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Laurent Pastor

Laurent Pastor

French producer and Astro Lab label owner Laurent Pastor visits us this week for the UK launch of his label's new compilation Treasure Hunting. A team effort with London party Huntleys & Palmers, Thursday night will see a whole host of artists featured on the compilation including both Justin Robertson (who's no stranger to our decks) and Sean Johnston (whose night with Andrew Weatherall, A Love From Outer Space, comes to the Superstore basement on Friday 21st September).

We caught up with Monsieur Pastor ahead of the party to find out more about Astro Lab, the new compilation and how the UK launch party came to be... and we even managed to get our hands on this amazing new mix from the man himself!

Firstly, what can we expect from the Treasure Hunting party here at Daltson Superstore?

Well, a good solid moment with the Astro Lab team, but also a beautiful party with the most famous music selectors of London.

You had the Paris release party a little while back with Ivan Smagghe , how did that go?

Yes I had a night at Nouveau Casino with Ivan and also Pilooski. It was a great party, it’s always a pleasure to play with both of them. Cedric is a close friend of mine and we’ve already a released couple of EPs on Astro. I played with him recently at Wanderlust in Paris, crazy party with 1000 people; our inspirations are quite similar.

Concerning Ivan it’s the same, I’ve always been a big fan of his music selection. For me he is one of the best DJs. Back in the day I was a big fan of his daily show called TEST on Radio Nova. Our collaboration on Astro Lab started last year with his remix for Ana Helder, which is also on the compilation. He was supposed to be here for the Dalston Superstore night as well, but he will be in South Africa with Kill The DJ instead, sadly.

Why did you decide to have the London party with Huntleys & Palmers?

Well, most of the artists involved on the Treasure Hunting compilation are in London. So after the release party in Paris, Ivan suggested to get in touch with Huntleys & Palmers, and we spoke and decided to bring the team together in Dalston. It’s also a good way to hang out with the guys.

We read that you named the compilation after a track you like… can you elaborate a little on this?

It’s very difficult to find a good name for a music project and I’ve always loved this song called Treasure Hunting. I think the tracks on the CD are a little like my treasure.

What is the Astrolab label ethos?

Music for music’s sake. I am not interested in hype or trends; I just want to see good records out. Today some people still play some of my first releases. It’s my purpose, not to be the record of the next two weeks.

You’ve been working lately with Sean Johnston who is also playing at the Treasure Hunting party. What have you guys got planned for release?

The story with Sean is funny, we’ve spoken to each other for years by e-mail, and we only met last summer in Carcassonne. Our first collaboration was for THE FLESH EP with MUGWUMP REMIX 2 years ago, the second is for TREASURE HUNTING. I like him; he’s a cool guy with a very good musical taste and attitude.

Your mixes are really eclectic and interesting- can you tell us a bit more about them?

Making mixes is quite important to me. I just began to share my records with some friends around the world; from soul, to jazz, to rock and electronic music, it depends on my mood actually, it’s actually why they’re all so eclectic and different. First Radio Magnetic in Glasgow asked me to do a show, then two years ago a French radio station in London for a weekly show. It was far too much work so I stopped to do my own stuff on SoundCloud, Itunes etc. Now I try to make two a month.

Who or what is really inspiring you at the moment?

Strangely not the music, or not that much. I do not to listen electronic music at home, only old records, from French music to soul, jazz and rock. I’ve a kind of addiction for books, pictures, movies, so my inspiration comes from there I think.

Do you have a favourite track on the Treasure Hunting?

All of them are amazing, I cannot choose.

What’s next for Astro Lab?

The Treasure Hunting compilation is coming out on CD and vinyl this month via Modulor for the French market and Above Broad Distribution for the rest of the world. Scott Fraser’s EP with the Mark E remix is also planned for September. In October the second Timothy J Fairplay EP with remixes by Daniel Avery and Tiago, then next a new Scott Fraser’s EP with Richard Sen as the remixer.

Laurent Pastor plays Huntleys & Palmers Audio Club + Astro Lab: Treasure Hunting this Thursday 13th September from 9pm - 2:30am with Justin Robertson, Jamie Paton, Sean Johnston, Timothy J Fairplay, ZNTN, Scott Fraser, Toby Tobias and special guests.

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Laurent Pastor