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Crystal Castles: A Memoir

Crystal Castles: A Memoir

At this Friday's laser basement party, Shake Yer Dix resident DJ Michael Kelly will not only be getting everyone gay for synth, but also a tad emosh about the recent Crystal Castles split with endless records by them all throughout the night. Ahead of the party, he runs down his five fave records by the duo and why he's so sad to see them go...

By Michael Kelly

1. Suffocation


The time I saw them at Latitude thinking, "Oh the mostly quite old people here won’t want to watch Crystal Castles," and then I had to beat a hasty retreat to the back after being kicked and punched by some feral 14 year-olds and possibly my grandma, and I ended up at First Aid wondering why I hadn’t gone to the poetry arena instead.
2. Pap Smear

Reminds me of the time I got a urethral swab at the Royal London and Pap Smear was playing in the background.

3. Year of Silence 

It brings back that one time I lured someone back from Ghetto and I lived communally, and my musical sexual preference is definitely silence, but this guy really liked music and I decided it would have to be something bleak so thanks Ethan and Alice your songs Courtship Dating and Tell Me What To Swallow have never seemed more appropriate.
4. Trash Hologram 

All those times I’ve never played Trash Hologram even though I really fucking like it but I didn’t know if you’d dance to it and I’m playing it this Friday and I don’t care if you dance or not.

5. Baptism  

All those times I’ve played Baptism at Shake Yer Dix and you fuckers went crazy.
Thankz, guys.
Join Michael Kelly at Shake Yer Dix this Friday 17th October in the Superstore basement with Laurence Del Ray from 10pm - 3am.
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Crystal Castles: A Memoir