Down at Dance Tunnel this weekend, queer party Dick & Fanny kick off their residency with an extremely international line-up! Topping the bill is Berlin resident and Panorama Bar regular Virginia. Joining her will be LA’s Kim Anh and DJ about town Sanjay Sur.
A close collaborator of Steffi, and of course, label-mate on the esteemed Ostgut Ton, Virginia spans DJ, producer, vocalist and songwriter. And with her habit of stunning clubbers with her live singing and DJing, she’s sure to wow Dance Tunnel too. Ahead of the party, we caught up with the lady of the moment to find out more about her music, playing Panorama Bar and more…
As both a resident at Panorama Bar and having released and appeared on a number of Ostgut Ton  tracks – what is it about the label/collective that appeals to you as a musician? 
I’m very happy to be able to join a collective with so many creative minds and artists. I like the fact that the Ostgut Ton label is really a platform for all the residents of Berghain and Panorama Bar. So the diversity stands out. It is not defined as a techno or a house label. I’m always curious about what comes up next and how my colleagues are developing, to find out what their musical inspiration is or what kind of musical vibe they are in.
What is your favourite Romanthony tune?
Trust. May he rest in peace and his music live forever.
How did you celebrate Pride recently and why should everyone support marriage equality?
I played in Panorama Bar and had a beautiful set. I don’t say that too often as I’m very critical about my sets, but I enjoyed myself a lot. Great energy and I was lucky to have a awesome audience.
US senator Diane Savino says it right! You can watch it here on youtube… there is not much left to say.
And what are you favourite queer dancefloors around the world?
I know there are some nice ones around the world that I don’t know yet and would love to see. The one for me at the moment is Panorama Bar, even though is has become less gay over the last years.
Who, besides Steffi, has had the biggest impact on your musical development?
Sade, Tracy Chapman, Prince, Gil Scott Heron, Roy Ayres and some other soul legends, Dopplereffekt, MK, etc… just to name a few. The list would get too long otherwise. But also very important for my musical development is my sister. She is eight years older than me and certainly showed me a new musical world when I was very young. And my friend Steve B-Zet, who I wrote the album Twisted Mind with.
Which do you feel gives you the stronger emotional connection with the crowd- DJing or singing?
This is not so easy to answer for me. Music speaks for itself, so the right record at the right time will do the trick. But just a quick personal word during a set, a little live vocal where the lyrics are spun around that night can be magical sometimes.
From a singer’s perspective, what other vocalists are you keen to collaborate with?
I would love to record something with Portable. I really like how he arranges his music and vocals… the effects he adds and uses to create his very own sound.
When Tama Sumo played, she mentioned that Dance Tunnel was known in Berlin as ‘that place with no sinks’ (which have now been added). Where is the strangest place you’ve played a set recently?
Strange, but not in odd way, was mine and Steffi’s set just two weeks ago on the Irish island of Inis Oirr, in the garden of one of the island’s three pubs. We initially went there to write some new music, not to DJ, but a friend put up this outdoor party. Some people even took the effort to to travel three hours to come over from Dublin and Galway, for example. So much fun and a very special day. 
In what way do you think the no photography policy effects the crowd atmosphere at Panorama Bar?
I love the no photo policy, yet there are still people constantly posting stuff on some social media network from their smartphones. Just recently I was at a place in Amsterdam where they have a “NO Phones”- policy. Loved it!!! It makes a huge difference as people are not as distracted from what’s happening on the dance floor or around them like in some other venues.
I understand why people try to capture the moment, but we have now reached a level were it can get pretty annoying and some people don’t seem to be sensitive enough to feel when it’s enough. 
I’m always up for pictures after my gig but I just don’t feel comfortable having a flashlight in my face while I’m singing, trying to make contact with the audience or mix. Who really does? 
Join Virigina down at Dance Tunnel for Dick & Fanny’s Summer Party this Saturday 20th July from 10pm – 3am 
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