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Disco Bloodbath Record Bag

Disco Bloodbath Record Bag

Ahead of this Saturday's mr intl records showcase, we caught up with our old pals Disco Bloodbath, who return to Dalston Superstore once more for a top floor takeover! For the uninitiated, Disco Bloodbath was and is an East London institution, throwing disco ragers in Passions, a basement club below a Dalston restaurant, developing into a record label and generally being record collecting badasses. With that in mind, we caught up with the duo, comprised of Ben Pistor and Damon Martin, to have a rummage through their record bags...

A record that is forever Disco Bloodbath

Ben: Fern Kinney - Love Me Tonight. Damon would play it towards the end of the night, it starts off all twinkly then when the vocals kick in everyone sings along either hands in the air or hugging.

A record that is too sad to listen to

Ben: Magic FM fave, Odyssey - If You’re Looking For A Way Out is deeply moving in the back of a cab at 5am.

A record that never leaves your bag

Damon: Cappuccino - Hell Dance With Me

A record that you’ve always wanted to play but it’s never quite happened

Ben: I’ve always wanted to hear Bruce Springsteen - I’m On Fire played to a heaving dance floor. 

A record that sounds like it’s from a spangly disco future

Damon: Donna Summer - I Feel Love definitely fits the bill but a big favourite of mine is My Mine - Hypnotic Tango. A record that's over 30 years old but still sounds massively futuristic to me. It's also well spangly.

A record that transports you back to a spangly disco past

Ben: The Three Degrees - Giving Up Giving In. A huge mirrorball moment from the past that builds and builds and builds and explodes in to pure spangle.

Fave Andy Butler/Hercules & Love Affair/Mr Intl track

Ben: Obviously Blind is incredible but I really love Roar which is on the first H&LA 12”.

A record that always sounded brilliant in the basement of Passion

Damon: The Chaplin Band - Il Veliero

The one record you’d save if your house was on fire

Damon: I would probably spend too long trying to decide and burn to death. Although, apparently in house fires it's the smoke inhalation that gets you first. Either way it would be a huge tragedy.

A record in your collection that’s TOO MUCH of a guilty pleasure to ever play out

Damon: I'm not sure such a record exists. I'll pretty much play anything after a few shandies.

Join Ben & Damon this Saturday 16th May for mr intl at Dalston Superstore from 9pm -3am.


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Disco Bloodbath Record Bag