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Hello Mozart!

Hello Mozart!

Saturday sees two of our favourite nights joining force for a fabulous time, as Hot Boy Dancing Spot takes over the basement with special guest pint-sized popstar Little Boots, whilst JERK's girl-heat infiltrates the top bar with Queer Nation legend Jeffrey Hinton. We tracked down Hot Boy resident Hello Mozart! for a quick chat about all the upcoming fun... 

How did you get the name Hello Mozart? A nickname from others or did you name yourself kinda after the Motorola catchphrase?

I have to say I was always a Nokia boy. In all seriousness, I used to DJ with a really good friend Ben. He called himself Ben Goodbye and I took the Hello part. Mozart comes from Queer As Folk when the young kid Nathan shouts out "I'm Mozart! I'm fucking Mozart!". I kind of liked the notion of doing everything when I was young. 

Can you tell us a bit about how you met The Lovely Jonjo and how you came to be part of Hot Boy Dancing Spot?

I met Jonjo when I was promoting a club night in Bournemouth called Big In Japan. We booked him and we got on really well so when I moved up to London it just made sense to work on something together. I really love throwing parties with him and we've got some pretty big plans for HB this year.

This Saturday sees you guys joining up with girl-heat extraordinaires JERK to create Hot Boy Jerkin' Spot! How did this magical team-up come together?

We love throwing parties with other nights. There's something about two different crowds getting together that makes it a really interesting night. We also really like girls and don't really like it if there aren't any at our nights. So this seemed perfect. JERK is also my favourite weekday night. Their parties are always amazing. 

Please do tell us all about the extra special guest you have brightening the basement this weekend!

We've always been fans of Little Boots. I've seen her live a few times and her sets are always really interesting. It's definitely going to one of the biggest nights we've had in a while. Expect some pretty big things!

Who's been your favourite guest you've had so far?

We've had so many amazing guests, but I do love it when We Have Band and Dan 'Stopmakingme' Avery play for us. Also TEETH! always put on an amazing show. We have a lot of rotating residents as well so it's always fun when we play with them. 

Can you tell us your top three Hot Boy tunes?

Little Boots -  Shake (Azari & III Remix) 

This track had to be in here as standard. Expect to hear it this weekend. I don't think Azari & III have ever done a bad remix, but this one's especially great!

Cassius -  The Sound Of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)

This has been a favourite of mine for a while, but especially so at the moment after having a near out of body experience in a cab across Berlin after leaving Berghain to check out of my apartment. Too much.

Closer - Nine Inch Nails

Anyone who's been to a few Hot Boys knows this is a favourite end track of Jonjo's and mine. It's great to play a night where you feel you can play anything, which is what Hot Boy's about, and this has been a favourite track of mine since I was a teenager. What ever you do don't make me cut the track short...

Hello Mozart! plays in the basement this Saturday 25th February at Hot Boy Jerkin' Spot alongside The Lovely Jonjo and Little Boots, whilst Jeffrey Hinton and JERK residents Zoe and Keziah play upstairs from 10pm - 4am.

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Hello Mozart!