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Get to know: cumgirl8

Get to know: cumgirl8

"We hope everyone in the future dresses like sluts and has a lot more fun."

This Thursday, the Happy Endings crew welcome special guests cumgirl8, all the way from New York City!  Made up of Lida Fox (bass), Veronika Vilim (guitar), Chase Lombardo (drums), and Avishag Rodrigues (guitar), the band started as an art collective in 2019 before coming together to create a boundary-less sound, drawing from the likes of ESG, Cocteau Twins, and B-52s. Cumgirl8’s incendiary live performances are brilliantly chaotic and emblematic of the spirit of New York performance art. Self-styled with clothes they often make themselves – from farm animals to giant babies – their onstage aesthetics have also found favor in the fashion world, resulting in various features and cover stories from the likes of Lampoon and Purple Magazine. We caught with them to chat art sex and music ahead of their appearance this Thursday!

We are so excited to have you on board for Happy Endings! Tell us about the genesis of cumgirl8. How did your paths cross and how did your collaboration begin?
Thank you for having us!! We can’t wait to have a happy ending with you!! We met 8000 years ago in a sex chat. We were sent here to make sweet disruptions.
The aesthetic aspect of cumgirl8 as an art project is just as rich and densely saturated as your music – how do you see the interplay between the sonic and the visual?
One and the same!! They help each other. The sonic and visual, they’re like maybe the healthiest relationship that exists. They work so well together 🙂
You have also released your own fashion collections – what is the design process like for you? Who are some of your creative co-conspirators?
Tedious rewarding meditation. It’s fun to cut fabrics and listen to podcasts with ur friends. Colour and sex appeal are ultimate co-conspirators.
What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to navigate in the music industry? How are you hoping to change the landscape for women in the future?
Because of our image, some people really assume we are a gimmick, not talented, shameful, or even RICH (a favourite). So of course we’ve felt that from some industry people. they’re scared of womxn! We hope everyone in the future dresses like sluts and has a lot more fun.

Cumgirl8 are known for electrifying and anarchic live shows – what has been the wildest moment at a live how?
Düsseldorf – a magical wizard named Taka got on stage and played with us, fully improv using giant instruments he invented like a trumpet that wrapped around our whole entire bodies
Who are some of the artists who have inspired you?
Cicciolina, ESG, John Waters, Cocteau Twins, Locked Club, Suicide, CSS, B-52s, Bjork, Madonna, The Shangri-Las and dreamcrusher.
Do you have any exciting plans for the rest of the year you can let us in on?
STUDIOOOOO. Design in every sense of the word 🙂
In six words or less, what can we expect from your set at Happy Endings?
To be turned on or terrified!
Catch cumgirl8 at Happy Endings: Bougie or Bouki this Thursday 24 August at Dalston Superstore!

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Get to know: cumgirl8