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What does a Hot Mess look like? They come in all shapes and sizes, although it's fair to say the majority are kinda scruffy with facial hair and a suspicious bulge in their pants. A more interesting question is: what does a Hot Mess feel like? At our parties we're trying to make people feel the following...

In no particular order: elated, excited, aroused, disoriented, joyous, heartbroken, invincible, overstimulated, enchanted, aroused - did I say that already? You get the picture.

Optimo's JD Twitch said this when he played at the club in April this year:

"Apart from the fact it's an honour to be asked to play at Hot Mess, I enjoy playing there because it is one of very few club nights in Glasgow that is doing something different and that has built a true sense of community around it. It isn't about booking big names guests to pull people in, but through hard work and simply playing great music that Simon truly believes in, it has become one of the most important and vital club nights in Glasgow and has inspired others to follow suit."

And here are five "What Does A Hot Mess Look Like" tracks:

The Galleria - Calling Card

The Galleria is a collaboration between NYC producer Morgan Geist (the man behind Metro Area and Storm Queen) and singer Jessy Lanza. It’s cold as ice! Super-sharp electro-boogie.

Nancy Whang and Audiojack - Like An Eagle

Nancy Whang has sung with LCD Soundsystem and The Juan Maclean and she is great. This cover of a ’79 disco classic SOARS. God bless Nancy and her voice of glacial delight.

Christian S: The Power Of Now

 This is the definition of a solid banger. Arpeggios. Disco drums. Relentless. Kinda what it would have sounded like if Daft Punk had met Giorgio Moroder in 1993 rather than 2013.

Lena Willikens - Howlin Lupus

I wasn’t sure how this would go down when I played it, but it was welcomed on the dancefloor like an old friend. Dark, disorienting and deeply groovy. Last time I played it at Hot Mess it resulted in a total “taps aff” moment and much snogging.

Tom Rowlands - Through Me

Tom Rowlands is one half of the Chemical Brothers and Through Me is possibly my favourite 12” of the past five years. It’s so full of energy and demented glee! I usually accompany it with a strobe light overdose, which instantly lifts a hundred pairs of sweaty hands into the air.

Join Hot Mess on Friday 17th July for Shake Yer Dix at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Hot Mess