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Danielle Moore

Danielle Moore

Fresh off the back of a nothing-short-of-legendary Pride bash, pansexual Mancunian disco HomoElectric returns to the mothership for another mad night of dancing and debauchery! Joining them is living legend of the British disco scene, Crazy P vocalist Danielle Moore! Having graced stages all across the world, from Sydney to Bali and beyond, we are thrilled to welcome her to work her magic on our lazerhole! She took time out of penning the latest Crazy P album to chat festival madness, Top of the Pops and touring with Moloko!

Hi Danielle! We’re so excited to have you join us soon for HomoElectric! How has your 2017 been?

It has been pretty full on with a summer jam packed with gigs and festivals all over the UK and Europe. We have started writing a new album -its now a matter of finding the time to finish it and add some bits of magic!

Crazy P did a live Boiler Room set earlier this year from Bali – what was that experience like?

It was a real honour to do it. We had a crew of friends there too. Randomly a few of us had booked to go to Bali over the New Year period and that support was so welcomed. When you know something is going out live there's of course extra pressure to deliver everything you’ve rehearsed just perfectly. It also adds some positive adrenalin to the experience. It was all very hectic as it had absolutely pissed it down with rain in the morning so it was all slightly up in the air for a while. All that said, it was such a good experience.

How did you guys initially meet and start working together?

Well Jim and Toddy met at Nottingham Uni and along the way met Matt our drummer and Tim and Jim knew each other from their school days in North Wales. I lived in a shared house in Manchester 1999-2001 and thats where our relationship began. The lads caught me playing tunes in my bedroom with a small audience and apparently singing …I have no recollection of this but that means nothing! They asked me if I wanted to come for an audition as they were looking for a front person. I stupidly said yes and that was that!

You have had an incredibly impressive career as a band, spanning twenty years. What have been some of the highlights for you?

The sheer rollercoaster of personal growth and relationships between band members and the circle of people you meet all around the world is irreplaceable as far as memories go. With regards to music, I think a big turning point for us was an Australia tour we were lucky to be part of which involved Nitin Sawney and Moloko. Indeed, it was Moloko's final tour together as a band. We learnt so much from the experience and watching full live acts in their prime was invaluable. I suppose another is out tour supporting Faithless in 2005. To have the opportunity to play arena gigs in the UK to sell out audiences (obviously that wasn’t our doing) was just an experience that really made us look at wider aspects of our stage performance. We have been lucky to be involved in some amazing festivals like The Garden in Croatia, The Big Chill in its early days, Bestival, Gottwood, the first few years of the Secret Garden…the list is endless.

What is your earliest musical memory?

Going to see Chic at the Manchester Apollo with my mum …before that probably Top of the Pops, closing the curtain and thinking I was a member of FAME.

What’s your craziest festival story?

Oh gosh, I'm not very good when put on the spot. The most shocking one was when we played Global Gathering one year. We played in the Strongbow sponsored tent which was actually good, the rest of the festival, let's say not my cup of tea…I remember turning up to what I'll say was like a human zoo. Lads peeing up the Heras fencing and girls puking into bins with some proper banging trance…the worst of all were what looked like four generations of the same family gurning their tits off to Gabba!

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhere, where would you go?

Electric Souls at the Coliseum in 1999 I think it was. I loved it. I have had my fill in various places but I think that's when I had my eyes wide open. Other than that maybe to NYC in the late 70s but I have such fond memories of the late 90s for new dance music, so I'd happily revisit those days as well.

Any exciting plan in the pipeline you can let us in on?

The album I suppose - fingers and toes crossed.

One track that you can’t wait to unleash on the Superstore lazerpit?

Hmmmmmmmm…a couple of tunes by Jim and Toddy AKA Ron Basejam and Hot Toddy... But you'll have to be patient!

Catch Danielle Moore at HomoElectric this Saturday 23 September from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore!

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Danielle Moore