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Josh YouAre

Josh YouAre

Tomorrow night sees the utterly fabulous Josh YouAre join us in the top bar for Rubik. He'll be ably aided by his partner-in-crime for the night, the delicious Miss Bryony Masters. Ahead of the party we caught up with him to gossip fashion, festivals, partying and more...

What is currently playing on your stereo/ipod?

I am totally obsessed with this mad record called Disconnect Reconnect by The Japanese Popstars... it is beyond. Played it out for the first time at East Bloc, with the smoke and the lights... it is incredible, a proper game changer.

What makes London the best city in the world?

It is relentless, with every flick of a Paks weave, something new is there to inspire you and leave you wanting more.

Which DJs, local or otherwise, inspire you?

It has to be Kris Di Angelis, he was one of the first people to really push me to be better... plus she makes me dance. Anyone who can change the energy of a club I become your biggest fan.

Describe an average day in the fabulous life of Josh YouAre?

Usually starts with some form of resurrection, either some kid has lit a candle or it's with a text from one of my friends loling about what a bunch of hoofs we were the night before. I do love a good lunch. I’m obsessed with music so spend a lot of time trawling through blogs trying to find something new for the evening a head. Although it can totally be likened to an episode of Real Housewives...

You're playing upstairs at Rubik with Miss Bryony Masters. What mischief will you two be causing here at Superstore?

God knows... last time we partied we ended up at a celebrity's kids 18th, drank the earth, ended up smashed dancing to ropey hip hop in a Mayfair basement club... we bonded.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? (and what would it be called)

“And One for the Road....” and Judy Dench is an obvious choice, no?... she is very good.

What are your favourite nights out in London either as a clubber or a DJ?

I have been playing at a night called Your Mums House since it began and it has been amazing watching it grow and evolve from a Soho dress up club to a monumental unstoppable juggernaut of a night in the heart of Dalston. 

Describe the best look you've pulled off recently...

A Moschino denim jacket with a sunset scene printed all over, with a pair of black and white diamond printed Versace jeans finished with a Lacroix Cross... will explain my next answer...

Who is your style hero?

Edina Monsoon. 

What one song will be soundtracking all the festivals you're playing at this summer?

Well I’m doing the festivals with our friends in lycra, Sink The Pink and there is always one song... the song... The Communards - Don’t Leave me This Way. Nuff said.

Join Josh YouAre in the top bar for Rubik tomorrow night, Friday 28th June at Dalston Superstore from 9pm-3am

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Josh YouAre