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Club Tantrum: Q&A with Sh3l

Club Tantrum: Q&A with Sh3l

"Bouncey, flirty, meow."

OMG SH3L! We’re beyond excited about your iconic all nite long set this Saturday at Tantrum! Tell us, are you as excited as we are and what do you have in store?
I’m simply GAGGING 4 it sweetie! I’m ready for a fun stomp behind the decks in my favourite gay little lazer pit at my fave party. This is my first all nite long and also the longest set I’ll have played so I’m reallyyy excited to have the time to go on a bit of a journey with it, especially at our beloved mothership. Peaks, dips, and twists in energy and vibe. I’ll be dishing out cheeky bouncy house, some forgotten club anthem gems, and maybe slipping in some pop-y cuts — a blend of old school rave sounds and productions from contemporary artists I’ve been loving lately. FIVE HOURS — there’s gonna be a lot to play with.
We have absolutely loved having you as one of our residents for quite a while now, can you tell us how you got into djing and producing?
Oh the feeling is so mutual… Club Tantrum and the Super Drama girls have truly been my biggest supporters since my first timid steps behind the decks in 2020. I have eternal gratitude to them, and for being part of this incredible collective. I was more into the idea of producing before I started to DJ, so I started playing around with Ableton and just teaching myself and releasing little tracks on my Soundcloud and continuing to release. With DJing, I learned when I was working at Rinse FM out of uni and then just started doing gigs and then a monthly slot on Netil Radio — I’m often DJing here at Superstore, which is always my favourite place to play cus of the energy and the relentless queerness of it all.
In three words, can you describe the SH3L sound?
Bouncey, flirty, meow.

We have loved your releases for Family Drama and 51-53. Is there any new music coming out in the future?
Thank you babes! There is indeed hehe – I have a fun, rave-y, sugary 2-track release coming out on Super Drama Records this summer EEEK (w/ a remix)
In your honest opinion, what sets London apart in the queer party world, and who are your most iconic LDN dance music hunnee’s right now?
The community-driven energy and the people. There’s this amazing will by people in the scene to kick back against this phenomenon of disappearing spaces, who’re carving out more and more of these DIY-type raves and giving the queers what we need. London party-goers are also often more open and sillier than a lot of other places. That’s what I really like about the queerness of East London particularly – the playfulness and experimentation to everything. Favourite LDN dance music hunnees have got to be some of my girls across Techno and House:
Bessie Mae & DJ OT who run Tech Couture (slamming, groovy, sexy techno night / platform!)
Paige who runs Night Service and is a total babe
Daisy Henshall – diva who recently started Get Sexy – a new sleazy, hot house-y party at SET
Debbie probably my favourite DJ atm slaying all the dancefloors
Reece Spooner – incredible DJ and is bringing back his party FIASCO
Ratty Bye Bye – best friend, incredible dancer and hostess with the mostess!
Super Drama OF COURSE!

Tell us your top three party starters right now!
Camille Jones – The Creeps
Jansons ft. Dope Earth Alien – Hypnotic (Extended Mix)

Visionmasters – Keep on Pumpin’ It (feat. Kylie Minogue) (Angelic Remix)
What do you love about playing at Club Tantrum?
The love and the silliness of it all – it’s pure gag city! For me, having started really DJing through Club Tantrum, it always feels like a really nice family at-home kinda vibe. I love playing downstairs ‘cus it’s just the best basement, intimate, steamy kinda party always. And a certain someone always goes heavy on the smoke machine ;), which I love – I don’t wanna be able to see ANYTHING ! And the bass is always bumping. I love being a part of a roster where the DJs always just really bring it. Aside from the DJs, the dancers are a huge part of it, and I love how upstairs is always a throbbing extravagant scene as soon as you arrive. Between upstairs and downstairs you can have it all. It’s a hunni’s paradise, really.
Any juicy goss you can let us in on about plans for summer ‘24?
I recently scored a runway show, so there may be some more of that this summer… Along with more gigs and the Super Drama Records release! And hopefully a beachy getaway in there somewhere between festivals x

Thanks so much for this gorgie Q&A Sh3l!!!!! Catch the absolute babe playing all nite long at Club Tantrum in the lazerpit from 10pm-3am this Saturday!!! We can’t get over this iconic meauxment!!!

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Club Tantrum: Q&A with Sh3l