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John Sizzle’s Passions

John Sizzle’s Passions

John Sizzle kicks off his new semi-regular party Passion! tonight at Dalston Superstore. Focussing on all the music he's passionate about and with special guests showcasing their passions, it's a Thursday night worth the Friday hangover. Ahead of the launch with the fabulous Jacqui Potato who'll be putting on a live fashion workshop, we caught up with Sizzle to find out what his other passions are...

The Hot Mess Tranny Collective

You see them in the streets, you see them in the bars, you see them in the gutter. You know who they are. They are the fully paid up members of the Hot Mess Tranny Collective: a tyranny in tights, with a smudged face and battered weave. They love a party, they MAKE the party, they’re the last to leave the party.

Best Hot Mess Tranny Occurrence: Jon Benet being pushed through Lovebox waving to her many, many adoring fans in a 4 x 4 wheelie bin.

Jon Benet in a wheelie bin


I know, I know… I need to grow up/get a job/be less nosey but I can’t be bothered ok? Where else can I find out everyone’s opinions on the weather, not forgetting the royal baby and their amazing feats of ingenuity in the kitchen. Food pics! I want to see what you are eating immediately. Actually, no I don’t. FUCK OFF!

Best use of Facebook: Jacqui Potato’s open group: ‘DRAG NAMES’. Phyllis O’ Fish! Liz Anya! Cath Food! Trish Fingers! Jane Fondu! Pat Noodle!

Basic Instinct

Perfect for that comedown Tuesday slump-a-rella. Top up those serotonin levels with a massive BJ - that’s Ben and Jerry’s ok – and press the green button. It’s got sex, lovemaking, homicidal sex, dry humping, sexual assault, masturbation and lots and lots of sexy stuff.

Best Scene: Nicky (a raunchy Michael Douglas) and Catherine (a perma-smirking Sharon Stallone) sexy dancing in that dodgy looking church-club thingy. He’s a vision in a beige cashmere v-neck, she’s rocking a sequined gown from Ridley Road Market. Her over-dubbed moans n’ groans are too much.

Sizzle's fave bit in Basic Instinct

Gay Bingo

Jonny Woo, Ma Butcher and I have been doing Gay Bingo for 10 years this October. Ten years! From it’s humble beginnings in a minute bar in Brixton, via notorious T-Building roadblocks, many a festival, and our current improve vaudeville residency at the Soho Theatre, we girls have laughed our tits off and worn out many a bodyshaper. We’re celebrating our Decade of Femininity together with a major EXTRAVAGANZA at the Hackney Empire on October 25th.  Don’t tell anyone but the three of us will be doing an ‘aerial routine’!

Best ‘69’ experience: Jonny Woo picking up a tiny Japanese girl spinning her upside down to get to her vag and promptly dropping her on her head.

Gay Bingo with John Sizzle, Jonny Woo and Ma Butcher


Every tran worth her salt has at some time or other rocked a Dynasty-esque frock or two. We need the shoulder pads to balance out the size of our conks you see. Just look at what they did for Linda Evans! This show ruled the airwaves from 1981 until it’s demise in ’89 having given us doppelgangers, homicidal shagging, kidnaps, royal wedding massacres,  oil barons balls.

Best scene: Alexis Morell Carrington Colby begging shoved across the floor of her own atelier by Krystal…. clinging to a shop dummy on wheels!

Join John Sizzle TONIGHT (Thursday 25th July) for Passion! at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - late.

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John Sizzle’s Passions