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Nikki Lucas

Nikki Lucas

London DJ Nikki Lucas brings her new night Junction to Dalston Superstore next week with a weeknight evening of "heavy house sounds, real techno classics, raw soulful cuts, the deeper side of disco and dubbed out dancefloor workouts." A multi-genre night of dance such as this is worth rolling into work with a hangover for! 

We asked Nikki to pick her top London tracks for us, the songs that remind her of different times across the capital and why they mean so much to her to get an idea of what we can expect from Junction...

DJ Zinhle ft. Busiswa Gqulu -My Name Is 

DJ Zinhle brings down the house after rocking Miami at the Winter Music Conference. South Africa house is of the hook. I jumped off my seat when I clocked this video early this year.

Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes-Want You In My Soul (Original Mix)

Chilling with me misses with some deep soulful house…this is bliss making you melt away while drenching you soul... "I want you in my soul, your love to me is gold..."

Afefe Iku - Mirror Dance (Yoruba Soul Mix) 

Miss Bailey droping this at Future Fusion back in the day in Greek Street …ohhhhhhh.  A most deadly twelve with marimba motif’s and swinging Yoruba house rhythms. "We are the sons and daughters of the dance revolution."

Kebekelektrik - War Dance  

Just come back from Italy after finding this in a sales bin... Hitting the decks with this in me club Bitches Brew downtown in Shoreditch way back.

The Aztec Mystic - Jaguar (Knights Of The Jaguar)

Timeless piece of music with Detroit Underground Resistance supersonic revolutionary warriors The Aztec Mystic drop their spellbinding dance-floor frenzy for the masses sweeping you with riveting strings building into magnificent intensifications. This was Soho on a Friday night.

Geoffrey Oryema- Kei Kweyo (The Outlaw demo dub by Joaquin Joe Claussell)

[Listen Here]

Aye, a perfect tune… just listen. Sacred Rhythms brings us on a journey through the macro cosmos with Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell reworks and orchestrated arrangements, a higher universal language he brings, from the bottomless oceans to the peaks of the tallest mountains, Spiritual Life it is. A sonic force is flowing in the air.

Freaks & 012 - Conscious Of My Conscience (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

An awesome remix of Womack & Womack's Conscious, this is slowly becoming a Future Fusion classic. "Conscious' what I want to be Free ... Free just to try to be me."

Carl Bean - I Was Born This Way 

"I'm walking through life in nature's disguise,

You laugh at me and you criticize,

'Cause I'm happy, carefree and gay"

Picked up this tune in Honest Jons records, dropped the needle on the record full blast… and all the customers laughing and shouting YES Nikki you was born this way. Ladbroke Grove at its best!

Fela Ransome-Kuti –I.T.T

I was blessed to be involved with the Shrine in London and working with Tony Allen. ‘ITT’ International Thief Thief! derides corrupt Africans leaders who are put into power as puppets of foreign companies and European interests to carry shit causing inflation, confusion and oppression. With its message we must fight them bastard motherfuckers and refuse to carry their shit. This is revolutionary music of the highest degree, Music Is a Weapon. Drop this and the dance floor explodes.

Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda

This is one of my most treasured piece of music in my collection. Transcendental jazz to play as the sun is rising while driving home across London Bridge from a gig.

Nikki Lucas brings her new night Junction to Dalston Superstore on Thursday 22nd November from 9pm - 2:30 am.

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Nikki Lucas