This year , for London Pride, Homodrop are collaborating with leftfield party-starters from Mexico City, Traición!

Can you introduce yourselves please?

I’m Alberto Bustamante aka Mexican Jihad. I DJ and do the art direction for Traición. 

For those who don’t know about Traición, can you tell us a little about the party?

Traición is a queer performance party that takes place once a month, usually on a Sunday afternoon at an intimate cocktail bar. Sometimes it grows into a bigger format, a club or a ware-house type of situation.

We started it in the summer of 2015. Traición was articulated as a power space for queer talent.

Each edition I commission a different artist to do their interpretation of Polencho, an imaginary prehispanic deity of anal sex. We print a super limited batch of t-shirts and a flag that hangs behind the DJ booth.

What is your favourite memory from one of your parties?

I usually smile when I think of certain performances. Rafa Esparza’s Mexika Hi-Fem during Festival Ceremonia 2018 was mind blowing, it really shocked the audience and even made it to the tabloids.

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Coatlicue devorando ídolos @elrafaesparza #Traición @festivalceremonia

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If you could sum it up in one track, what would it be?

What kind of atmosphere do you aim to create at Traicion?

A sophisticated, relax vibe. Comfortable for people of different generations. I like a diverse dancefloor, both in terms of audience and sounds. Its a very theatrical event, people looks and personalities make the whole situation very special. The performance usually creates intimacy and complicity. 

What are your earliest memories of clubbing?

I actually got my club education here in London. After high school I spent some time living here. Growing up in Mexico, electronic music was kind of a decision, you had to actively look for it. London was the first city where I had access to a proper club infrastructure, rave culture, a constant programmation of parties.

What can we expect for your basement takeover of Homodrop?

Derre Tida usually plays latin psicodelia and sensible techno.

Badsista is a good friend from Sao Paulo. She DJs for Linn da Quebrada and her style is quite intense, global south. Mexican Jihad is more maricón club. I want to tap into the London Pride vibe and take it from there.

Who would be on your dream line-up?

A drag dinner gala in the terrace of Chapultepec Castle with Grace Jones.

Finally, how big is too big?

More is more. 

interview pic

Polencho by Luxiano31

I will have some tshirts for sale at the party 😉

Catch Mexican Jihad in the basement at Homodrop x Traición on 06.07.19

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