Dalston Superstore COVID19 Policy


For your own safety, and for the safety of our staff and your fellow guests, Please stay seated at your designated table. You cannot order or pay from the bar.

Please maintain 1m+ distancing from others if you leave your table for either of the above reasons.

Remember, you can wave, but you cannot move between tables to flirt with the cutie at the other side of the room. Sorry babes. Stay in your seat & chat to her on Grindr.

Customers are encouraged to wear face coverings inside when practical, but this is down to each individual’s discretion.

Please be prepared to remove any face covering should a staff member ask to see proof of age in the form of a valid UK Driving Licence or Passport.


Our unisex toilets are now only accessible via a strict one-way system. Our ground floor toilet is reserved for staff only.


At this stage, as boring as it seems, please do not: Raise your voice, sing, or dance inside the venue. Please be respectful of other guests.

We know Its weird, but please do your best to behave!

We cannot serve alcohol to any guests who we deem are drunk or otherwise intoxicated.


Because of our dramatically reduced capacity, we’ve booked our tables in time slots to allow more of our customers to come say hi.

Please take note of your booking end time, and allow enough time to finish your orders before we need the table returned. If you want to stay longer, let us know and we’ll see if there’s a booking after you or not – if there is, we have to be strict with this as we need to clear and sterilise all tables and seating between bookings and cannot allow crowds to form when waiting for their table to become free.


If you or a member of your group become unwell, please inform a member of staff and exit the venue immediately. We are obliged to provide customer details to NHS England should there be reason to believe they may have come into contact with Coronavirus whilst in our venue. These customer details are held securely for 21 days and then deleted in line with government guidance. Please do not visit the venue if you or a member of your household have displayed symptoms consistent with Covid within the last 14 days.


All orders and payments need to be made at your table via our online menu at:


(or you can point your smart phone camera at our fancy QR code given to you on arrival)

1) log into our WiFi with your email or Facebook

2) open our Orderswift page or scan the code

3) select ‘Dalston’

4) enter your table number

5) select what you want in your mouth

6) enter your payment details

Hey presto! Your order is with our bar and kitchen teams

& will be delivered to your table ASAP!

To minimise contact between each other, we will not be able to accept orders or payment in any form other than via the website.

Service charge is not included, but if you’re feeling like spreading the love <3

…we have added the option to add gratuity at the bottom of our online menu.

Our fab kitchen partners Essential Vegan are serving food until 10pm, after which time its drinks only, and only inside.

Please remember that Dalston Superstore is an LGBTQ+ venue – many of us here identify as trans or non-binary, so please do not assume other guest’s or staff’s gender. If you are unsure, it’s OK to ask someone’s preferred pronouns!

We have a zero tolerance policy on transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism or misogyny.


Dalston Superstore COVID certificate and risk assessments available here.

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