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Gay Bingo

Gay Bingo

The final ever Gay Bingo at the Hackney Empire is almost upon us and we're lucky enough to have all three ladies... John Sizzle. Jonny Woo. Ma Butcher. all spinning records here at Dalston Superstore for the official Gay Bingo Afterparty! As well as interviewing the trio about their 10 years together we've managed to get our mitts on a pair of tickets to see the last show and free entry to Dalston Superstore afterwards!! 

For your chance to win email hello@dalstonsuperstore.com with the correct answer by noon Wednesday 23rd October

*only the winner will be contacted

Where is the very last Gay Bingo taking place?

a. In a Galaxy Far Far Away (The Galatic Empire)

b. The Hackney Empire

c. Empire Cinema, Basildon

And now, over to those wayward ladies of bingo...

How did Gay Bingo start? Whose idea was it and what grotty dive did you first hold it in?

John Sizzle: It is nothing to do with me... I was only ever in it for the prosecco rider.

Ma Butcher:  We started in a backstreet bar in Brixton that I was doing the PR for that needed brightening up on a Sunday night and I thought Madam Woo and a few rounds of bingo would do the trick.

Jonny Woo: What makes you think The Brixton Bar and grill was a grotty dive… we are classy ladies. The jury is out on whose idea it was.


Jonny: Artistic differences.

Sizzle: 10 years darling... that's a holy hell of a lot of shows. What do we reckon girls? It's easily 200 shows right?

Ma: And you can only do so many 69's… We wanted to leave the punters wanting more.

You're famed for your fabulous accompanying Gay Bingo photoshoots. What's been your favourite one of years each and why?

Jonny: I always love our calendar shoots with Shoreditch House by Magnus Hastings. The one for the electric for halloween is my favourite. 

Sizzle: We just did our final ever one for I-D magazine, which featured us in a couple of familiar set ups.

Ma: Blue Cocktails are always a favourite prop whatever the location.

Gay Bingo at Shoreditch House

What's one perfect GB moment you'll be remembering and rehashing even on your deathbed?

Sizzle: Hey, big spendaaaaarrrrrrrrr!

Jonny: It's yet to come, our Rasputin is going to be epic at the Hackney Empire.

Ma: Ring Them Bells.

Who's the best out of the three of you at bingo?

Jonny: I have never been to bingo.

Sizzle: I actually have been dozens of times with my Gran in Ireland... we used to get a 2 hour coach to Wexford!

Ma:  Never actually played it. LOL.

What can we expect from the finale at the Hackney Empire besides sequins, weaves and actual bingo?

Sizzle: Space rockets! Russians! Sluts! Laddered tights.

Ma: Avant-garde dance routines and big show numbers.

Jonny: See above. Artistic nudity.

What made the Soho Theatre your home for so long?

Jonny: All our residencies have lasted about two years. It was the perfect stepping stone to the Empire in terms of putting together a show.

Sizzle: It was a chance to reinvent the whole experience. It became a real show, like an improved play with a narrative arc.... and they gave me limitless prosecco.

Ma: Free cat food.

Gay Bingo at Soho Theatre

After 10 years together(!!) can you even bear to look at each other anymore? And what amazing projects will you each be doing next?

Sizzle: We've had our moments but believe it or not we do actually have a laugh together. I'll miss the creativity, but it's time Ma was put out to pasture and made into a handbag of something. Jonny has always dreamed of being able to read and write so I think he'll give that a go again. I'll just go live in Russia with the boo and open a pickle farm.

Ma: Actually, I'm opening a stall selling scented draw liners.

Jonny: I'm not sure yet. More big projects. New shows. My own bar with my boyfriend. Holidays in Gambia. Still deciding. All of the above.

How many outfit changes can we expect on the night?

Sizzle: At the last count there was 8...

Jonny: Between the three of us about 30, plus the dancers costume changes… how long is a piece of string?

Ma: To Be Confirmed.

And finally, a track from each of you that you'll be spinning at the afterparty that sums up Gay Bingo for you...

Ma: Rasputin by Boney M,  Sweet Transvestite and Kylie's All The Lovers.

Jonny: Spirit In The Sky.

Sizzle: Big Spender! The original Sweet Charity version... 'cos it is beyond gay.

Join Jonny Woo, John Sizzle and Ma Butcher for the Gay Bingo Afterparty here at Dalston Superstore on Friday 25th October from 9pm - 4am.

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Gay Bingo