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Fierce Ruling Diva

Fierce Ruling Diva

'90s house legend Fierce Ruling Diva joins us this Saturday for brand new night The Funktion. They'll be joining local hero DJ Frankco (Little Gay Brother) and Fredi Dimanche (Bang!) in the laser basement to turn it out. Ahead of the party, we had a little chat with Jeff "Abraxas" Porter about Fierce Ruling Diva's success and what house music means to him...

You’ve been releasing records since at least 1990, to what do you attribute Fierce Ruling Diva’s longevity?

If I knew I'd bottle it.

What’s your personal favourite track you ever released on your label Lower East Side and why?

The original mix of Atomic Slide (You Got To Believe). It was called the Rise Up & Work NYC Mix. It's my favorite because it was the first solo song. All the sounds are sampled but that's me on the whistle! And it couldn't be coming from a purer place. That place was the Lower East Side in the Summer of 88'... The Pyramid Club, The Meat Market, Meat, Save the Robots, The Boy Bar, Mars, Tuesday night at Tracks NYC, La Esquelita and watching the battling queens on the Christopher Street piers.  

You’re taking us on a date in Amsterdam! Where are we eating, what are we drinking and where are we dancing? Break it down for us!

I'd flip that scenario and make the evening about you, my speciality is teasing out what you really wanna do AFTER the drinks and food... I'd then deliver that... on a silver platter.
Perhaps this is the answer to your first question.

What does house music mean to you?

Soul-nourishing 4/4 rhythms.

If you had a time machine and could go dancing anywhere/anywhen, where we would be setting the time machine dials to?

Sound Factory during a Junior Vasquez Wild Pitch set.

Can you pick five timeless house tracks that are special to you...

Instead of timeless tracks I'll give you five timeless eras.

The Rave Era... cuz it brought everyone together.

The Strictly Rhythm Era... cuz it brought what was bubbling underground to the foreground.

The Nu Groove Era... cuz  it was deep house with balls.

The Chicago Traxx Era... cuz it was the era I was born in.

The Uk Garage Era... cuz the UK boys can extrapolate the hell out a rhythm.

Join Fierce Ruling Diva this Saturday 13th June for The Funktion at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 3am.

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Fierce Ruling Diva