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Cooper Saver

Cooper Saver

Joining us on the London leg of his European mini-tour is LA-based DJ, producer and partystarter Cooper Saver. He is the mastermind behind the Far Away party series in LA, whose list of past guests basically reads as a lineup to the festival of our dreams! He recently served up a far-reaching and uplifting selection on Dan Beaumont and Nadia Ksaiba's Rhythm Connection show on NTS, and if that is anything to go by we are in for a real eclectic treat when he graces the lazerpit for new party Wave Pool!

Hi Cooper! We can’t wait to have you join us for Wave Pool! How has your 2017 been so far?

Yo! Thanks for having me, I'm super excited! My 2017 has been really intense in the best way possible. Things have been non stop but I'm stoked.

You are the mastermind behind the Far Away brand of warehouse parties, mixtape series and radio shows on DubLab. How did that project come to be?

The radio show came first. I did one party just as a way to celebrate the launch of the radio show - I didn't intend on doing parties regularly. But of course one thing to lead to another and Far Away transformed into a monthly event!

Who have been some of your favourite guests at your Far Away parties?

We love to keep it in the family - pretty much everyone who plays is someone we're already friends with or have some sort of mutual connection with, so with that being said pretty much everyone's a favourite. Some frequent and standout guests include Avalon Emerson, Floating Points, Project Pablo, Courtesy, Young Marco, Tim Sweeney, Mark Seven, the Mood Hut crew... I could go on forever haha. We recently did a couple shows with Ben UFO & Daphni - those were really special and they're the nicest people - so they're high on the list too. Also shout out to my friend Nadia Ksaiba who played an incredible set for us earlier this year, I can't wait to play with her again at Dalston Superstore!

You are taking us on a date in LA – where are we going to eat, drink and dance?

We'll start things off downtown at the Ace Hotel where some friends are likely to be playing records on the roof. Food and drinks included. And then after that we'll cruise further downtown for some late night dancing at one of the many secret locations to catch the best vibes LA has to offer until sunrise.

What is one thing that London could learn from LA’s party scene? And have we got anything going on that you feel is missing in LA?

There's always a "grass is greener" aspect of traveling so it's hard for me to criticize a place that is still always exciting to me. On the flip side, LA has a serious lack of decent clubs, which is why we do tons of DIY events at random spaces - and it seems London has plenty of cool venues that people actually enjoy going to - so LA could definitely learn from London in that regard.

What is the weirdest/best gig you have ever played?

Weird and best tend to go hand in hand so it's hard to recall something in particular - but a few weeks ago I was invited to DJ before The Avalanches at their show in LA. Usually DJing at concert venues before bands is a very mellow situation - you're typically off to the side in the corner playing at a low volume and nobody even knows you're there. Little did I know I was gonna be playing on stage at full volume to a sold out room (about 1,200 people) on a Wednesday night. It was VERY unexpected and a lot of fun!

What is one track that you wish you produced?

This is a super tough question but I think I'll have to go with something that's kept me inspired for a very long time. Metro Area's self titled LP is perfection and every track is a classic - whenever I'm making music I often find myself thinking of those tracks, just because it's important to remember that less is more in many cases. Simplicity is bliss! You don't always need a million things happening in a track to make it beautiful, effective, and rich with feeling. These Metro Area tracks are the ultimate example of that - so I'll just say that entire album is my answer.

Favourite release of the year so far?

I can't get enough of Theme From Q by Objekt, it's definitely a peaktime go-to track and will be in rotation all year!

Have you got any exciting projects in the pipeline that you can let us in on?

We're about to start releasing some recordings from the party on cassette as part of the mixtape series - out soon will be Pender Street Steppers b2b Beautiful Swimmers. Really excited to get that out. Also finally going to have my EP finished this year...more on that soon!

And finally, in five words or less, what are you planning to bring to the Superstore basement at Wave Pool?

Uplifting positivity!

Catch Cooper Saver at Wave Pool this Friday 5 May from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

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Cooper Saver