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This Saturday, Tel Aviv's finest party descends on Dalston Superstore for a special one-off team up with our very own Borja Peña and his night B(e)ast! Notorious and famed in equal parts amongst those in the know, the word of PAG has spread and hype for the party is at almost at boiling point! After watching some of their hilariously shocking and beautifully made promo videos, we decided it was high time to pin down PAG creators Roy Raz and Avi Partok for a chat about their parties, videos, inspirations and why there's nowhere else you ought to be partying on Saturday night...

What three essential elements make up a PAG video?

Roy: Nudity, low budget, affordable scripts and plenty of emotion.

Avi: Since they are all attempts of capture what's going on in Roy Raz's sick, imaginative and genius mind, I would say the three essentials are sex and/or body secretions, intimacy, and fabulousness. Not necessarily in that order.

CLEAN UP from Roy Raz on Vimeo.

What is currently inspiring you?

Roy: I just did a video for Dita Von Teese and Monarchy and since then I’ve been infatuated with old eras: 1920s, 1940s art etc.

Avi: The Israeli duo Red Axes. They make fantastic music, and are on their way to world stardom. And from a different angle, the new South Park episode where the US football leagues are shifting to play with a balloon instead of a ball and wearing bras and paper hats while drinking cum. That is poetry.

What was the last film you saw/record you bought/book you read?

Roy: I just saw Fireworks by Takeshi Kitano, I bought (again) KLF's The White Room after I lost the cassette(!!!) and the cd bought ages ago, and read Darker Than The Deepest Sea- The Search For Nick Drake by Trevor Dann . 

Avi: I'll take the record question! This new beautiful future classic...

All the videos have super hot men- can you outline a bit about your casting couch process?

Roy: Most of the cast in the PAG videos are people who work or play at PAG, if it's the guy at the door or behind the bar, or a regular club goer... but we do a lot of street/Facebook casting as well... the old lady from The Lady Is Dead is a woman we found on the streets of Tel Aviv.

A lot of effort clearly goes into the sets and costumes- what was the hardest to pull together?

Roy: It's all quite hard to pull off. Because we have extremely tight budgets, each shoot feels like a mini war. We sometimes don't have the money for any art crew, so we do it ourselves, even sewing the clothes when we need to... thank god most of the vids have plenty of nudity, so no need for over night sewing haha!

Sum up in one sentence what PAG brings to the party...

Roy: Hmm, not sure. You need to show up at the Superstore next Saturday to get the full answer I guess.

What's been your most successful or fun party so far this year?

Avi: Hosting Raff from The 2 Bears was one of the greatest we had this year; the dude is a crazy DJ. And of course when Sevi comes to play it's always super fun.

What has been the most outrageous PAG moment NOT captured on film?

Roy: Oohh… too many to count. But most of these moments include body fluids. Yep, high school humor, you gotta love it!

Avi: Wow there have been many. From lube wrestling to a naked man with a bunny head in a coffin in the middle of the dancefloor, and to cash confetti. Really lots of crazy memories. For me personally, a certain 12 hour set at our last party at Barzilay Club was quite outrageous and full of sweet memories as well.

Why did you decide to team up with B(e)ast to play at Dalston Superstore?

Roy: We love the B(e)ast boys, due to our mutual taste in music mainly… but our similar taste in men did the trick eventually.

Avi: That's easy. We both have an uncureable crash for Dalston Superstore's Mikki Most. And we will not come down until he'll will be the father of our 1000 children. We must say though that now that we met Borja he gives Mikki quite a run for his money!

How does PAG intend to takeover the world?

Avi: With those 1000 children as an army of course.

Roy: Conquer the world!!?? First, let me finish this day successfully. But I guess that it's time to take the clubbing/parties to another level. Combined with cinema, fashion and art, and to mix it with a heavily intoxicated dance floor would be the next step.

And finally what are three quintessential PAG party starting tracks?

Avi: I would go for these three anthems to give a pick into PAG's music throughout the years…

PAG Vs B(e)ast takes place this Saturday 6th October at Dalston Superstore from 9pm - 4am with Avihay Partok, Tom Peters, Simon Rigg and Borja Peña.

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