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Loraine James

Loraine James

Ahead of their live set in the basement at Megalast this Friday, Jacob and Nik had a little catch up with Loraine James about performances, their music career and dancing! 

Babes! We are so excited for your MegaLast debut. A live set in the lazer-pit! Are you pumped?!

I’m so pumped! I’m really looking forward to this one and its my first gig of the year!

How would you describe your performance style? What’s in store for our queer ravers?

Hmm, there have been times where I look bored (when I’m not), but recently I’ve learned to just enjoy myself more and let loose. It’s been groovy. There’s gonna be some bangers (and mash), unreleased songs, pop vocal samples, meme samples and me probably having a sip of wine.

Congratulations on the amazing ‘Button Mashing’ EP (released on New York Haunted)!! How would you describe your professional journey up to this point, and do you have any advice for those trying to accomplish the same?

Thank you! I don’t know, it’s been kinda fast in a way. I released +44 earlier last year because I didn’t know what to do with it (made that song back in mid 2017). Then object blue played it on the radio, and then boom really. I don’t really have great advice, because I don’t do this full-time. But I would say, make what YOU want to make and as long as you enjoy what you’re doing, keep at it.

MegaLast alumni object blue is notably a huge fan of your work! Who are some of your favourite producers/DJs?

Yeah, she was so fucking great at the last Megalast (best night I’ve had out in a long time). Zuli is definitely one of my favourite recent producers. Skee Mask. Dropped one of the albums of the year, last year. And LOFT.

Do you have any particular stand-out memories of times spent in queer clubs/safe-spaces? How important are LGBTQIA+ venues to you?

Honestly, I’ve not gone to as many queer clubs as I would have liked. That's because of life and other shit. The few times I have been, I just feel so much lighter and have no worry in the world. It’s great. These venues are very important to me.

If you could describe your typical go-to vibing-in-the-club and feeling-my-oats dance moves in six words, what would they be?

Weird - cutting - shapes - dad - dancing. My girlfriend just said I dance like I need some WD40

Loraine James plays MegaLast w/ Akito, Ani Klang, Jlte, Ni-Ku + J. Aria.

'Button Mashing' (New York Haunted) available on cassette and for download: 



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Loraine James