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Clam Jam #6 in photos

Clam Jam #6 in photos

This month Clam Jam ups its monthly allowance of Jam to twice a month! Meaning an extra helping on Thursday 20th March as well as this week. To celebrate we convinced Packin C aka Cathal to let us have a look through his stack of photos and check out all the hot girls (and boys) that came down to the last party when Miss Lina Bradford (aka The Queen Of Fire Island) was DJing...

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AND you can soundtrack this little trip through memory lane by listening to this HOT new mix from Cathal and get hyped for the party this week.

For Clam Jam #7, Packin C aka Cathal will be joined  by special guest from down under (literally), Sam Gabriel, and that prodigal son Shay Malt is back from Hong Kong ready to sell you some dodgy knock-offs inbetween DJing. 

For Clam Jam #8 special guest Deejay D'Afro joins Cathal in the top bar. For more info on all Clam Jam parties add them on Facebook here.

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Clam Jam #6 in photos