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Meet The Superstore Chefs

Meet The Superstore Chefs

We're pleased to welcome a brand new kitchen team to Dalston Superstore! Introducing our new chefs, head chef Harj (pictured above) and sous-chef Chris who are here for all your brunch, burger, salad and cake needs. To find out more about their new menu, we quizzed them on their influences, signature dishes and more...

Who has been your biggest kitchen influence?

Chris: Nic Till who I worked with at Bird, and also at Jamie’s. She’s the head chef at Jamie’s now, she’s great, she taught me loads.

Harj: For me, I guess… and I know this is going to sound cheesy, I guess it would be my mother. Growing up and watching her cook, I was blown away what she could do without even batting an eyelid. I’m sure lots of people look back [at their childhood] and have fond memories like that.

How would you describe your personal cooking style?

Chris: I don’t really have a style. I just sort of come up with new ideas and recipes by experimenting and chucking things together. Then seeing what the outcome is! Trial and repeat until you get something right.

That sounds like a style in itself.

Chris: Winging it.

Harj: I’m very similar to that as well haha. Same as Chris, it’s just a case of trial and error. You’re either gonna come up with something amazing…

Chris: Or it flops. Then you start again.

What’s your signature date dish?

Chris: Slow roasted pork belly with creamed leeks- the creamed leeks in a white wine and wholegrain mustard sauce- with roast potatoes and some greens.

Harj: I don’t think I can answer this. For me, cooking is more like I see how I feel, where the mood will take me…

So no wooing dishes then?

Harj: I like to think they’re there for me, not my food! I think as a bloke, as long as you can half cook that will impress anyway.

Chris: Haha, you’ve got a foot in the door already!

Harj: As long as you make ‘em something edible!

What should people eat more of?

Chris: Vegetables! Good stuff…. And dirty food at the same time. A bit of everything.

Harj: Yeah, again, same for me. Vegetables and fruit. And just take a bit of time out to make your food and put a bit of love into it. Rather than just zapping it.

Let’s play reality TV cooking- what’s your technical challenge?

Chris: Cooking a perfect steak. Like absolutely bang-on. I know loads of people that have cooked for years and still can’t do that.

How would you cook it?

Chris: Well the standard is medium rare, which is four minutes either side with a little bit of resting time. That’s what I was doing before, and I was cooking amazing steaks at a previous restaurant… but I haven’t cooked a steak in a little while now so maybe I would fail at my own challenge!

Harj: Umm technical challenge…. It would have to be something dessert related. Doing desserts and baking is quite technical anyway. So something like that would really test you.

What is your favourite dish on the Superstore menu?

Chris: It has to be the pulled pork burger at the moment. It’s amazing. So juicy and good.

Harj: For me it’s the beetroot burger. It caters for both carnivores and herbivores.

If there were no limitations on workspace, time, costs, etc, what dish would you feature on the menu?

Chris: Fondue and entrecôte.

Harj: This is a chef’s dream, but I’m drawing a blank. It’s just so many possibilities. We’ll just go with Chris’s fondue and entrecôte haha.

Chris: Beautiful beautiful skirt steak with lovely sauce and lovely melted cheese and lovely bread.

Join us every day at Dalston Superstore for amazing food!

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Meet The Superstore Chefs