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Digs & Woosh

Digs & Woosh

Nottingham in the late ‘80s is an unlikely sounding place for the genesis of one of Britain’s first ever house sound systems but that’s exactly where seminal DJs and promoters Digs & Woosh began their DiY Sound System. Battling against the Criminal Justice Act and adept at putting on free parties and legit club nights; they’ve become legendary in the rave scene.

Body Talk creator Rokk has been amassing “house heroes with integrity” as special guests for his night and has so far brought Trevor Jackson and Mickey Moonlight to the basement here at Superstore so it’s only fitting that his next guests are the aforementioned Digs & Woosh. He got five minutes of their time to talk memories and music…

Rokk: How did you both meet and what encouraged you to start playing music together?

Digs & Woosh: We met through a mutual friend Harry, also part of the DiY soundsystem. Back in '89 Woosh had jazz and reggae, Digs had hip hop and funk; we both played some early house, so we had two compatible mixed bags of music!

Rokk: What are you favourite memories of the events you put on?

Digs: New Years Eve ‘91 near Bath was a legend. 39 of us going to San Francisco for a month was pretty damn wicked - altho Woosh reckons it was 42 of us! Castlemorton was the pinnacle of the free party scene. When 95 North played Doghouse at the Marcus Garvey - it remains their favourite time playing in UK. The Sponge night in Leicester, when Weatherall, Emerson, Paul Daley all played.

Rokk: If we attended one of your parties 'back in the day' what could we have expected?

Digs: Party deepness and a cool mixed up party posse throwin’ it down. Expect the unexpected!

Rokk: You recently celebrated 20 years of DiY how did that feel?

Digs: That we're old bastards haha.

Rokk: What do you love about music?

D: That it brings people together.

W: With an open ear there are no boundaries.

Digs & Woosh play Body Talk alongside Dan Beaumont and residents Rokk, Charlie Bones and Tristan Reed this Saturday 21st April from 9pm - 4am in the lazer basement.

Photo credit: Clive Rowland Photography (via Flickr)

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Digs & Woosh