed Electribe 101, we ripped off the track. The rest is history. But before that I went to the first ever Acid House parties at Heaven and heard various House records there. My mind was blown and the feeling to be there for something starting was very strong. I could feel it. (no pun intended).

What was your favourite track of 2011?

Fierce, by Drums of Death vs. Franklin Fuentes.

Why do you think the House sound is coming back so strongly?

I am not too sure. Maybe people want to go back to real emotions. Music has been emotionless. Let's bring that Soul back. Musically, vocally.... it's just beginning. 

How did the Opiates project come about?

Me and Robert 'met' through Myspace (remember them?). We just wanted to record a few ambient songs, but then it turned into something much more. We decided to do a whole album of song based material and there we were. Three years later and it's finally out with the Remix album to be released in March 2012. It's going to be called Hollywood Cuts (the Remixes). 

What are your plans for 2012?

The Remix album in March, an EP (Solo) called Five Takes (a song about Andy) will follow in April. This is a solo work of mine produced by Colin Waterson and co-written by Colin and I. Then a BRM solo single and I will try to release a solo album late in the year if I can make it. There are also some collaborations. In February the new Terranova Album comes out and I feature on a song there. And I will see which other collaborations that I'm currently involved with come out also, like Doorly, Kim Ann Foxman, a song I am just playing to Aerea Negrot which I hope she wants to duet on with me, and some more collaborations as well. Phew. 

Will you be working with Hard Ton again? We never tire of hearing those tracks in clubs!

The most fun I had with Hard Ton was on stage at Falson in San Francisco. I would love to do something live again with them. They're such lovely talented people. 

Which producers would you most like to work with in future?

I'm teaming up with Felix from Hot Chip, Kim Ann Foxman and Colin Waterson. So my current dream team is in place.

Billie's album with the Opiates 'Hollywood Under The Knife' is out now and the remix album is set to drop in March. We very much hope she will be back at Dalston Superstore in the near future!


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Billie Ray Martin