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Lovebox Disco Tent with Alex Noble and Anna Bruder

Lovebox Disco Tent with Alex Noble and Anna Bruder

Two of our favourite artists (familiar to anyone who's passed through our doors over the last few years) Alex Noble and Anna Bruder, have designed the interior and exterior of our secret disco tent at this year's Lovebox Festival. Their art has so oft adorned our walls that it seemed only fitting that they join us for our sojourn to Victoria Park. In between their busy schedule preparing everything for the imminent festival, they managed to give us five minutes of their time to explain their plans and designs for the tent...

Explain for us what your involvement in our Superstore Secret Disco Tent is...

Anna Bruder: I am designing the interior of the Dalston Superstore and Bearded Kitten tent. All hand drawn in my typical Aline style. Thick black marker pen outlines are set against a white backdrop, illustrating a clever and humorous representation of domesticity and everyday life. 

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Anna and I were collectively asked to design an environment for the Superstore at Lovebox, although we've worked together on the same space many times, we thought it could be interesting to split the space and create two different designs to make it an even more dynamic experience. I've designed an installation entrance for the tent - also it's a beacon so you know where it is in the festival.

How did you decide who'd do the interior and exterior or did just seem natural?

Anna: It seemed quite natural. Alex's style and colours suit the outside much more, and mine is much more suited to interior settings. I also transformed the inside of Dalston Superstore last October, so it felt right for me to transform the inside of the tent keeping familiar symbols from Dalston Superstore that people recognise.

What were the inspirations and influences behind your designs?

Anna: Children and Young People. Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat. And life in Dalston.

Alex: My influences came from ancient art works, temples and places of worship; we toyed with doing a Church Of Disco at one point. But I wanted the design to feel broader and more inclusive culturally. So we've got a heady mix of Egyptian, Aztec and Navaho in the mix.

What is it about the Lovebox environment that you think suits your work?

Anna: Fun. Laughter. Buzziness of all the people.

Alex: Anna and I both embrace working to a large scale which is perfect for a festival setting. It’s also really great to give people added stimulation on the day, an exciting back drop to the music and positive experience.

Describe for us what your day at Lovebox Sunday will entail…

Anna: First thing is swapping over the interior design of the tent from Bearded Kitten to Dalston Superstore. Making the space a little bit jazzier for all the colourful people of Sunday! Then hanging out with lots of nice people. Laughing. Dancing. And generally enjoying myself!

Anna Bruder's designs for Lovebox

Alex: Hopefully the sun will be shining and we can relax after all the hard work - catch up with people, take in the festival, dance and of course lots of back stage shenanigans.

See Anna and Alex's work at Dalston Superstore's Disco Tent at Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park on Sunday 17th June. You can catch The Lovely Jonjo, Dan Beaumont, Rokk, DJ Squeaky, A Man To Pet and John Sizzle in the tent. For further info and tickets visit: lovebox.net

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Lovebox Disco Tent with Alex Noble and Anna Bruder