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Marvin & Guy

Marvin & Guy

Cowboys from Paradise, Marvin & Guy, return to Dalston Superstore for the last edition of DISCOSODOMA for 2015. Between gigging around Europe and beyond and releasing their own material on Hivern Discs and Young AdultsElektra Complex caught up with the Italian duo as they fly from gig to gig on both sides of the Atlantic.

Hello guys, where do we find you right now?

We are actually in two different airports, one in London and the other one in Lanzarote.

You’ve been touring relentlessly for the past few months. What’s been your most intense memory so far?

Can we say the best memory so far was in Mexico City when we played at MN Roy? We've never seen a club like that before; talking about the architecture, and also the crowd was really special. There were just good looking boys and girls. We can say that in Helsinki at Kaiku was quite incredible as well, especially the last hour was totally insane; we received one of the best reactions about the music we played. 

Do you enjoy this nomadic life and how is it affecting your creative process?

Obviously we don't have the same time as before to make music but it's better, because this nomadic life can totally influence your style, in a good way. You can put the influences of the people you meet and the places you have visited to create something different.

In the debate of pure vinyl versus other formats, where do you stand?

We don't really like this kind of debate; actually we really hate it. The people, especially the producers and musicians, should think more about the music than this bullshit. We are in a period where you can play everything in a perfect quality without the vinyl. Obviously the shape of the records is quite different than everything else, but we both came from the vinyl era (especially Marcello) and except for the shape you don't have so many differences. By the way, as most of the people in the DJ business, we play with some records and USB sticks. And this is so comfortable to be honest, especially when you have a lot of flights to take.

Guys, the important thing is playing a good set and see the people dancing. We're all paid for this, not for using vinyl, CDs, USB and other shit like this :)

What would be your ideal setting for a party?

A few years ago, we created the ideal setting for a party in our hometown, eheh. It was called Apartment, and was in Parma, where we were both born (go and check that on the internet) ;)

Is there a point in dance music history that you would have enjoyed experiencing?

As we have said a few times in the past, we are totally inspired by Paradise Garage and Larry Levan. Actually it’s more than an inspiration. Can we say that is something like church for the Catholic people? You know what we mean? Also we would have loved to meet Ron Hardy as well.

 Is love the answer to everything?

So can we start to reply just the word "love" to all the questions you ask us? Ahah. 

Just joking, yeah we think love has the most relevant part in everyone's life, so everything could be so easy if we put some love before doing something.

 Are there any future projects you could share with us?

There are some cool things but yeah it's a bit early for sharing some parts of them, sorry :)

 What shall we expect from your set at DISCOSODOMA?

There are no surprises anymore if we're gonna say it right now. We would love to bring some flamingos obviously, but this is not about the set and the music we'll play eheh.

By the way, we'll try to combine those styles we have grown up with, like Disco and Techno stuff, as y'all know well already :) you can expect a lot of guitars that's for sure. 

And finally, disco is?

Disco was/is/will be love. Always. 
Even if we stopped playing just Disco since a few years back ;)

Catch Marvin & Guy at Discosodoma on Saturday 14 October from 9pm-4am at Dalston Superstore.


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Marvin & Guy