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Douche bag

From the masterminds behind Shake Yer Dix comes Douche Bag: an alt-pop, faggy synth, trash guitar happening for happy east end homos! They’ve been shaking the foundations of The Star of Bethnal Green for five years now, and we’ve managed to wrangle them up our way for a special Douche Bag Superstore! We sat down with resident spinners Laurence Del Rey and Mikey XCX to find out just what they have up their sleeves for us.

Hi Laurence Dey Rey and Mikey XCX! We can’t wait for the premiere of Douche Bag at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a little bit about the party?

Douchebag has been playing trashy guitar, wonky pop and faggy synth in deepest Bethnal Green for five years now. It’s a fun, unpretentious night mixing MIA with Marina and the Diamonds, Christine and the Queens with Crystal Castles. Many bearded drunk men in vests and sultry smoothies attend.

Why did you choose Dalston Superstore as your new home?

It felt unfair to keep the fun all over there so we are bringing it a little west, then north a bit to you. We also thought ‘Douchebag Superstore’ sounded good. 

Who are the special guests you’re bringing with you this time?

Heidi Heelz is gonna be the mistress of ceremonies upstairs at our day-glo disco. She cut her teeth and several other things on the Brighton electroclash scene, but has lots of other strings to her bow… bassist in The Priscillas, DJ, graphic artist, minor indie celebrity hairdresser. She also has an amazing leopard print jumpsuit and we love her. She’ll be in charge of the cowbell disco upstairs fusing Blondie with The Cure with LCD Soundsystem with New Young Pony Club with Michael Jackson.

We’ve also shipped our delectable doorman Matthew Speeden Coombes over from Bethnal Green to oversee your entry. He’s a pro, he’s recently been starting to spin some tunes himself at Cybil’s House and he might even remove some clothes if you turn the patio heater outside the door up high enough.

Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for your artwork?

It’s an excuse to get men to take their clothes off in Laurence’s flat. The club’s a fun hot mess and so are the posters. 

If you could change anything about the gay clubbing scene in London, what would it be? 

Bring back gay metal nights.

Fave alt-pop track of 2016?

Technique by Mai Lan.

The track you wish you’d written?

I Get Around by Dragonette. For anyone who’s ever found their clothing on the bedpost, slipped back into last night’s dress and tiptoed out to the elevator.

What does 2017 hold for Douchebag?

Looking for a venue for NYE to start the year and holding out for another great Lana Del Rey remix.

Do you have any surprises in store for the first edition?

Mikey XCX will wear a black vest and try not to play On The Regular by Shamir three times after slurping one too many beers. Plus, we’ll be douching two floors for the first time so we’re looking forward to mixing things up and seeing what Heidi pulls out of her record bag upstairs…

Catch Mikey XCX and Laurence Del Rey at Douche Bag on Friday 16 September from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

Mchl Kelly

Mchl Kelly’s gay electroclash party series Shake Yer Dix has gained cult status over the past six years, having cruised the basements of Dalston before settling on Superstore as its spiritual home. In that time, he has welcomed guests ranging from pop princess Ronika to Yelle‘s GrandMarnier who have lit up the lazer basement with all kinds of synth-heavy nonsense! We caught up with Mchl Kelly to reflect on the last six years, and find out what’s in store next! 

Can you tell us a bit about how the first ever Shake Yer Dix came to be?

I listened to a lot of electronica at home and it was pretty danceable, a lot of my friends were listening to The Knife and Digitalism and stuff, but there weren’t any clubs playing it out… there seemed to be a lot of house/techno nights and a lot of pop nights, but something missing in the middle. So I decided to learn to DJ (well, sort of) and start Shake Yer Dix. The hardest bit was actually thinking of the name – me and my friend Susan spent an afternoon in Odd Café in the Northern Quarter scribbing things down like ‘Electric Is Danger’ and ‘Touch My Pony, He Really Likes You’ on a bit of paper.

How have you watched the electroclash genre change over the last six years of Shake Yer Dix?

I guess electroclash isn’t a thing any more, but there’s still loads of synth and electronic stuff from Digitalism, Tiga, Cut Copy, Simian Mobile Disco that’s still coming out… maybe some of the more jagged edges of stuff like Fischerspooner and The Rapture have worn off a bit. It’s never been a struggle to find something new to play which is always good. Guitars seemed to die a death around 2005, 2006 and I think electro filled some of that ‘alternative’ gap, but they’ve maybe regained a bit of ground the last few years.

How different does SYD look today than it did at the very first party?

Actually, it’s pretty much the same – hot synth geeks freaking out when Crystal Castles gets played. There’s a just a few more of them now than November 2005 when we started and about 35 people came down, it was the coldest day of that year!

You have had some amazing guests at Shake Yer Dix, who have been some of your favourites?

I really liked Bronco from Horseplay and Jamie Bull‘s sets, and Mother Club were super fun when they headed over from Dublin… and it’s been hot having an upstairs when we moved to DSS where the lovely Ronika can spin :)

If you had to single out a few highlights, what would they be?

The three guys who pulled their jeans down and did forward rolls onto the sofas in the basement of The Victory when we were there, our first Shake Yer Dix at The Star of Bethnal Green when the night went from being a pretty niche thing in the wilds of Haggerston to something a bit busier (our first ever queue!) And sparking a meltdown in the DSS lazerpit this year at SYD March, when I closed the night with Flutes by Hot Chip!

What is your number one track that sums up the last five years of parties?

It’s got to be Emerge by Fischerspooner, with an honourable mention to Shoes by Tiga.

What is the first electroclash track you ever fell in love with?

House of Jealous Lovers by The Rapture. I was going to a club called PIGS in Leeds run by the Kaiser Chiefs before they were the Kaiser Chiefs and they played this song I would freak out to every month… I had no Shazam or internet back then but eventually the track ended up being Single of the Week in NME, it sounded so amazing from the description I bought it without listening to it and got home and was like, oh it’s THAT song, WOW.

Your favourite SYD track of 2016?

Two Hearts by NZCA Lines and Night Owl by Metronomy which has literally just come out two seconds ago but I’m pretty sure will do well at the last SYD.

What surprises do you have in store for the final send off?

That would be telling, eh?

Where to next for Mchl Kelly?

I’m sure you’ll be hearing again from me soon 😉  – I’ll still be fighting with Laurence Del Rey to play as much synth as possible at Douchebag and I’ve started doing a guitary thing, Pink Glove which is fun for a change.

Catch Mchl Kelly at the final Shake Yer Dix on Friday 8 July from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore. 

Five Minutes with GrandMarnier!

By Michael Kelly 

We caught up with GrandMarnier from cosmic French electropoppers Yelle ahead of his VIP guest DJ set at Shake Yer Dix next week. He’ll be the filling in the lazerpit sandwich, spinning an eclectic set of electronica and a stack of other killer tunes he’s got hanging around. Plus there’ll be resident Michael spinning the night’s trademark mix of electroclash and nu-disco from the likes of Fischerspooner, Todd Terje, Cut Copy and Peaches. 
Upstairs there’ll be disco, eighties and espessso martinis with Hackney-based pop princess Ronika and hot mess Ruby Waters from Ridley Road Market’s notorious DRAG-E-OKE. So tighten that jockstrap, hoist those bangers up and perpare to shake yer dix, shake yer titz! Join the event here! We caught up with GrandMarnier to see what he has in store for us…

You guys are known for your amazing, colourful, crazy music videos… do you have a personal favourite?

I would say the last one we made, for our song Moteur Action. First because it’s 100% homemade with friends at home with zero budget, and also because of the idea of the edit itself, it’s a one and a half minute music video made of the original song and the remix version by SOPHIE and A G Cook! But I love them all, we give so much energy for every single video we make.

Which tracks are you shaking your dix to at the moment? Any guilty pleasures?

Very weird to say that but I would say the future Yelle songs, which we’re in the process of making right now. I don’t like the idea of guilty pleasures! It reminds me of this useless battle between mainstream and indie music, funny and serious music. As soon as you love something, it’s all fine, no guilt!

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anytime, anywhere, where would you choose?

I think I would be in the mid eighties at the Palace in Paris, when house music became something here.

We saw you guys crowdsurf at Village Underground (awesome gig!) last year… do you have any random crowdsurfing stories? Have you ever been dropped?

Oh yes. People try to grab your dick, your balls, your ass, as much as possible. So now I always go on the back! I have never been dropped. As soon as I see it’s less packed, I ask the crowd to follow me!

Madonna or Prince?


You’ve just been on a trip to Cuba after an action-packed 2015. Any tips if we head over?

So many tips actually but if I had one, I would suggest you to go the country side, in little villages. Everyone is so nice, everything is so peaceful, animals everywhere, very simple way of living. Very inspiring and relaxing

If you could collaborate with any artist, living or dead, who would you pick?

Kanye West so then I can write a book about him and it’d be a best seller.

Are there any favourite French artists or bands we should know about across La Manche?

It’s really different from dance music but everyone has to listen to Totorro.

Can you give us a sneaky idea of what you’re got in store for us at Shake Yer Dix?

I think I will play a lot of Yelle! I will make a giant Yelle smoothie to give yer dix some good energy.

Catch GrandMarnier at Shake Yer Dix on Friday 18 March from 9pm-3am.


Shake Yer Dix: Top Six Synth Bangers of 2015

By Michael Kelly

Shake Yer Dix resident Michael Kelly picks his top five synth disco belters of 2015 ahead of the final Shake Yer Dix of the year! It was gonna be a top five, but six rhymed nicely.

Learn these immediately and head down to Shake Yer Dix’s fifth birthday bash on Friday 20 November. We’ll be spinning hot geek synth and noughties electroclash in the lazerpit, with Ronika and Laurence Del Rey on 80s/disco/trash duty upstairs.

Plus! we’ll have some sexy cake robots stuffing premium baked goods from London’s finest American-style boutique bakery into your hungry mouths… slurp!


As Lauren CHVRCHES says, this is “the snidest, nastiest tune” on their awesome new album Every Open Eye. And also the most danceable. ANTHEM. And a side of vinegar for Ms Mayberry, thanks…


As Julie says and Kelly Clarkson didn’t, making ircles with your hips gets what you want, we suspect this might be about going on the game, but are unable to confirm until our French improves. Whatever, watching the video for this is the best fun you’ll EVAH have and the video is shot in an incredible 90s Sega Megadrive style. The drummers at 2:39 are pretty arousing too – watch with a handy cushion over your lap.


Dix loves a bit of angular, jerky, synthy guitar and this has done the business for us in 2015.

We defy you not to dance.


Crazysexycool dance track from JD Samson.

That’s right, JD Samson from Le Tigre.

It seemed to get lost somewhere.

But it’s orgasmic.




Eric’s turned a okayfineyeah-but-not-the-best album track into a brutal foot-stomping arm-waving banger. Thanks Eric.


A sniff of a Moonlight Matters remix always gets us moist, but this one got us drenched. It’s ripped up the Shake Yer Dix lazerpit loads this year. Crashing pianos, trashing synths and disco stylings… the only thing that could possibly improve it would be the addition of cowbells. But we think that about everything.


Catch Mchl Kelly and all of his synth bangers at Shake Yer Dix Fifth Birthday at Dalston Superstore on Firday 20 November from 9pm-3am!

The Shift

Now, now queens. If there’s anything we know, it’s that a party dedicated to Peaches is sure to be a lot more than your average night out. And so, for the upcoming Shake Yer Dix: Peaches Spexxxial we are pulling out all the punches. We are thrilled to welcome South East London’s queer-postmodern-gender-twisting-category-defying-glitter-encrusted drag troupe extraordinaires, The Shift! We caught up with the fabulous Josh to chat trailer parks, the Spice Girls and, of course, Peaches!

Hi! Can you introduce us to The Shift in a few sentences?

Hi Babes! Thanks for having us! Full of wit, panache and fizzy pop, The Shift creates an experimentally safe & open environment to infuse our Pop Performance Party Philosophy. We love sticky pop culture but also are keen to critique it at the same time. Simples.

There is a crazy-eclectic mix of characters in The Shift. How did you all come together?

I know a bunch of artists from all sorts of weird and wonderful places and when The Shift came together I individually singled them out, got them drunk and asked them if they would carry on doing what amazing work they do but just add a bit more sequin or a Paks wig to their proceedings and get on a stage in the back of a South East London pub.

We are very intrigued by your name! Are we talking cultural shift, gear shift, or just shifty behaviour in general?

So the name came from us wanting a night that was different from the burlesque, acoustic open mic & stand up nights that kept rotating round the local circuit. We wanted to SHIFT (pun intended) the idea of what pub performance could be and give people something different. We want, and still want to create safe spaces for people in the back of SE London pubs and elsewhere, shifting the idea of where you could go, what you can see and who you can meet on a Friday night.

This edition of Shake Yer Dix is dedicated to political punk dancefloor warrior queen, Peaches. What do you love about her?

Her aggressive glamour.

There seems to be a really exciting collision happening at the moment between club nights and performance art – where do you think this has come from?

There has always been a tight relationship between music, visual art, performance & fashion and its existence in nightlife. It seems that when people are completely dissatisfied with the powers that be, DIY art flourishes and comes together and manifests in the sweaty darkness of pubs & clubs. 

What does drag mean to you?


The Shift at Dalston Superstore

You have worked with artists from a variety of disciplines, and performed in quite a variety of spaces. What has been the highlight for you?

The highlight was filming in a trailer park in Hampstead Heath. I had got together a bunch of friends and performers for this mad idea I had to emulate a Beyonce music video. We turned up, partied, danced & had a great time, much to the dismay of the park inhabitants. It wasn’t meant to be a performance as such but those accidental spaces are definitely better than any stage.

If you had a time machine could perform in any space anywhere/anywhen, where would you perform? Would there be any special guests?

Events like the fall of the Berlin wall, or at the Stonewall Inn or even Studio 54 spring to mind but if it could only be one moment It has to be Spice Girls performing Wannabe at the ’97 Brit awards. And obviously we would be the special guests.

What does your perfect queer utopia look like?

Jack Halberstam is taught in school, Peaches is lord, pound shops reign supreme, glitter on tap, Katie Hopkins is gagged & Daily Mail becomes an ancient text of which we never speak of.

Can you give us a sneaky idea of what you have in store for us at Shake Yer Dix?

Well! Recently being on our travels just like Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road, we have managed to pick up outlaws  from everywhere and anywhere – from Latitude Festival, Edinburgh Fringe & The Valleys in Wales. So I’m not even sure what you can expect! What I do know, though, is you can expect more for your sweet tooth than humanly possible & so much aggressive glamour. 

Catch The Shift at the Shake Yer Dix: Peaches Spexxxial on Friday 18 September from 9pm-3am.

Hot Mess

By Hot Mess

What does a Hot Mess look like? They come in all shapes and sizes, although it’s fair to say the majority are kinda scruffy with facial hair and a suspicious bulge in their pants. A more interesting question is: what does a Hot Mess feel like? At our parties we’re trying to make people feel the following…

In no particular order: elated, excited, aroused, disoriented, joyous, heartbroken, invincible, overstimulated, enchanted, aroused – did I say that already? You get the picture.

Optimo’s JD Twitch said this when he played at the club in April this year:

Apart from the fact it’s an honour to be asked to play at Hot Mess, I enjoy playing there because it is one of very few club nights in Glasgow that is doing something different and that has built a true sense of community around it. It isn’t about booking big names guests to pull people in, but through hard work and simply playing great music that Simon truly believes in, it has become one of the most important and vital club nights in Glasgow and has inspired others to follow suit.

And here are five “What Does A Hot Mess Look Like” tracks:

The Galleria – Calling Card

The Galleria is a collaboration between NYC producer Morgan Geist (the man behind Metro Area and Storm Queen) and singer Jessy Lanza. It’s cold as ice! Super-sharp electro-boogie.

Nancy Whang and Audiojack – Like An Eagle

Nancy Whang has sung with LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean and she is great. This cover of a ’79 disco classic SOARS. God bless Nancy and her voice of glacial delight.

Christian S: The Power Of Now

 This is the definition of a solid banger. Arpeggios. Disco drums. Relentless. Kinda what it would have sounded like if Daft Punk had met Giorgio Moroder in 1993 rather than 2013.

Lena Willikens – Howlin Lupus

I wasn’t sure how this would go down when I played it, but it was welcomed on the dancefloor like an old friend. Dark, disorienting and deeply groovy. Last time I played it at Hot Mess it resulted in a total “taps aff” moment and much snogging.

Tom Rowlands – Through Me

Tom Rowlands is one half of the Chemical Brothers and Through Me is possibly my favourite 12” of the past five years. It’s so full of energy and demented glee! I usually accompany it with a strobe light overdose, which instantly lifts a hundred pairs of sweaty hands into the air.

Join Hot Mess on Friday 17th July for Shake Yer Dix at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Ronika X Jamie Bull

By Mchl Kelly


Ahead of our Shake Yer Dix Roisin Murphy special this Friday we asked guest DJ Ronika to pick her top five Roisin tracks – as well as grabbing five synth classics from HomoElectric’s Jamie Bull, who’s also on the decks this month alongside resident Mchl Kelly. Expect a high-protein diet of Roisin Murphy, noughties electroclash from Fischerspooner and Ladytron plus sick new synth from Simian Mobile Disco, Cut Copy and Vitalic this Friday down in the lazer pit… and don’t forget to pick up a copy of Roisin’s new album Hairless Toys, freshly out this week. We’ll definitely be blasting out some Exploitation and Jealousy.


…is a singer, producer and DJ hailing from Nottingham but now based in London. Her debut album Selectadic was named after Nottingham’s iconic independent record store which closed its doors for the final time in 2009. As if by browsing through the shelves themselves, it assimilates a crate-digger love of disco, hip-hop, house, R&B and electro-soul into Ronika’s effortless grasp of modern pop. We’re crazy hot for whatever electronica she’ll be digging out and you can be checkin’ on her at Ahead of Friday we asked for her top five Roisin tracks…


One of my favourite tracks off an incredible album. Beautiful melancholy vocals with squelchy funky acid bass and lyrics inspired by neuroscience.

Let Me Know

Roisin schooling everyone in ’80s boogie disco… and that video that turned her into a disco goddess.

Crookers – Hold Up Your Hand ft. Roisin Murphy

Mindblowing track! Fidgety bassline and stuttered beats with Roisin giving a badass vocal – when I first heard it I was like WTF is this. Of course it was Roisin.

Sow Into You

Funky and experimental little piece of brilliance from her first album.

Sing It Back

I couldn’t not mention this Moloko disco-house classic with Roisin’s jazzy hooks…


You’ll probably know Jamie from his association with the now-legendary HomoElectric, a polysexual club night born in Manchester in the late 90s, and then a London version five years ago. Jamie’s sets take inspiration from vintage disco, 80s synth pop, and the early 90s house sound, and has DJ’d alongside Todd Terje, Robyn, Little Boots and Roisin Murphy to name but a few. Outside of his HomoElectric residency he regularly spins at Dalston Superstore, East Bloc and XOYO.
Here’s his top five Shake Yer Dix classics:

Simian Mobile Disco & Beth Ditto – Cruel Intentions

This song hasn’t left my record box since it came out. It’s a great ’emergency classic’ when the dancefloor needs a quick boost.

Tiga – Burning Down

Early Tiga anthem and still one of his best in my opinion.

Soulwax – Another Excuse (DFA Remix)

Definitely a poppers o’clock moment. Eight minutes of throbbing sweaty joy.

Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)

Cut Copy made a super pop song super dancey.

Human League – The Sound Of The Crowd

Over 30 years old and still sounds like the future. Amazing!

Join Ronika and Jamie Bull this Friday for Shake Yer Dix at Dalston Superstore from 9pm – 3am.

Crystal Castles: A Memoir

At this Friday’s laser basement party, Shake Yer Dix resident DJ Michael Kelly will not only be getting everyone gay for synth, but also a tad emosh about the recent Crystal Castles split with endless records by them all throughout the night. Ahead of the party, he runs down his five fave records by the duo and why he’s so sad to see them go…

By Michael Kelly

1. Suffocation


The time I saw them at Latitude thinking, “Oh the mostly quite old people here won’t want to watch Crystal Castles,” and then I had to beat a hasty retreat to the back after being kicked and punched by some feral 14 year-olds and possibly my grandma, and I ended up at First Aid wondering why I hadn’t gone to the poetry arena instead.
2. Pap Smear

Reminds me of the time I got a urethral swab at the Royal London and Pap Smear was playing in the background.

3. Year of Silence 

It brings back that one time I lured someone back from Ghetto and I lived communally, and my musical sexual preference is definitely silence, but this guy really liked music and I decided it would have to be something bleak so thanks Ethan and Alice your songs Courtship Dating and Tell Me What To Swallow have never seemed more appropriate.
4. Trash Hologram 

All those times I’ve never played Trash Hologram even though I really fucking like it but I didn’t know if you’d dance to it and I’m playing it this Friday and I don’t care if you dance or not.

5. Baptism  

All those times I’ve played Baptism at Shake Yer Dix and you fuckers went crazy.
Thankz, guys.
Join Michael Kelly at Shake Yer Dix this Friday 17th October in the Superstore basement with Laurence Del Ray from 10pm – 3am.

Shake Yer Dix

By Michael Kelly and Johnny Kalifornia

Shake Yer Dix was born mostly from Michael Kelly primal urge to dance to electronica, specifically the likes of The Knife and Digitalism, somewhere other than his own bedroom…

The night started life on the coldest day of 2011 and minced around a few Dalston basements before upgrading itself to The Star of Bethnal Green, where superstars such as Charli XCX and Ronika guested. With a laid-back vibe and loyal crowd of electroclash junkies, it’s now in its fourth year and is reloading its weaponry with the move to Dalston Superstore with a heap of killer new trax from the likes of Cut Copy, Simian Mobile Disco and Hercules & Love Affair.

Totally gay for synth.

Michael’s Shake Yer Dix Top 5!

Michael Kelly 

Cut Copy – Meet Me In A House Of Love

I didn’t think Cut Copy could ever make something better than Lights and Music… I thought wrong.

Vitalic – Poison Lips

If Louis Vuitton made pounding, pounding French electronic music, it would probably sound like this. Genius. 

Beth Ditto – I Wrote The Book

Never fails to spark a dancefloor meltdown at Dix. Especially the extended Mark Picchiotti version… twice as much meltdown. Sticky.

Hercules & Love Affair – I Try To Talk To You

If you’ve seen the hot, beardy dancers prancing about in the video, you’ll understand. Awesome track.

Fischerspooner – Emerge

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Amen.

Johnny Kalifornia’s Shake Yer Dix Top 5!

Johnny Kalifornia

The Swiss – In The City

Featuring ‘party all night, sleep all day’ lyrics, with vocals by Lavina De Santoli, this strange hybrid of The Juan Maclean vs. 2 Unlimited actually werks! An irresistible call to the dancefloor.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven (Penelopes Remix)

I always approach a remix with caution but, thankfully, this update of The Cure classic is a triumph. The Penelopes drown the guitars and up the synths, creating a refreshingly kaleidoscopic take on this indie-pop gem! [click on the Soundcloud icon to download for free!]

Robyn & Röyksopp – Do It Again 

The return of Sweden and Norway’s ‘heads of state’ is a thrilling journey through ‘the build-the break-the build’ which can be applied to anything from dance anthems to nights out to falling in love. 

Natalia Kills & Peaches – Trouble (Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Remix)

Any track that rhymes ‘Trouble’ with ‘Barney Rubble’ is a winner in my book.

Ronika – Shell Shocked

Absolute ’80s throwback. Take the sound of early Madonna, combine with lyrics from the Robyn school of love & heartbreak, and you get Ronika. Also loving the new album Selectadisc, which has just been released. 

Join Michael and Johnny this Friday 13th June at Dalston Superstore for Shake Yer Dix from 9pm – 3am.