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This Friday we welcome London local Capracara to bring some fire to the Banjee Boy Realness dancefloor. Having released on forward-thinking labels like Unknown To The Unknown, DFA and Cómeme, Capracara's sets cross the borders from supple-limbed Latin rhythms to dark sexy EBM, jacking Ron Hardy Music Box classics to Armand Van Helden '90s garage slammers. A former employee at Sounds Of The Universe record store, and having run his own label, History Clock with Nathan Gregory Wilkins; it's fair to say he's man who knows his music. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to find out more...

How did you come up with the name Capracara?
I was obsessed with the names of the signs of the zodiac. All the good ones were already taken. Gemini is so cool, but unavailable, so is scorpio and virgo. Pisces lacked something, and cancer's not really the vibe I was looking for... Capracara is closest to capricorn.
What's a History Clock classic?
It's got to be Ivan Smagghe and Tim Paris' track Woman under their moniker It's A Fine Line. Basic Channel meets Elton John.

What bearing does your younger self's love of metal have on the music you make now?
I loved Ministry, Revolting Cocks and Godflesh when I was younger. Bands like that got me into drum machines. Pure by Godflesh is still my favourite album. It's not that obvious to trace to the lineage from that to garage - but it is there!
What's your ultimate heatwave music?
Tappa Zukie - Freak!
Who is a Banjee Boy musical icon for you?
Willie Ninja, maybe? I love that Murk mix of Hot. Fierce!


Can you vogue?
Ha - in a word, "no".

What's your favourite Unknown To The Unknown music video?
So hard to pick! They're all so much fun! Here are some faves...


Photonz - 1551

Capracara - Ronin

DJ Haus - Needin U

Your love of horror films is well known... if you could have an UTTU music video that was a composite of horror films, what films would you use?
Freaks, Island of Lost Souls, White of the Eye, Simon King of the Witches...
Favourite dead DJ?


Best track to end a night on...
Cheri - Murphy's Law.

Join Capracara on Friday 26th July at Dalston Superstore for Banjee Boy Realness from 9pm - 3am.

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