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Grizzle’s Sexiest Robots EVER

Grizzle’s Sexiest Robots EVER

GRIZZLES! Top Ten Sexy Robots!

10. The Cylons from Battlestar Galactica

Grizzle- BSG Cylons

Sizzle: The '80s originals rule the cosmos!

A Man to Pet: This lot make Daft Punk look like tins of beans.

Sizzle: If you’re going to be a hot robot, be a hot robot with lots of gold accessories.

9. The Bionic Woman

Grizzle - Bionic Woman 

Pet: Someone help her!

Sizzle: She is being chased by her nemini….. nemisises…. neminou?

Pet: All robots were sexy in 1970s. Did you know the beginning of robots were in my country… ancient Greece?

Sizzle: Yes… Didn’t your grandmother invent the battery?

8. Doctor Who’s K9

Grizzle - Dr Who K9 

Pet: A poodle on wheels.

Sizzle: A doggie made of diodes that was really annoying and kept overheating.

Pet: A hot doggie robot.

7. Pris from Bladerunner

 Grizzle - Bladerunner Pris

Sizzle: Amazing movie with loads of amazing replicants.

Pet: Look at her… goth!

Sizzle: She killed people with her thighs.

Pet: Killer thighs… Like you!

6. RoboCop

Grizzle - Robocop 

Pet: Part man.

Sizzle: Part machine.

Pet: All cop.

Sizzle: Total bitch!

5. David from Prometheus

 Grizzle - Prometheus

Sizzle: Daaaaviiiiidddddd…..sigh.

Pet: I don’t understand. He is not my type. You can have his metal penis.

Sizzle: And fingers…

4. Maria from Metropolis

Grizzle - Metropolis 

Sizzle: I love it when a fembot gets plugged in. Here’s Maria getting a few volts.

Pet: Yes… the amazing star of this amazing Greek musical tragedy.

Sizzle: You’ve not seen the movie have you?

Pet: No.

3. Terminator

Grizzle - Terminator 

Pet: Look at those lethal pectorals!

Sizzle: Titanium tits.

Pet: I love a robot in a patent leather mac.

2. Metal Mickey

 Grizzle - Metal Mickey

Pet: What is this tin of shit?

Sizzle: This is Metal Mickey… He’s the chunky bear of cyborgs.

Pet: I will never have sex with it.

Sizzle: Metal Mickey doesn’t do drags.

1. Austin Power’s Fembots

Grizzle - Fembots 

Sizzle: Beautiful, silvery and topped with great weaves.

Pet: Sexy bitches with explosive breasts.

Sizzle: And an anus packed with deadly gases. Just like you Pet.

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Grizzle’s Sexiest Robots EVER