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Join us at Dalston Superstore every First Thursday of the month for a brand new art exhibition courtesy of ArtHole! Featuring a wide range of artists, including local and queer ones, each piece exhibited will also be affordable and commerically available via the brand new ArtHole website. To find out more about what we can expect from this new monthly endeavour, we sat down with the brains behind the operation...

Who are you and why do you want us to look at your Arthole?

We are a place where people can cruise some fine pieces of art.
We are aiming to redefine how people view and buy art.
We want to bring the selling of art into a more accessible forum.

We’ll be linking the artists work with the venue, the online website and web store. So, essentially what we are creating can be viewed as a pop-up art store. The work is exhibited but also merchandised. We work closely with each artist to ensure the artwork they present will offer a range in styles and price. That way there is something on offer for everyone.

What one piece of art that inspired you to start making your own?

I have always been inspired by the male form; something I would suspect appeals to many of us. As well as that, I enjoy the freedom of unadulterated expression. So I would say my biggest inspiration for my own figurative work would be Egon Scheile.

Egon Schiele

Tell us about the first artist you have lined up?

The first artist is Patrick Church. I’m really excited about this exhibition. I’ve been working with him very closely as this is his first London exhibition and I am super excited about his work. At just 24 he is already an amazing talent with such an iconic style. I can only see his career going from strength to strength. So the smart man with an eye for an investment should definitely consider walking away with one of his pieces. And the beauty with that is that the whole exhibition is very affordable.

What's your fave piece from the upcoming show?

I would definitely have to say the Francios Sagat nude. Being a Sagat fan anyways I can see this being a collectors item straight away.

Francois Sagat Nude by Patrick Church

How are you selecting artists to exhibit? What are your criteria and how does one get involved?

I believe I have a good eye for commercial artwork, so the main judgement comes down to taste and what I think will appeal to our customers. I would like to keep ArtHole as a platform to support mainly LGBT artists, or artwork inspired by the community, although this is not exclusive and my main aim is to provide a broad variety, something different each month to keep the energy fresh. I am always on the hunt for new artists and really want to support new talent. So if anyone wants to send us images of their work they can do so via info@artholelondon.com

What is the ArtHole ethos?

The main focus of ArtHole is to be a platform for showcasing the talents of new local and international artists. The event is a forum for the public to see and buy original artwork. ArtHole works with artists to present to you a collection of inspiring and affordable work which will be both the focal point of anyone's home and will also be an investment.

What can we expect from this you this year?

We are really excited about this year. We’ve been out having talks with artists and talent spotting in order to book some exciting shows. We will be showing all-sorts: paintings, drawings, porn collages, photography, graphic and digital prints. Artwork that will appeal to everyone’s taste and look great in anyone’s home.

Who in the broader art world is floating your boat right now and why?

Personally, artists who use photography as part of their process excite me. Stephen Shanabrook and BessNCY do it simply but effectively, which is a way of working that I really appreciate. In this digital generation bringing back the idea of human manipulation is quite poetic. No matter how advanced technology moves it will never replace the genius of man.

Sum up ArtHole in one sentence for us....

That special place that everyone wants to get involved with.

Join ArtHole for the launch of the debut exhibition of Patrick Church - I Love You But I Love Me More on Thursday 5th February from 6pm - 10pm at Dalston Superstore.

Visit the ArtHole website: www.artholelondon.com

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