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By Rachael Williams

It’s time for another spangly edition of Les Poppeurs and not only are we donating a portion of the door and DJ fees to the fab Albert Kennedy Trust who support homeless LGBT teens in your city, but we’ve plumped for a b2b2b extravaganza happening in the basement! Prepare yourself for the unholy trinity of Jonjo Jury…. Terry Vietheer…. And Les Poppeurs resident Whitney Weiss! What’s better than cramming the three of them in a DJ booth all night long? Why, getting them to spill the tea on each first of course!

Jonjo: tell us a secret about Whitney…

She knows about the magical powers of eggs and she has a strange effect on the ladies but has many husbands.....

Whitney: tell us about the first time you met Terry…

The first time I met Terry, I thought he was the sweetest guy with the nicest smile (I know that sounds like a Sweet Valley High book or something, but seriously). Shortly thereafter, he played a wonderful version of a Tina Turner song that I love, fully cementing the excellent first impression he had already made.

Terry: what track do you really hope Jonjo plays?

Abba - Gimme Gimme Gimme

Jonjo: what's your fave time you've ever played on the same lineup as Terry?

It has to be the first time he got me over to play Club Sandwich with him and of course it ended up being a hot mess after both playing a brilliant set.

Whitney: what track everytime you hear it instantly transports you to a Jonjo-memory?

There are lots! Chemise’s - She Can’t Love You reminds me of champagne-soaked hugs at the end of his fabulous set at PATSY, a party I throw in Paris sometimes, so when I hear it now, it takes me right back to that glorious December night with him and Hannah Holland. I think we also had a moment to it at a Savage once, but that is a bit hazy as you know how Savage gets…

Terry- how would you describe Whitney's music taste?


Jonjo: This is your second time playing at Les Poppeurs, and maybe your five millionth time playing at Dalston Superstore... what are you gonna bring to shake things up a little?

I haven't played a basement pumper set for a while so I'm really looking forward to trying some new bangers out, and I'm sure our Jury-Weiss-Vietheer human centipede show will really get everyone gagging....

Terry: This is also your second time playing at Les Poppeurs! But last time you were being Whitney for the night. What are you gonna bring to actually be Terry this time?

Playing Whitney was like being a social butterfly and I didn't get to dance much. This time I will be on the dancefloor from open till close.

Whitney: Why are you excited about this b2b2b extravaganza with Jonjo and Terry? Can you articulate what's amazing about it?

I mean have you seen these two? Everyone would like to be in the middle of a b2b2b with such total hunks. Aside from the joy of being next to Jonjo and Terry all night long, our musical sensibilities are complementary, so it’s going to be a lot of fun (and also sass, and also house, and also disco). We’ve had a wonderful time at Club Sandwich at the YOYO together during our separate sets this past year and both Jonjo and Terry have been guests at Les Poppeurs before, so combining forces for a night of b2b2b seems like the natural progression.

What is your ultimate last track of the night and who do you think/hope out of the three of you will get to play it?

Jonjo: I'm such a sucker for Over and Over by Sylvester for family vibes hugs and kisses at the end of the night, this is ten min of pure joy happy clappy lurrrrve.

Whitney: As long as one of us plays Erotic City and we get to have a moment to it at some point during the evening, I'll be happy. ?

Terry: I think DJ Koze's extended disco remix of Låpsley - Operator would sound great to finish the night. I've played a lot of closing tracks so I will let either Jonjo or Whitney make this happen.

What dates/project do you wanna plug?

Jonjo: I'm playing a day party at Manchester Pride called Come As Yu Are, Festival No 6 and on 28th September I'm playing the Savage takeover of Pikes Hotel in Ibiza. Also playing Good Room in NYC for the Carry Nation boys… Can. Not. Wait.

Whitney: I'm excited to play in Marseille for La Dame Noir this August, looking forward to Les Poppeurs at Homoelectric for Manchester Pride, and delighted for fall dates in London, New York, Milan, and Paris, as well as the next PATSY.

Terry: I'm off to Berlin next weekend to play for my good friend Gloria Viagra's wedding party, which will be a lot of fun!


Join Terry, Jonjo and Whitney for their b2b2b basement extravaganza this Saturday 6th August for Les Poppeurs!

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