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Fyi Chris

Fyi Chris

For the next instalment of our favourite disco freakout Mince, we've recruited special guest DJs FYI Chris! The Peckham locals have been causing ripples across South East London for a good few years now, and with releases scheduled on the Rhythm Section and Church labels in the next couple of months, 2017 is looking to be a big one for the boys. Known for eclectic sets that move from dusty house to deep grooves and chuggy disco, it's high time we welcomed them to unleash a tropical storm on our lazer basement. We caught up to chat tune-writing, musical influences and plans for Mince!

Hi FYI Chris! We can’t wait to have you soon for Mince at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a little about yourselves?

W: I'm Christopher Watson, I work at Rye Wax when I'm not making tunes :D

C: I'm Christopher Coupe, I post records for labels' Bandcamp pages when I'm not making tunes or working at Rye Wax.

How did you two meet and begin making music together?

W: We met through mutual friends' after parties really. I was on the same Southbank course as Ned (Medlar) at the time and he moved in with Chris and so we'd chat about music and horrible pun jokes and theories about the neoliberal agenda and how fucked we all are for ages at after parties, y'know. Chris said he got an MPC and we kinda both learned how to use one together.

What’s your process like when it comes to making tunes?

W: It's pretty fluid, we're not precious and we revel in the sonic mishaps that come with chaining gear up. We kind of get either a sample or some kit or even a new pedal will kick off an idea and then we jam.

C: There is no set routine to how we start a tune. Depends what mood we are in or how much time we have. Sometimes one of us will start an idea and we will finish it together. we have a quick workflow together so it keeps it fun this way.

You’ve released music on Peckham-based labels Church and Rhythm Section as well as working at South London institution Rye Wax – how much has your involvement in the Peckham music scene influenced your sound?

C: I think we have been really lucky to be involved with everyone doing their thing in South East London. Im not sure how much Peckham influences our sound but the whole scene gives us a sense of community.  There’s a lot of inspiration when you get to work around so many talented people.

Who have been your biggest musical influences?

W: Prince, Leonard Cohen and RZA probably

C: There is a load! Buckwild, Moodyman, Mtume to name a few.

What is the weirdest / best gig you have ever played?

We played in an old courthouse in Bristol in the jury box which was pretty mad – too much gin as well.  Any time we have Played Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh we’ve always had a hoot!

We’re a month into 2017 now – what’s been your favourite release of the year so far?

Gotta shout Jumping Back Slash on COTCH international. Top!..We are also really digging Z Lovecraft - The Creator on No Bad Days and the new Kaidi Tatham on First Word Records. 

What records aren’t leaving your bag at the moment?

W: Newest Soundstream is lit!

C: Your Planet Is Next - Do You Wanna Freak! This one's definitely gonna get pulled out at Mince on Friday!

Any exciting plans in the pipeline that you can let us in on?

We have a bunch of EPs coming out over the next few months on Rhythm Section & Church. Plus we have just launched our own label with Rye Wax homie Tom Unlikely.  keep an eye out for some more West Friends news soon!

In five words or less, what are you planning to unleash at Mince?

 A dangerous amalgamation of gyration.

Catch FYI Chris at Mince this Friday 10 February from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

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Fyi Chris