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bust yo nut

bust yo nut

Handsome men Toby Grimditch and Martyn Fitzgerald bring a brand new night to Superstore next weekend, bust yo nut! With Italian stallions Severino and Nico De Ceglia downstairs and hip hip aficionados Mistamaker and JC Wood from Hard Cock Life in the top bar, it's a night that promises to pack a punch! We caught up with the brains behind it all to find out what prompted them to start a new night and where they plan it take it...

What's the ethos behind bust yo nut?

Toby: A credible hip hop night for gay people and their friends. Cutting edge music for cutting edge people.

Martyn: Quality house downstairs with some of our favourite DJs, starting with Severino and Nico de Ceglia. We both love old hip hop from the '80s before it got all gangsta and rubbish, so basically we wanted to hear that music or hip hop being made today that draws on that more positive, upbeat angle that was lost. Throw in the R&B and you've got a good party!

How does it differ from other nights you run, such as Handsome?

Toby: BYN is a concept derived from the roots of hip hop and street music. The music is very much based around the US street culture. But like Handsome it is a celebration of music and sexuality.

Martyn: Musically it's totally different and we've got the bonus of having two rooms at DS. This is the first time we've done R&B/hip hop, and the house downstairs will be more current than a lot of what we play at Handsome which is about US house from the '80s onwards. 

Why did you decide to have this party here at Superstore?

Toby: The club is at the for forefront of clubbing with a conceptual fresh look at a gay night out.

Martyn: Well, we both come here a lot and know (Superstore boss) Dan Beaumont well so it just kind of happened. One of those, "We've got an idea for a night", scribbled on the back of a fag packet kind of developments.

Dalston or Vauxhall?

Martyn: Far too controversial! Let's just say it's different strokes.

Toby: Both... The whole idea of what we want to do is about bringing people TOGETHER.

What current club nights inspire you (in any way)?

Martyn: Well, I probably shouldn't admit this but I've still not been to the bloody Berghain, but from reports that is totally up my strasse! My favourite club is Cavo in Mykonos... in the summer they have amazing guests and it overlooks the sea, but I guess with a setting like that you can't go wrong! In London Horse Meat Disco is a staple. I love the music, the venue, and they're good boys too. 

Tell us one track YOU hope to hear in the top bar?

Toby: I am a '90s fanatic, so I love a bit of Guy, Mantronix or TLC.

Martyn: Magic's Wand by Whodini.

And another track for the lazer basement?

Toby: Seve will serve up all I could ever want... Amazing DJ!

Martyn: Hood Funk by Kevin Over. Heard it the other day and got a right shimmy on!  

What might we expect from future bust yo nut's?

Toby: Great parties, good times, a bit of the bop!

Martyn: It's all about the music! So we'll be baying for quality guests upstairs and down. Having JC Wood who runs HCL and Mistamaker is great as they know the music inside out. I'm a bit of a layman with hip hop but it would be good to give DJs who like the music policy upstairs a chance to play. There are other hip hop/R&B nights on in east London which is great, but apart from them I think that genre of music has been associated with moodiness and naff attitude which is a shame as I don't think it started in that place, and there's where we'd like to take it back to. 

If you could go back in time to any dance floor ANYWHERE, where would we be going?

Martyn: The Pines parties on Fire Island in the Seventies. I bet they were bonkers fun. And I know it's a bit cliched now but Studio 54 must have been a massive hoot.  

Toby: Sign O Times was an amazing party, bringing together a completely eclectic mix of people. So many clubs I would go back to... The late '80s & early '90s were a paradise for a clubber!

Explain in three words why everyone should be at bust yo nut next week?

Martyn: The answer's in the title!   

Toby: BUST(ing) YO NUTS!

Join Martyn and Toby for bust yo nut at Dalston Superstore next Saturday 9th February from 9pm - 4am. 

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bust yo nut