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Friday 31 March marks International Transgender Day of Visibility, and we are absolutely thrilled to be showcasing the successes of our trailblazing trans and gender non-conforming siblings with a very special event at Dalston Superstore! Joining us on the lineup is widely loved member of the Superstore and Voodoo Rays family, and incredibly talented rapper C'Aaron! She will be performing some never-before-heard tracks off her highly anticipated EP due out this summer. We caught up to chat LGBT nightlife, the importance of Trans Day of Visibility and plans for 2017!


Hi C’Aaron! We can’t wait to have you at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you, I'm really looking forward to this event. Superstore is home for me! Well.. my name is Jade, I'm originally from a small little town called Dover and now I'm currently living in East London. I started to write music when I was nine, became more obsessed when I was 16, then I left home at 19 to see what London had to offer me. So far (especially the past year) it has been incredible. I have more support than I ever expected and I'm blessed to be around people who have nothing but love and ambition.

Where does the name C’Aaron come from?

Okay, so when I started listening to rap music I literally lost my shit when I come across M.I.A! So I just placed my initials in the same way, but it was dead. So me and my friend just threw ideas at each other until she said "C'AARON" I knew straight away.

If you had to trace your career back to one track that inspired you to make music, what would it be?

It was actually both of my grandads who inspired me to pick up the pen. I would go to either of their houses and sit for hours on end watching them smoke cigars while playing guitar and singing to country music. I was so moved by the lyrics and how something so personal didn't have to sound that way. But for this question I would have to go with the tragic love song El Paso by Marty Robbins. It's beautiful.

Favourite track of 2017 so far?

Hands down Snakehips ft MØ - Don't Leave. her voice is so authentic and with this track it's just ugh! Fire

Can you tell us a bit about your songwriting process?

It can take anywhere between an hour or weeks. I typically jot down what's on my mind in a poetic structure - I don't think catchy or chorus - I extract the pressure on my mind, find the words and THEN I will form the structure. Everything I've ever written has been personal to me regardless of whether it's more commercial or not.

Who are your dream collaborations?

FLUME!!! Fucking love him, after hearing No Angels by Bastille I've wanted to collab'. Me and Angel Haze could fuck it up, Audra The Rapper, Kid Cudi, Jessie Ware and The Weeknd.

If you could change anything about LGBT clubland in London, what would it be?

The impression. Everyone has an idea of what it must be like, but until you fuck with us you don't know what you're missing out on. I always seek safety and comfort within diverse people and that's what it is for me, dancing like no one is watching and being around people who make you feel loved. I have straight friends that were intimidated by the LGBT dance scene and now they know what's good. You can't be scared of something you've never experienced babes. 

Why is International Trans Day of Visibility important to you?

It's important to appreciate where we are, but also to acknowledge how far we've yet to go. I've only recently found the strength to express how I feel and who I've really been all my life and that in itself has been so liberating and fulfilling and just knowing someone else across the world has to hold peace for the safety of their own life is really heartbreaking and unsettling. Everyone deserves the right to expand and grow, everyone deserves to give their part to the world in order to live on beyond their years and it's shouldn't have to come down to suicide, silence or unequal rights. We are more than this. We matter.

Do you have any exciting plans in place for 2017?

I've finally finished my EP! It's taken so long purely because I wanted perfection and it's taken till now to realise not everyone is going to like what I do. I'm also excited to start getting visual work done and LOTS OF IT. I'm also straight back in the studio as of April to get started on new material with amazing underground producers, and just seeing what else I'm capable of, I hope to have a little uk tour or something too... That'd be sound, also continuing the rest of this journey of who I am and dropping off the bad energy.

What are you planning to unleash on Superstore, in five words or less?

Bad bitch weave swishing realnesssss

Catch C'Aaron at our Trans Day of Visibility party on Friday 31 March from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!


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