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Hate Crime Awareness Week

Hate Crime Awareness Week

Hate Crime Awareness Week kicks off tomorrow and the folks behind it, 17-24-30 are joining us tomorrow night at Bust Yo Nut to help raise both money and attention to their cause. With Raf Daddy and Fidel in the basement, and Mistamaker and Mark-Ashley Dupé in the top bar, it's also a fun night too!!

Ahead of the party, we caught up with the good folk from 17-24-30 to find out more about what they're doing...

How and when did Hate Crime Awareness Week start?

The first Hate Crime Awareness Week took place last year and was launched with a historic event at a St Paul’s Cathedral. This was as a way of remembering all victims of hate crime and making people aware that reporting this was important. This was a build up from our Candle-Lit vigils that took place at the end of October for the past five years.

The first candle-lit vigil was organised on the 30th October 2009 in Trafalgar Square after the death of Ian Baynham, who died from the injuries he received when he was homophobically abused and attacked outside South Africa House.

In the space of two weeks, people from across our communities came together and organised a vigil that was attended by 10,000 people. It was amazing to see so many people standing together to say that hate crime is not acceptable in our communities.

What can we do locally to help prevent hate crimes?

Primarily, the most important thing is to look at ways at helping to promote work that is being done in your local communities or through your local councils, as well as reporting hate crime when it happens. The majority of hate crimes goes unreported, and this needs to change to help understand the true extent that hate crime affects your local area.

We are asking venues to decorate themselves purple and to work in partnership with local organisations, the voluntary sector, police and councils to promote the work that is being done to tackle local hate crime issues.

And what does 17-24-30 do to help prevent hate crimes?

17-24-30 represents the dates that the three London nail bombs were planted, 17th April - Brixton Market, Brixton,24th April– Brick Lane and the 30th April - the Admiral Duncan, Soho.

17-24-30 exists to look at how we can provide this ongoing support and facilitate the annual acts of remembrance on these dates. We keep channels of communication open with some of those directly involved in the attacks, and some of the family members of those who died – so that they are consulted and involved in what we do. We also liaise locally with people living in these areas now, working together with the local authorities to signpost support to those that need it wherever we can.

It is hoped that 17-24-30 will continue to encourage people across the Black, Asian and Gay communities to work with each other to develop local projects to tackle hate crime. We will continue to engage people through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, sign-posting local support services. Whilst at the same time building stronger links with local organisations, businesses and authorities so we can help them engage more local people and further the 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign.

What will you be doing with the money you're raising at Bust Yo Nut on Saturday?

We are hoping to raise £5,000 this year to share between five anti-hate crime charities/organisations including; 17-24-30, the Disability Hate Crime Network, Galop, Inclusion for All and Stop Hate UK. All of these work in the areas of Hate Crime and Bullying and is this current climate of reduced funding, will greatly benefit from additional funds to help their work.

Donations can be made directly via our Charities Trust Sponsor Me page:


Tell us more about the vigil you'll be holding...

We have the Special Act of Remembrance and Renewal at St Paul's Cathedral to mark the beginning of this year's Hate Crime Awareness Week 12-19th October, starting at 6pm on Saturday 12th October. We have solidarity vigils across the UK on Saturday 19th October, including in Brighton, Kettering, Norwich, Plymouth and Reading. We aren’t having a main London vigil this year as we are saving the money that it costs to provide fundraising for the five charities that are involved, and felt having several events across the week would help us reach further in our message of Hate Crime Awareness Week.

The lovely people from 17-24-3o will be present at Bust Yo Nut tomorrow night at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am. Please give what you can!

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Hate Crime Awareness Week