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Transmissions presents: DESIGN FOR LIVING (1933)

For our April season at Transmissions, we’ll be exploring the mechanics of the triangle, and looking at what happens when there’s love to go around.
In Three’s Company: Polyamory, Throuples, and Unethical Non-Mongamy we’ll take you on a journey from tenderqueer housing drama, to couples falling for a third, to steamy mind games, and women who just can’t choose between boyfriends.
It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt, or perhaps the hurt is being laid down by societal pressure and heteronormative ideas about what a relationship should look like?
Whatever the case, these cinematic trios never take the easy route, and you’ll want to be there for their every move.
On opening night we’re serving up a pre-code classic from Ernst Lubitsch about a crazy gal and her two pals, Design For Living (1933).
Can a modern woman really have it all?
And if she wants one man just as much as the other, does she really have to choose?
Come find out when we screen a surprisingly modern film from a time before the word “polycule” began plaguing our every waking moment.
We’ll be deep in the warm embrace of the basement at Dalston Superstore, ready to invite you in.
“Immorality may be fun, but it isn’t fun enough to take the place of one hundred percent virtue and three square meals a day.”
Tickets available via OutSavvyhttps://www.outsavvy.com/organiser/transmissions
Subtitles will be displayed throughout the film.
Seating is a mixture of benches, backed chairs, bar stools, and floor space, and is first come, first served.

Transmissions presents: DESIGN FOR LIVING (1933)

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Transmissions presents: DESIGN FOR LIVING (1933)