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Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams

By Elles Pinfold

This Saturday Paris' Acid Ball welcome two glittering jewels in Glasgow's impressive House crown- Dan Monox and Kenny 'The Wasp' Grieve, aka the ineffable Dixon Avenue Basement Jams. Noted aficionados of the raw sweat and grit sounds that make for earth-shattering club experiences, we picked their brains on Independence, emotional scenes, guilty pleasures and dancefloor filth. 

If Glasgow could teach London three things what would it be?

Dan: Hmmmm.... hard question... I guess Glasgow has a reputation for being a wilder party place than London, but that probably has something to do with the fact our licensing laws are tighter, so people tend to get "on it" a bit earlier. Having said all that, it's not really relevant because the last few times we have played London the crowds have always been well up for it. So that's 1 irrelevant thing, 2. be smaller, 3. be a bit colder.

Kenny: Yup, London seems to be catching up on the party vibe stakes, so.....
1. Boris is a stroker
2. Boris is a stroker
3. Boris is a stroker  

If you had a time machine and could go back to any dancefloor anywhere/anywhen, where would you set the dials to?

Dan: For me it would have to be the Muzic Box...

Kenny: If Dan's going for Muzic Box, I'll go for the Warehouse.  

Your sound has a raw energy reminiscent of the early Chicago, New York and Detroit house sounds- the kind of music that reportedly moved people to near-spiritual experiences- tears of joy on the dancefloor vibe. Ever lost your shit to a record in a club this way?

Dan: Yup, we played Your Love at Panorama Bar a few months back, and the shutters came up, and we were both having to hide our faces from the dance-floor while it played, I think there was a few of the dancers in the same boat. One of the highlights of our sets over the past few months has been the forthcoming Denis Sulta - A.A.S [Nite & Day Mix], it always destroys, and gets the place going wild. Last weekend we played with Denis together for the first time in La Cheetah, Glasgow, and seeing his face when he caught the reaction of the crowd whilst playing that track was pretty emotional too!  

Kenny: Totally agree with Dan for the above, we must be getting old and fragile. There's also a low growling acid track with a haunting vocal From Tom Demac and Will Samson called It Grows Again. On the right dancefloor it tugs at the old heart strings a belter.

If the 'Yes' vote in Scotland had been successful and you were in charge of the new independent country- what's the first thing you'd change?

Dan: The daft party animal side of us would say 24 hour club licenses (or at least 5am/6am close)...

Kenny: Yeah and Mondays would be a public holiday.
Tell us about the club you made in the basement of the flat on Dixon Avenue...

Dan: It was a flat with 2 floors, my bedroom was in the basement and then there was another unused room, with black painted walls, tiled floor, DJ booth, PA system, lights, smoke machine etc, which basically turned into THE after party venue in the southside of Glasgow. We had some pretty messy nights / weekends down there, and needless to say it "smelled" like a club come Monday too. Another guy moved in, and that turned into his bedroom, it had to be the grimmest bedroom in Glasgow!

Like a lot of small labels there's a strong family vibe to DABJ's whole output- which of yous is the mum and who's the dad? 
Dan: Kenny's the mum AND dad and I'm the daft kid.... or Kenny's the dad and I'm the mum (suck mummies cock).
Who would be a dream DABJ signing?
The Horrorist & Frankie Knuckles supergroup.

What's your guiltiest (musical) pleasure?
Kenny: Erasure.
Dan: Dire Straits (love em, not even guilty about it).

'Rawness' and 'freaky' are a couple of words that's have been associated with the DABJ sound- whats the rawest or freakiest thing you've seen in a club while you were playing?

Hmmmm... hard question! too many to mention... we have both been to Berghain many times, but the last time we were there we were both stone cold sober (for the first 30 mins anyway...), so we noticed a LOT more than we would have done usually.
Which record never leaves your bag?

Kenny: Floorplan - Sanctify His Name / Rachel Wallace - Tell Me Why 

Dan: Butch - No Worries / loads of Lory D shit (one extreme to the other!)

Join Dixon Avenue Basement Jams at Paris' Acid Ball this Saturday 1st November at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Dixon Avenue Basement Jams