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Luigi di venere

Luigi di venere

The DISCOSODOMA crew have had quite the prolific summer, flitting from their Dalston Superstore hotspot to Grecian boat parties and back again! For their next party, they welcome Italian DJ Luigi di Venere who has recently been making serious waves in Berlin. From gigs at Cocktail D'Amore to the hallowed Berghain garden, he has seen a meterioric rise this summer, and we can't wait to welcome him for his Superstore debut! He caught up with the DISCOSODOMA crew to chat the anthropology of clubbing, Berlin's virtues and what to expect from his first set in our lazer basement!

Hello Luigi, we are really excited to have you with us for our next party. Can you tell us a bit about you for those who aren’t familiar with your DJ career?

Hello guys! I am from Bari in Italy.  I started DJing during my Stockholm university years where I was hosting a radio show and throwing monthly parties. I am currently living in Berlin.

I always wanted to move here because I was so fascinated by the club scene, and... Here I am, three years now and quite satisfied with it! I play regularly at Cocktail d’Amore and I have my own parties - Maximum Joy, and Overdrive. I also played at Berghain Garden this past summer and… Yeah, that was insane!

On your Resident Advisor profile, it writes that you are “an anthropologist who decided to have clubbing as his object of study and DJing his form of expression”. How did this transition happen?

During my university career I focused on studying the club scene, the fundamentals that make it happen and the styles/fashions that come out of it. The DJ is a key figure in this environment - he/she absorbs the energy of the crowd and transforms it into a lively vinyl narrative composed of moods and rhythms. The result is a unique story that can’t be replicated. I like to express my thoughts through music, it gives me direct satisfaction because the feedback from the crowd is immediate and quite palpable. 

Do you think Berlin is still a city where young creatives can afford to explore and experiment on their art?

Berlin is still a creative city - young people can still afford to express themselves, but it is changing a lot. Rents are rising, clubs are disappearing and the energy of people that move here is different than before. We get a lot of very normal people that work for big corporations and start-ups; people with a 9 to 5 job and a family, totally unaware of the historical importance of the club scene and of all the movements that have made Berlin what it is today.

Would you consider moving to a different city to pursue your artistic endeavours?

If I would choose, now I would rather move to Athens, learn Greek, have great food and beautiful islands around me. That city has an amazing energy and wow, it’s so beautifully decadent! Tip! 

If you could travel to any point in time, when and where would you go? 

I would first go visit Neanderthal man, then I would check out Ancient Egypt, then I would go hang out with Leonardo Da Vinci in Renaissance time and I would go to New York between the 70s and the 80s. The list is long… Shall I go on? These places in time and space I listed are so fascinating for me!

Have you ever thought what would be the ideal party for you?

Arthur Russell live and a Ron Hardy after concert DJ set. A great crispy soundsystem, a wooden dancefloor, beautiful women with fluffy hair and great dance moves, sweaty hairy men shaking their bodies…nothing else matters!

What are the top five records you always go to at your personal times to lift your mood?

Sad City - Introduction To Lisboa, Aged In Harmony - You are a Melody, Michal Turtle - Astral Decoy, Lucio Battisti - Ancora Tu, Soft Rocks - Talking Jungle (Justin Vandervolgen Remix).

Are there any exciting future projects you can share with us at this time?

 I am working on my first record with J.E.E.P. He is a French musician/producer based in Berlin. Can’t tell you more at the moment!

What shall we expect from your set at DISCOSODOMA?

Love is in the air!

And finally, disco is?

Glitter balls, organic harmonies. Disco is more than being alive!

Catch Luigi di Venere at DISCOSODOMA on Saturday 8 October from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore!

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Luigi di venere