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Mouth to mouth

The latest edition to our rotation of Thursday night thumpers is Mouth to Mouth, the three-way brainchild of A Boy From Outer Space, Joe Roberts and Nick Powell! With a beyond-impressive combined CV which ranges from House of Trax to Field Maneuvers and our very own Uncontrollable Urge, this new Thursday night rave will have you crawling into bed way past your usual weeknight bed time! Their strong focus on early nineties house, hi-NRG disco, electro and rave and a distinctly queer ethos have got us very excited to see this baby grows. We caught up with residents Sadie, Joe and Nick to chat top tracks, party politics and, well, making out!

Hey Mouth to Mouth DJs! Can you each tell us a bit about yourselves for those who don’t know you yet?

NICK: I’m Nick, ex-resident of musically-maximalist Sunday funday get-together, Blogger’s Delight, and then of vogue, house and booty-bass monthly party House of Trax. I’ve been playing out since doing Bugged Out! and Fabric in my teens, and also love to do more experimental/ambient sets, warming up for less dancefloor-orientated gigs…

SADIE: I’m Sadie, a lover of early ’90s rave and hardcore, new beat, synth-pop,  Jimmy Somerville, being true to yourself and anything above 130bpm.

JOE: I’m Joe. You may know me as a resident of Superstore’s weekly Wednesday party Uncontrollable Urge, from my previous incarnation as an editor of a dance music magazine or as a frequenter of too many East End after parties from 2007 until…

Also one half of Field Maneuvers residents Local Group, purveyors of garage, hardcore, jungle and other things that go bass in the night – we have a monthly Strange Loops radio show on Music Box Radio.

How did the three of you come to be throwing a party together?

JOE: I met Nick through Violet, wonderful Portuguese DJ, producer, co-founder of Radio Quantica and muse of Donatella Versace, while she was still living in Dalston. We all DJed together at a pub by Victoria Park and when the night was over it transpired we’d drunk all our rider and all our wages too. Naturally, I invited Nick to play at a party off-shoot of another of my radio shows, Ecstasy Garage Disco (also on Music Box Radio), and it spiralled again, but this time in a different way.

NICK: This was at Wunderlust in Deptford, where Sadie’s beautacious ways entranced behind the bar. We got chatting and natural energy got us wanting to throw a fun and free-lovin’ gay partay in a less manufactured, less economically demanding way that many events seem to be headed.

SADIE: Since moving to South London a year ago I’d always been thinking, ‘Where are the gay parties in SE London?’ There are a plethora of queer people in SE and I’ve always wanted to put on a rave for queers in SE, then the universe brought me the perfect people to do it with. As a queer South-Londoner gagging to be free on the dance floor and dance to incredible music in my endz, within the first magical conversation I had with Nick (at EGD) we’d decided we wanted to throw a party together with Joe.

What is the concept behind Mouth To Mouth?

SADIE: Music to thrust hard to in a dark place.

NICK: Mouth To Mouth is about doing away with sexual boundaries, just as a good DJ does away with genre boundaries. The crowds are free to do as they please and whoever they please, in parallel with the DJ playing what they please. Music passes like kisses from mouth to mouth; passion reigns supreme.

JOE: Free your mind… and everyone else’s ass will follow.

Where did the name Mouth To Mouth come from?

NICK: The natural foregrounding of the sensual over the anything else. But mainly, not the Audion track.

JOE: It started with a kiss… never thought it would come to this. Whatever your identity, kissing is pretty much a universal good time. There are some also some pretty fetishistic close-ups of CPR on the web and it felt like we could breathe some new life into clubland.

SADIE: Kissing is my all time favourite hobby, second to mouthing off. 

Why did you choose Dalston Superstore for Mouth to Mouth?

JOE: Going to Trailer Trash from around 2007 to whenever it ended, the weekly party run by Matt Tucker and Dan Pope, two of the founders of Dalston Superstore, changed my life. It was at On The Rocks, now Basing House, which then was a ramshackle venue that was rammed from start to finish with nothing to do but get stuck into a heavy mix of electro, techno and early fidget house that nobody seemed to be playing anywhere else. Feeling I didn’t really fit in at (de facto) straight or most traditional gay venues, the mix of people there just made sense. It was about open-mindedness and not giving a shit about who or what anyone was. From there I met so many other people that I’m still friends with, Jim Warboy, whose Sabajaq party I’m also resident at, being one. Superstore is a continuation of that energy and attitude.

 SADIE: I’ve been having an amazing time at Superstore for years, and when I was first going could only have dreamt of playing there. Not having a particularly ‘gay’ community around me when I was younger it was difficult meeting people with similar sexual preferences, but Superstore is a haven for a variety of cultures, sexualities, genders and ideas, as well as continuously booking incredible DJs. Dreams can come true.

NICK: Dalston Superstore has definitely established itself firmly as a venue with unparalleled positive energy about it. It’s a space that people who are open-minded musically flock to.

If you could change anything about London’s LGBT+ clubbing scene, what would it be? 

SADIE: To be honest I think we’re doing pretty well, and it’s getting better in terms of music variation and parties in East London. Were working on the SE part. I do find there are less women at gay club nights. Perhaps I need to throw a lesbian warehouse rave.

NICK: The main thing that can’t easily be changed would be to lengthen the opening hours of clubs. It gets tiring having to leave a club at 3am, rather than 8 or 9, for example. Also, London is so big, it needs more clubs generally. South London in particular is full of gay boys and girls who have to travel for hours to let themselves go and be free. Also, being bitchy can be fun and part of gay culture – i.e. reading culture – but London clubs can just get so scene-y it’s a huge turn-off for many people. Many people do not go to the same club week in week out and therefore are not part of a scene, and are treated cuntily for this. Perhaps if there were more clubs to choose from the scene would be diluted and the atmosphere refreshed.

JOE: People of all nations, genders and sexualities dancing together, rather than in niche parties. When that happens, it’s the best. At the same time, I totally understand the need to be around people you identify with.

We love your artwork! Who is the visionary behind it?

SADIE: It’s me! I really like the abstract, surrealism and geometry. I love combining odd colours and forms, especially those that express free love. I’m always saying you have to listen to the universe and let it out from the unconscious, and thats hopefully what my drawings do. I think we should definitely talk about sex and sexuality more in order for us to all feel more comfortable with ourselves, our desires and our sex lives. It’s not a secret or anything to be shy about. All our bodies and genitalia are beautiful and I want us to all feel that from my drawings. You’ll definitely be seeing more of my work soon!

If you had to sum up Mouth to Mouth in one track, what would it be?

JOE: Divine – Native Love (Step By Step)

SADIE: Company B – Fascinated (Club mix)

NICK: Vicious Pink – Cccan’t You See


What records aren’t leaving your bag at the moment?

NICK : 1. Housemaster Baldwin feat. Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me (Medusa Mix) 2. Seydinah – A La Folie 3. Gay Marvine – Heaven

JOE: 1. A.Avenue – Golden Queen (I-Robots Reconstruction) 2. Bwana – Generation Nostalgia 3. Import 1 – Set It Off (Party Rock)

SADIE-  1. Shawn Christopher – People of all Nations (House Mix) 2. Transform – Transformation   3. Yazoo – Goodbye 70’s

Do you have any exciting plans on the go that you can let us in on? 

NICK: I’ll be supporting Tropic of Cancer and Demdike Stare at the Jazz Cafe at the end of May.

JOE: I’m playing at Sabajaq at the end of this month with Kim Ann Foxman and Catz ‘N Dogz which I’m really hyped about! We’ve also just started a monthly two-hour show on Radio Quantica, complete with weird, time-stretched affirmations and non sequiturs amongst dreamy downtempo, electro, house and rave. 

Catch Sadie, Joe and Nick at Mouth to Mouth this Thursday 6 April from 9pm-2:30am at Dalston Superstore!


Trax Couture Clothing

Party, record label and now clothing line House Of Trax has become an east London institution over the last two years with a reputation for bringing both underground and top US acts over to London for their debut performances and DJ sets. With the label now in full swing, promoter and resident DJ Rushmore (Matthew Thomas) now presents the apparel branch of what is quickly becoming a multi-faceted brand.

With the House Of Trax 2nd Birthday Party at Dance Tunnel just around the corner, we caught up with Matthew to discuss the new line and has kindly given us the (unisex) t-shirt shown above to give away in either a size M or L. Enter your details into the Google form below by 5pm Thursday 16th January to be in with a chance to win.

*Only the winning entrant will be contacted 

Plus check out this Alden Tyrell tribute mix ahead of the party at Dance Tunnel…

Okay, we’ll start simple… what clothing labels do you tend to personally gravitate towards? Whether in terms of ones you are attracted to or even wear yourself…?

Matthew Thomas: Ok so, local UK label Cottweiller is a firm base for clothing that I wear. They are friends of mine but I do massively champion what they do.

Certain pieces from streetwear staples like Supreme and Palace also.

I work for Puma so I tend to wear training wear, and some of their lifestyle clothing too, including fashion collaborations such as Hussein Chalayan and Mihara Yasuhiro. And currently for the last four years on my feet have predominantly been Puma.

Outside of that, basics from Uniqlo of course… as well as timeless staples including Alpha Industries, North Face. And then some more US bits and pieces from Hood by Air, DKNY, and Opening Ceremony…

I think that pretty much covers it all off. Old designer vintage pieces too as and when they come about… I am somewhat a hoarder so some of mine own vintage too! Haha!

So House Of Trax: from party to record label to fashion line. Is this a natural evolution or has it always been part of the game plan?

This has always been in mind from the offset. It was just more about finding the right time to take those paths really. We think a lot of it all goes hand in hand… and ultimately it’s an extension of our interest and personalities. So I suppose a bit of both then.

The HoT parties have previously had guests like Venus X of ghe20g0th1k who obviously has a strong sense of aesthetic- have these type of guests influenced the clothing line in any way?

I think she has yeah. There’s definitely an influence from the ghe20g0th1k culture for sure and what she has been creating and standing for in the US for some years now is awesome.

Any other guests that have had an impact on the line?

I mean another obvious one is MikeQ and the whole vogue scene in general, which is a massive inspiration to us as a sound and culture that we try and support and appreciate for sure.

The tshirts and baseball shirts seem quite unisex in their design- do you have plans to specialise into either womenswear or menswear or are you keen to keep it androgynous?

Yeah, the idea is to try and create something that can be worn by either gender really. No plans to specialise just yet. It’s still super early days and ideas are brimming right now. I think as time goes on naturally we will be able to produce more and wider variety of styles and graphic designs.

Trax Couture Unisex Tshirts

Can you tell us a bit about the lookbook- who shot it and what was the overall feel you were going for?

Ok, so the look book was shot by Cormac McGloin, whose work is really great, he got what we wanted. It was a simple studio shoot with the emphasis on the clothing and an attitude that we wanted to convey…

It was lightly inspired by early ’90s Versace and Moschino ad campaigns. Although, those campaigns were quite vibrant with colour etc, the aesthetic of ours is more black and white. It was more the layout and composition of the pages / shots and poses that were the inspiration.

We wanted simple portrait shots with obvious branding and character to prevail. That was the feel we went for.

And how would you sum up the attitude you wanted to convey? The ethos of the brand?

I think the attitude of the brand is proud, fun and ballsy with the will to do different things, things that haven’t been done before…

At least from our perspective anyways.

Aesthetic is everything these days, with the underground feeding the mainstream (without publicly acknowledging it)… what’s your thoughts on that, and how do you intend to stay fresh and culturally relevant?

Yeah totally agree, especially with the internet and some of the massive corporate giants that can turn things around quite quickly… from catwalk to high street before the couture brands hit their own stores you know… It’s changed. A lot…

I think the main thing is to have a unique identity and having a point of view is also a good start. I mean, if that’s all genuine then your definitely not bandwagon-jumping. Time is the truest test in some respects.

Although even in today’s market things can come and fade away without people even realising. It needs to be combination of differentiation and the right amount of exposure and then acknowledgement… for the relevance piece… but as I just said, I think if you’re a certain type of person / have genuine ideas, then they will continue and last and you will build up from what you believe in.

I think that is what will keep something relevant and fresh… coupled with the will to evolve.

That’s a bit deep haha.

No it’s great! So let’s talk about the parties.

YES Parties! How fun are they! So much fun!

They’re renowned for bringing over a lot of key US artists to London for their debut. Who was the most difficult to pull off and why?


Maybe logistically speaking…?


So Deejay Earl was a tricky one because we had work certificate issues. He was stuck in Paris with like three hours before the show, and I had to pull a few last minute strings to get it all sorted for him and his dancer. They made it – it was all good and they put on a sick show.

And they’re both dudes!!!

That was a funny one… Another historic one was DJ Assault in February this year. He stayed at my house for a week.

I was just about to ask who was the most memorable!

He’s a ghetto legend.

Would you say he comes under MOST MEMORABLE GUEST EVER?

It’s a tough call between him and Tyree Cooper to be honest.

Why was Tyree memorable?

He’s just a straight up OG and fucking legend! Hands down.

From the moment we meet him at the airport, to the moment we dropped him back off, it was a pleasure all the way. So hyped to be hanging with him again in January.

We just hung and talked old stories, all of his stories obvs… talked old music, Dance Mania, shows…

And he’s the guest you have in store for your Dance Tunnel date?

Yeah him and Alden Tyrell this month…

Tyree and Tyrell.

Nice little ring to it eh?


It’s gonna be madness. Okay, last question.

Where and when can we get some House of Trax t-shirts?

You will be able to cop them directly from our website as of now. Possible other outlets soon.

Join Matthew Thomas aka Rushmore for the House Of Trax 2nd Birthday on Friday 17th January at Dance Tunnel from 10pm – 3am.


Ahead of Saturday’s Body Talk, special guest CVNT TRAXXX dropped this hot mix on us! Featuring tracks from Vjuan Allure, Rushmore, Roxy & Ride Commitee and more, it’s destined to get you pumped for the party! Resident DJ Rokk joins him in the laser basement whilst upstairs Tristan Reed and Alejandro Acensio bring their special blend of original house, Kentucky fried funk and slippery soul. 

The Fog – Been A Long Time (CVNT TR4XXX Mix) 
Craig ft Dajae – Mary Mary (Bok Bok Vocal Reconstruction) 
Kelela – Guns & Synths
Rushmore – Bitch Please
Get Em & Sugar Shane – Move To The Light (Acapella) 
Zanojin – Passenger Side
Auntie Flo – Zulu Death March (Weep Weep)
Trumpet & Badman – Go!
Roxy & Ride Committee Get Huh (Kutz Mix) 
DJ Haus & Dedboi – Slip’n’Slide
Vjuan Allure – The Urge
Get Em & Sugar Shane – Move To The Light (Serving Ovahness Remix) 
Lil Mo Ying Yang – Reach (Erick Morillo Remix) 
Roxy & Ride Committee – Synthetic (CVNT TR4XXX Catwalk Mix) 
Rokk Feat Dean Atta – Young Black Gay (Digs BloodSugar Remix) 
The Joy Boyz – Pass It On
Harddrive – No Cure

Listen to more CVNT TRAXXX:

Join CVNT TRAXXX at Body Talk this Saturday 19th October at Dalston Supertstore from 9pm – 3am.

Young Black & Gay

By Niall Connolly

As is tradition here at Dalston Superstore, we like to get the lowdown on acts we have coming up here (or at Dance Tunnel) with an interview or some kind of feature/article for the website. However, this time we decided to flip the script. I’m the special guest at this Saturday’s Body Talk party,DJing house and ballroom under my CVNT TRAXXX guise, and as a regular contributor to the DSS website, I have already been interviewed here

So instead I’ve turned the tables and interviewed Body Talk’s own resident DJ Rokk, who has just released the director’s cut video for his own track YBG (Young Black & Gay) as Rokk with Dean Atta. The track features a spoken word vocal from Atta about the tribulations of being, yes, young, black and gay, so I took the chance to quiz Rokk about the new video edit and the message behind the music. 

Rokk feat Dean Atta – Y.B.G. (The Directors Cut) from Rokk on Vimeo.

What was the inspiration for the video? 
Visually I wanted to keep it simple and respect the lyrical content to ensure the message was delivered loud and clear. Late ’80s, early ’90s videos by C&C Music factory, The Cookie Crew’s Gotta Keep On and Wee Papa Girl Rappers Heat It Up all featured a freestyle dancing that I wanted to capture and they all had a certain attitude. It was important to for me make sure it was enjoyable to watch, that it had atmosphere, free from product placement and sexualised imagery and that it contained people who were actually affected by Dean’s poem. 

It looks great – was it a long shoot/edit process? 

We shot the majority of the footage in one day and any bits that we missed I shot in my flat mates bedroom. Everyone in the video gave their time freely and so with that comes a very hectic schedule, time management is key. Some people could commit to a whole day others to just an hour or so, so it was a challenge to make the most of everyone within their individual time frames. The edit took a while and was unfortunately delayed due to a few shall we say differences of opinion from the label that resulted in me feeling a bit disillusioned. so I insisted that we released a directors cut if I had to compromise. I wouldn’t say that I’m an editor but I do edit and I enjoy it. They wanted a ‘Music Video’ whatever that meant and I wanted it to be anything but that. In hindsight it was worth it because I now have an edit that I’m 100% happy with. 

Where did you film it and where was it edited?

We shot the footage at The Oval in Bethnal Green, just before it started to take off as an event space in February 2011. It was a very cold day too. Thankfully we’d brought some extra heating and some hot food to keep us warm. By the end of the shoot the ground outside was covered in a thick layer of snow. We shot the video with an edit in mind which made it easier to edit and I finished it at home.

How about the song itself, what was the inspiration for the track? 

Dean Atta’s poem is the inspiration for the song. He sent me his album which included an acapella track called Young, Black & Gay and at the time I was working on a photography project about people of colour who defined themselves as gay, so I was particularly in sync with his bold statement. I must have listened to it 20 times on first hearing it. I was extremely moved by his honesty and fearlessness and that encouraged me to do something. 

The weight of his words needed to be presented to a much wider audience and so I thought the easiest way to do that was to put it to music. So I just started to play about with the vocal over some beats and it evolved quite quickly. I wanted to let the words speak for themselves so the music had to be stripped back just enough to sonically support his statement without the message getting lost. Musically, my inspiration came from the early days of dance music, namely house and disco when people would create music to send messages of love and unity to people who were not considered part of mainstream society, specifically other than white and other than heterosexual. It was and is about spreading love and empowerment through music. 

Have you had any strong positive reactions to the track and its message?

Everyone that’s heard it loves it, the response has been amazing and so I’m happy. I was less than pleased but not that surprised at the lack of interest from the mainstream gay press. Out of fifteen gay publications only one reviewed it. But that’s another issue. 

Do you think it is easier or harder now for young black gay people than it was, say, 20 years ago? 

I think it depends on where in the world you are and what your particular circumstances are. In this country we still have an uncomfortable bed of institutionalised racism that hampers a lot of progress and surprisingly within our own community, if we actually have one anymore. And there is the sexual appropriation of people of colour to deal with and many cultural stereotypes still to dismantle. Religion also plays a big part for some and often creates a familiar ostracization which continually makes desert islands out of us. Being anything other than the norm these days is difficult and I think always will be, but as Dean states  “We ain’t there yet but we’re gonna be.”
What can we expect from your set at Body Talk?  

Some good shit!! Haha, I play what I feel so I don’t know yet? Erm, I will be playing vinyl and there will be no Gaga.

Join Rokk and Niall aka CVNT TRAXXX at Body Talk this Saturday 19th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Read more by Niall:

Trax Couture

This Thursday House Of Trax head honcho Rushmore joins us once more for another lesson in all things H.O.U.S.E. with Society. As one of the brains behind the hugely successful parties and now record label Trax Couture, we caught up with him to find out more about his fledgling label, the debut release from himself and more…

Congrats on the first Trax Couture release! Love the artwork, it’s really reminiscent of the Rap Colouring Book stuff- what was thinking behind it and who is the artist?

Hey thanks for taking time to talk. Glad your into the first release. The talent behind all of our artwork is co-boss and resident Fools. He’s a sucker for a good ghetto tinged illustration and Letraset, as you might be able to tell from the flyers. With all of the artwork and what we do with the House Of Trax parties, we reference early Chicago and New York house flyers which were done in a similar vein along with old UK rave flyers. We try to put or own H-O-T twist on things too.

Where do you plan to take things with the label?

Well as it’s a natural extension of the parties, we aim to put out as much music as we can by ourselves [Fools & Rushmore] and people who we’ve become close to through doing the nights. So that’s been the aim from the start. Then if we look at the clothing side then we just want to start with seasonal capsule collections in a very limited number and build from there. Who knows we might have our own totally self built label showing at fashion week and curating the runway music ourselves someday, haha!

What track from last year do you wish you’d signed?

Girl Unit – Ensemble. It was a track I truly rinsed last year and got such a good reaction every time. It would never have happened anyways, as we know those guys and was only ever going to get released on Night Slugs.

Who has been your biggest/most high profile supporter of the label so far?

Our biggest supporter, for us, with the label so far, has to be MikeQ. We’ve had him play at our first party last January and again since. Our first release contains a good portion of  tracks that are influenced by modern ballroom that Mike and his Qween Beat label make. It’s a great honour to have his support with a style and culture which he is a leader of, and we enjoy so much.

Besides yourself, what other artists can we expect to see releasing on House Of Trax?

So, without giving too much away you will definitely see a debut from Fools. We’ve lined up some remixes from previous House Of Trax guests. There might be one or two curve balls, maybe something a little different which you may not expect form us too! Don’t really want to disclose more than that right now… wouldn’t want to jinx anything! You will be the first to know when the time is right though!

What existing labels success do you hope to emulate?

Well the first label that comes to mind is Night Slugs. We’re good friends of those guys and have really enjoyed what they’ve done. They have completely built up their own sound within a family of their own. Bosses L-vis and Bok Bok have done an awesome job nurturing what they had and taken it to where it is now: a globally reputable label with really strong individual artists. We’ve been lucky enough to have their support since the beginning of Rhythm Talk and continued through to now with House Of Trax. We would definitely like to achieve that level of success though doing the things we want in our own way, only time will tell.

Tell us about the Trax Couture clothing line!

So, when Fools and I have ever discussed the idea of clothing, it was always in a collection type way. It was never just a case of lets just do standard logo T, it was always in an abundance of ideas which made it easy to decide to do a small collection, seasonally. As long as we were responsible with quantities then it could definitely work. We will retail it through our website, which is having a makeover before it launches. Regarding the concept for each season, it was quite easy for us envisage a starting point, with nearly two seasons pretty much designed. From there we can just evolve and develop each season, with a view to expand it too. So the easiest way for now to sum up the range it’s street wear, club wear, club couture, Trax Couture.  

You’re a pretty frequent guest, but in your opinion how does Trax Couture and Rushmore fit into Society?

Haha! Besides all of those words fitting nicely into a society in which we belong! Since Fools and I started running parties together, Rhythm Talk being the first and then now alongside H-O-T, I became friends with Kieran who runs Society. There are similarities in the music policy which can cross over and we’ve since played each others parties. I love playing at Society and Superstore in general as it’s always a great vibe and the people there know how to party too. So to sum it all up it’s a great appreciation between like minded friends and promoters.  

What ONE thing would you change about east London’s house music scene?

The one thing I would change is for there to be more adventurousness.

Sum up Trax Couture in 3 words…

“Bitches ( you better ) be ready” Kind of cheated no that one haha.

Join Rushmore for Society Presents Robert Owens at Dalston Superstore this Thursday 31st January from 9pm – 2:30am


Rushmore returns to Superstore tomorrow to play Society Presents Robert Owens. Having been a previous guest at the launch of Banjee Boy Realness, and with his own night House Of Trax being the talk of the town, we thought it high time to catch up with the man himself and even get our mitts on an exclusive mix! 

Are you named after the mountain or the movie?

Haha! Neither, I first learned to make music on Rushmore Road in Clapton. 

What’s the scariest tune you plan to play at the Halloween Society party on Thursday?

I’ve got an exclusive Icy Lake refix by a Night Slugs friend which is pretty spooky and also a special little edit of something I have done myself.

You’ve had some amazing guests at your own party House Of Trax. Who’s been your favourite so far this year for whatever reason?

On the spot! It has been a great year for guests, but I would have to say MikeQ. He played our launch party back in January, which was special, and our most recent party too. He’s great all round DJ, Producer and a great guy. He will be back for us next year too. 

We also hear House Of Trax is expanding from a night into a record label- what’s on the cards for the first few releases?

Ohh… news travels quick! We haven’t really told anyone. Well our first vinyl release will be for end of November. That will be three tracks from myself. The second and third releases will be in the first half of next year. We can’t reveal who they will be from, but some very interesting projects and remixes indeed. There’s more than just the vinyl too!  

And finally, tell us a bit about the exclusive mix you’ve made up…

Well, I thought of it as The Rushmore Superstore… so I went on a shopping spree with some of my favourite tracks of old and new. An appetizing minimix to whet the palate for this week’s party. 


1. Love Juice Intro

2. Raze – Break 4 Love

3. Logic – Blues For You

4. Keri Chandler – Kong

5. Hardrive – Depp Inside  (Rushmore Reformed Mix)

6. Gerd – That NY House Track

7. Outhere Brothers – I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass

8. Westside Box Savants – House Program 808

9. Kingdom – Stalker Ha

10. Todd Terry / MikeQ – Samba (Ballroom Mix) 

11. KW Griff ft Pork Chop – Bring In The Katz  (L-Vis 1990 Dub) 

12. Green Velvet – I Want To Leave My Body

13. Lil Louis – French Kiss

14. Nomad – Devotion

Rushmore plays Society Presents Robert Owens this Thursday 24th October with DJ TLR and Josh Caffe from 9pm – 2:30am.

Josh Caffe’s Top 5 Banjee Boys

Batty Bass resident and Superstore favourite Josh Caffe launches a brand new night for the Bank Holiday weekend: Banjee Boy Realness! Along with Joe Robots from SOS and special guest Rushmore (House Of Trax), he plans to provide you with the necessary  intake of ballroom, UK house and hot banjee boys required for a long weekend. After Joe’s great mix, we thought we’d speak to Josh about his favourite banjee boys. Here’s his top five… 

Kurtis Blow Banjee Boy

Kurtis Blow – not gay but definitely has Banjee Boy credit plus the his name and album cover are amazing!

Cazwell Banjee Boy

Cazwell – original Banjee Boy – totally fearless with his lyrics and best mates with Amanda Lepore, schwerrrrk!

Frank Ocean Banjee Boy

Frank Ocean –  An amazing talent, who is definitely switching things up with Hip Hop  RnB, I salute his confidence and music.

Le1f Banjee Boy

Le1f –  Just watch the video for his track Wut. I hate to use the word ‘fierce’ but he has bucket loads of it.  Definitely one to watch. 


Zebra Katz Banjee Boy

Zebra Katz –  Bringing Banjee Boy Realness to the fashion pack (in a good way) – he represents what’s currently happening in the NY Vogue/Ballroom scene. 

 Josh Caffe plays Banjee Boy Realness on Friday 24th August with Rushmore (House Of Trax) and Joe Robots (SOS) from 9pm – 3am.

Banjee Boy Realness Mix

Later this month a brand new night comes to Dalston Superstore: It’s Banjee Boy Realness… Gold chains, snapback caps and Nike Air Max. Strictly Rhythm, ballroom and UK house. Swagger, attitude, and looking like the boy who mugged you.

And we’ve managed to get our mitts on a mix courtesy of resident DJ Joe Robots (SOS) for us to flex our biceps to…


Banjee Boy Realness Intro 
Babe Rainbow x 5kinandbone5 – Did You Knock [Unknown to the Unknown] 
Riffs –’Girls Attack [Rag & Bone] 
Disclosure – What’s In Your Head (Mak & Pasteman remix) [Greco-Roman] 
Squarehead – Girls [5ANDSEVEN Records] 
The Town – Pulse [ClekClekBoom] 
Marlon D – Jesus Creates Sound [Strictly Rhythm] 
Teeth – Percolator Meme [Sound Pellegrino] 
Ride Committee – Get Huh! (Kutz Style) [PHAT Records] 
Jordan Peak – Work [Robsoul] 
The People Movers – C Lime Woman (Farley & Heller Dub) [Stickman Records] 
Marble Players – The Machine [Marble Music] 
French Fries – Yo Vogue [Dirtybird] 
Tony Quatro – Out on the Floor [Bad Taste Records] 
Manaré – Down to Dis [ClekClekBoom] 
Kastle – Technique [CDR]

Join Joe Robots for Banjee Boy Realness on Friday 24th August from 9pm -3am with Josh Caffe and Rushmore (House Of Trax).

Photo credit: Bruce Davidson