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Lindy Layton

Lindy Layton

Tomorrow night actual '90s legend Lindy Layton joins us at Body Talk alongside original clubkid Larry Tee (NYC) and residents Rokk and Tristan Reed at Body Talk! Ahead of the party, Rokk posed a few questions to Lindy about her time with famed British band Beats International and her subsequent solo career...

How did Beats International form and what memories stick out for you after the release of Dub Be Good To Me?

I actually went after Norman, I have always bought records and I had this white label of ‘beats’ which I found out was by one of the nerdy boys from The House Martins so I tracked him down in the hope that he would want a singer, he did and thats how it started. We went around the world about three times together… too many memories to think of one but we had a blast in Tokyo. I love Japan!!

Is it true that Beats International had a Graffiti artist on tour with you, spraying live? 

Yeah we took Req 1 the famous graffiti artist from Brighton around the world with us, every gig we played Req painted a piece. We toured with ColdCut and they took an artist too, so the boys would battle with their pieces, so cool.

What do your children think of your involvement with music?

My kids aren’t massively into music probably because they can never escape it, they’re only interested in skateboards right now.

What was your experience of London nightlife growing up and what music or people influenced you?

I was into hip hop as a kid, I hung with the boys that wrote graffiti and scratched records; I wasn’t your average girl. All I wanted to do was find tunes to mix. Something happened in the early '90s, all the rules were being broken, the doors flew open, and house music seemed to take over the hip hop beats and breaks we were using. Anything went and did.

You covered the lovers rock track Silly Games by Janet Kay and got Janet to sing on your version, how did that come about?

I signed a solo deal after our last with Beats International. I was a big lovers rock fan and Silly Games was an obvious choice for me but I only wanted to sing it if I had Janet with me, she was bang into it.

You have a radio show on Kane F.M. with your friend Mel Foster and you always seem to be bouncing of each other and having a good laugh, how long have you known each other and have you always shared the same taste in music?

Mel, my partner on Kane FM, is one of my oldest mates. We grew up in Twickenham and were both hugely into music and clubbing from about 14. I always thought was it normal for kids our age to be knowing all the lyrics to Public Enemy and Doug Lazy tunes... we have always been proper anoraks. 

What essential elements would a song need to make you dance to it? 

It's always a baseline, that’s the sex appeal.

What does singing feel like?

It tends to feel like a road home... that's as long as I'm in the right key. 

Join Lindy at Body Talk on Saturday 19th April at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Lindy Layton