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Hifi Sean & In Flagranti

Hifi Sean & In Flagranti

Two of Dalston Superstore's all time favourite people have teamed up to bring you a night of synth-infused nonsense and tops-off basement shenanigans! Hifi Sean and Sasa of In Flagranti are no stranger to throwing banging parties, so naturally this duo is set to have you hurling your body about in ways you've never known when they bring you Record Playerz x In Flagranti! We caught up to chat recent releases, all star collaborations and plans for the rest of the year! 

Hi Hifi Sean & Sasa! We can’t wait to have you play at Record Playerz at Dalston Superstore! Can you tell us a bit about how you know one another?

Hifi Sean: I first knew of Alex Gloor, the other half of In Flagranti, from the days I lived on and off in NYC. His shop Smylonylon used to sell these great compilation tapes of eclectic eccentric choices that I became a bit obsessed with and bought a few. Then years later I met Alan Miller (DJ Hush) in Glasgow - the other half of the Record Playerz posse - who had collected most of these tapes too. It was an instant bond and our love for In Flagranti was just around the corner!

The Record Playerz party has an interesting history at The Glasgow School of Artcan you tell us about how it all started?

Sean: It was bred from the two of us having large record collections like most of our friends. We both used to DJ separately on a Thursday night, but quite early on we started to build up a following. One day we looked at each other and thought, "Hey, let's start a party!" The name Record Playerz came from me DJing in a bar one night - this Glasgow television celebrity said to me, “Oh, its you playing the ‘record players!'" And that, folks, is how the name was born!

Sean, that remix is part of your 3x12” project from May. You released three tracks on vinyl with each track accompanied by a video – how did the project come together?

Sean: As it was fifteen years since I had made my own music (shocking and incredibly lazy on my part) I thought it would be nice to start with 3 LTD 12”s of versions of tracks off the album with videos and remixes on flip. They are a physical thing of beauty and that was the main goal - to have three really lovely pieces of vinyl out there.

Sasa, you recently did a remix of Hifi Sean’s track Truck from the 3x12” project, how did that come about?

Sasa: I received an email from Sean telling me about the project he is working on and that he would like a remix from In Flagranti. As I was a fan of B-52s I didn’t need much convincing - I was looking forward to working on the mix!

Sean: Quite simply, I love Sasa and Alex’s productions and I wanted them to be a part of the 3x12” project. Their ‘Truck’ remix is equal parts groove and psychedelic disco production . Also they have done a killer twisted acid mix of forthcoming single ‘Testify (Ft. Crystal Waters) , sounds like something you would hear at 8am in some  crazy NYC warehouse party.

Having both lived in New York and London over the years, how have these two homes influenced your musical tastes & production?

Sean: I realised recently - and it was something not apparent at the time - that I have included NYC quite heavily in my forthcoming album with the influences of the artists I have worked with. I also did quite a fair bit of recording in the city too for it. Alan Vega, Little Annie and Fred Schneider’s vocals were all recorded there , and they all live there too.

Sasa: I lived in NY for 15 years… going out every night for the first couple of years until I started my own party called Organic Grooves that ran every Friday for eight years. Meanwhile, I also started Codek Records and doing my own production. It was a healthy environment with like-minded people and we all learned from each other. Coming to London in 2009 I set up a little studio space where I also started recording live bands, which was new territory. So in a way I am still learning. 

You are also both vinyl connoisseurs – what are your favourite record stores for unearthing obscure gems?

Sean: You cannot beat a good charity shop for gems of obscure finds .

Sasa: I have been buying vinyl for over 30 years as a DJ. Some of my favourite record shops I remember include Disco Piu in Rimini Italy which I used to go in the eighties, in NY there were Dance Tracks, Dub Spot & Throb as far as new records go. The Thing is one of my faves for used records. At the moment I am not buying as much anymore as I am recycling my old collection.

You are both two of Superstore’s favourite DJs, having put parties on here for years – what is special about Superstore as a venue?

Sasa: Dalston Superstore is one of my favorite places to play, the sound in the basement is really special and it attracts a really cool crowd, very mixed in every sense and I also love the fact you can circulate up and down from both side of the space, It reminds me of Nell’s in NY back in the days.

Sean: To make a venue work like this you need the right mix of people, the right environment, the right cross-sections of tastes and the right people supplying the right music. To me that is why Superstore is and always will be so special .
As Steve Rubell from Studio 54 said, “It's like a big mixed salad that I add different elements and mix up to create the end product”

This year is a big one for you Hifi Sean! Can you tell us about your full length album that is set to be released this year? Has it been a long time in the making?

Sean: In September I release something I have been travelling about and working on for the last two years. It is a 100% concept album - a thank you to lots of artists I love in my record collection. It is a kind of dream album. Tracks include people like Bootsy Collins, Yoko Ono, Alan Vega, Crystal Waters, Paris Grey, Billie Ray Martinv, Little Annie etc etc

It is a thing of beauty mixing club influenced elements, symphonic classical string sections, dub production techniques and electronic soul swoons of vocals...

Can you tell us, in three words, what we can expect from Friday’s Record Playerz party?

Sasa: Dance dance dance


Catch Sasa of In Flagranti and Hifi Sean at Record Playerz this Friday 17 June from 9pm-3am at Dalston Superstore.

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Hifi Sean & In Flagranti