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Seize the means: Staff Trans Healthcare fundraiser


Dalston Superstore presents our annual staff healthcare fundraiser for Trans Day of Visibility, with all proceeds going to Superstore staff gender affirming funds.

We need to relinquish the idea that visibility is positive in and of itself. The hyper visibility that trans* people have experienced in the past decade has left us increasingly vulnerable to violence from both the public and the government while continuously being neglected by social services, including the NHS.

The increased exposure of trans* people has not improved our access to gender affirming health care. Rather, we are left hanging with an expected waiting time of more than five years for an initial appointment at the Gender Identity Clinic.

Fundraisers and privatised health care should not replace the public healthcare system but for most trans* people, this is currently our only option. Thus, health care becomes a matter of proximity to privilege. We as trans* people should get to define for ourselves whether and how we choose to transition; medicially, legally and socially.

On this Trans Day of In/visibility, we encourage you to seize the means of medical transition; to redistribute resources, including but not limited to money, HRT, and knowledge. Dalston Superstore is throwing a fundraising party to support gender affirming health care for our trans members of staff.

This party centres trans* people, medicalised and otherwise.

We’ll be taking donations on the door and inside all night, come open your hearts and wallets in support of trans* healthcare.

Minimum Donation £7.

Door Policy

Dalston Superstore is a queer space. We prioritise our LGBTQIA+ customers and will sometimes ask our straight & cis allies to support us by not taking up room in our venue. Please be conscious of who this space is intended for and be respectful. Never assume sexuality or gender identity. We will never ask personal questions on the door.

Low/no income access
We reserve limited spaces for those who cannot afford the standard ticket price due to being on low or no income. Please email hello@dalstonsuperstore.com to enquire.

Full venue access info is available here

Seize the means: Staff Trans Healthcare fundraiser

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Seize the means: Staff Trans Healthcare fundraiser